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  1. Yesterday
  2. Good luck with your new "RACK!"
  3. Speaking about racks, thanks Dale.
  4. 347 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Last week
  6. Man, work has been killing me and I'm behind on my forum shenanigans. Thanks to those that made the trip, definitely good to see you again Denis. Next year I'm firing mother nature
  7. Glad you solved it. How did you manage to find it? Thanks for posting back, appreciate the knowledge.
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  10. What part of Louisiana are you in? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. How many miles are on it? You don't need a tuner to fix that.
  12. I need to know if anyone knows of a good tune shop for dodge challengers in the state of louisiana. I just bought a scat pack challenger 2015 and it has a slight Miss or rough idle. I want to see if I could get all that tuned out seeing as I don’t have any check engine lights on or codes right now.
  13. MIR results http://hemirace.com/standings/2019-mir-results/ Next up is the HHP MSHS at Cecil. June 21-22 http://hemirace.com/races/2019-cecil-mshs/
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  15. I dropped my Hellcat my servicing stealership this morning for a slow leak on the power steering rack. They said that the parts are on backorder with no ETA on when the parts will be in. Normally this would severely bum me out, but I’m leaving for Arizona in the morning and will be gone a week. They have a black key and valet mode.
  16. Still available
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  19. Live feed footage of day 1 of the Eastcoast Moparts MIR Modern Street HEMI Shootout https://youtu.be/LcpHumDub0Y
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  24. Few MIR event notes: Thursday drop offs - track will receive cars until 5pm, after 5 you will have to park in the grass area just outside the gate. Friday - you can drop off if you are not running in the rental but you must be inside the gate prior to the night session or they will charge you for their normal fee. Must be on property by 5pm to not get this charge Friday Tech for the weekend will be at 2pm. If you want to get teched in early, you must be in the gate by 2pm Friday or shortly thereafter. Friday - For those that want to forgo the VanDrake Racing welcome party, the track has a night test and tune. They recommend the $35 N/T ticket as its pro tree and prepped to a higher standard before each round. Friday the gate will collect for the weekend and wristband you for the weekend. I will be handling all track rental fee's personally. Lets have a great weekend and let me know if you have any further questions.
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