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  4. More to come Greg. Lemme know when you wanna line up
  5. damn Jay, you are cranking it out, great 9 sec run.
  6. Yup.... Forgot to check the obvious. Swapping out a battery is a game-changer in this technology for sure.
  7. But at least I learned a few things. Here's the slips. You can sure see how much difference the trans tuning makes, well at least when you remember to put it in the right mode. 3MPH is a ton for a simple button press. Third pass the Hellcat in the other lane hit his rev limiter and I thought it was me so I let off, realized it wasn't me, and got back on it. I was frustrated! Pulled right back to the staging lanes and ran the last pass, 9.93. Car will run 9s on the 93 octane setup with the right track prep. -Speedy
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  9. Last week
  10. good to know. i skipped out. was gonna buy one today but couldnt meet my requirements. maybe in the spring or summer i might look for something else.
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  12. I had a 2010 Challenger 6 speed stick and it was pretty quick for a 5.7. But, the Scat Pack 392 8 speed is far better and quicker, I don't think it would take my 08 LS3 Corvette (12.4) though.
  13. dayum. didnt know that ran that good. tomorrow should be fun if i sign for one.
  14. I have not been behind the wheel of a 392 and an 8 speed, but I think they are pretty smooth. From what I have seen, I think a straight up 392 NAG1 vs the new 8 speed, the 8 speed is almost a half second quicker in the 1/4.
  15. Diablosport items are ON SALE for the rest of the year! Check them out on our web store at: https://highhorseperformance.com/search.php?search_query=diablosport§ion=product&_bc_fsnf=1&brand=44&sort=pricedesc
  16. Still have a couple more to lock in but this is what we have so far. Hope to see you out there!!http://hemirace.com/races/ NOLA - March 6, 7 The Rock - April 17, 18, 19 MIR - May 29, 30, 31 Kentucky Dragway - June 19, 20 (21 backup day) Detroit - Aug 13, 14, 15 VMP - Sep 10, 11, 12 https://www.facebook.com/hemirace/https://www.facebook.com/groups/309487389257312/
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  18. trying to pick one up tomorrow. how good do they run? im ridding of the 14ss camaro i just got. need an automatic so srt 6.4 charger it is. i have ran a few tinkering around town in my camaro. i was always able to pull for the short amount of spirt against them. im hoping that is driver or gearing error at speed attempted? i have yet to drive one at this point. the 1 i want is in iowa. so i wanted to see what you experts know about them. im very excited to finally get me a damn mopar daily in the driveway. triple black of course red calipers.
  19. 2016 Dodge Challenger srt On Ebay Price: $55,900.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-Dodge-Challenger-srt/113966425357?
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  21. It's the BIGGEST sale of the year on the BEST built transmissions for your Gen 3 Hemi. We've allocated 20 Southern Hotrod transmissions that we're putting on sale for the lowest prices ever! These transmissions are first come, first served with limited quantities available. Stop crossing your fingers with each trip down the track and get an SHR trans for your Gen 3 Hemi vehicle while supplies last! Call or e-mail HHP today to get a price for your built transmission and special pricing for expert installation by HHP! 888-894-1115, sales@highhorseperformance.com
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  24. We're running a special for Veterans today on Veterens Day! If you're a veteran and making a purchase $100 or higher you're eligible to receive a FREE HHPRacing t-shirt! This offer is valid for today only. Just give us a call with your shirt size and qualifying order number, or to get an order set up over the phone. 888-894-1115 or sales@highhorseperformance.com
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  28. An old friend's son purchased a hellcat and wants to drag race it. I think he is starting from zero knowledge. Anyone from Texas please send me info on tracks, clubs, or folks who would like to help a newbee in that area. thanks
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