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  1. Yesterday
  2. Looking for a little extra rumble from your Hemi? From headers, to mid-pipes, to cat-backs, most exhaust kits and components are ON SALE until 1/19. Let the neighborhood know what you're working with, just use coupon code VROOM at checkout on HHPRacing.com
  3. Check out boss 338's for old school look. Speedy had them on his car, he can tell you the sizes.
  4. I have an 09 srt8 challenger that I recently bought and was looking for some direction on some clean staggered wheels and street tires that will fit well with each other. Any pictures you could post and give wheel size, tire size, and drop size would be much appreciated. I want to stay on 20s but am definitely open to replacing the srt wheels.
  5. I was already working a “part time” job before I retired. I’m a driver for an executive car service. I signed on to be their Sunday driver and fill-in guy. ...well, the fill-in guy averages six days a week.
  6. 80 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Take a look and be sure to consider running at this one! Air and surface will be like no other, gauranteed. http://masstraction.com/mass-traction-demon-invitational/
  8. Last week
  9. First post updated as of this week with folks who've pre-registered.
  10. Thanks to DownForce Solutions for their sponsorship of ChallengerFest 9! DownForce Solutions will be ON SITE at CF9 with some of their products on display!
  11. Thanks to OST Dyno for sponsoring Track Prep again for ChallengerFest 9! Gonna make sure we get some awesome 60s! OST Dyno will be ON SITE with some of their high HP goodies!
  12. Congrats Mike, my Dad lasted about 3 weeks after retiring from MNPD, and has worked stocking shelves for Scott's Lawncare ever since
  13. https://www.chron.com/houston/article/Crash-injures-driver-on-Katy-Freeway-12496019.php Photo: Metro Video IMAGE 1 OF 5 An unidentified driver was injured after hitting a barricade Saturday morning and spinning into the main lanes of the Katy Freeway, according to authorities. A driver was injured after striking a barricade Saturday morning and spinning into the main lanes of the Katy Freeway, according to authorities. An unidentified person driving a Dodge Challenger was traveling east on the Katy Freeway about 3:15 a.m. near the Mason Road exit when the crash occurred, authorities said. The driver, who's injuries are unknown, was taken to the hospital. There were no other cars involved in the crash.
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  15. Because #2556 is now retired.
  16. How much nitrous are you feeding it?
  17. Watching Horsepower TV, which is in your neck of the woods (US43 dragway they said). They had Burnouts and BBQ, likely filmed last summer. Not a single Mopar. A Hellcat would have been nice to see, and would have finished close to the top. Of the 6 teams, 3 went home in trailers. These shows are always a little light on Mopars.
  18. Why not 007? 359 Kojak 2140 Poncherello 2211 harry Calahan or http://www.triviaasylum.com/lists/badges.html
  19. thanks for responding, i thought my computer was fucked up and not updating. thats good news , now i have a chance at the auction........not.
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  21. My shit hasn't broke for a couple years either ............... knock on wood
  22. I PayPaled mine the other day. I don’t have a request for a special number.
  23. Everyone bought hellcats and no longer need to work on anything [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. i hear an echo.
  25. Hello>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hello>>>>>.>>>>........hello
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  27. 84 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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