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  2. Goehner, I'm having trouble finding a new dowel pin. Did you put a new pin on your cam or replace the cam?
  3. Own 2 Jeep Compass no problem with oil. I keep checking to see if there is a problem. My wife goes to dealer for oil change and they use penzoil no problems. I use Valvoline 0-20 full syn that meets specs and it seems I have to add a little bit between oil changes. I went 10,000 between oil change because the oil was still clean. I use mopar filter from Walmart. So far we love our compass. Great ride, accelerates nice. We have the Asian 6 speed tranny. Wife has 2300 miles since dealer changed oil and still at full line. My opinion, some people exaggerate and I am sure there is a lemon or two that have a real case.
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  5. I hope you are right there is no damage, but my chain tensioner broke at a very light acceleration and it busted the dowel pin off and bent every fucking valve in the car.
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  7. I would at least do a Borescope to see if you had any piston to valve contact. Hard to belive you didn't bend a valve or something else. These I don't believe are non interference motors.
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  9. Last week
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  11. My Car is about halfway thru.
  12. Secrets are fun
  13. As always One thing I noticed is your about 6 months behind. All that work and intel was done long before cf10 and yet you didn’t really say to much about it when we seen each other. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Excellent video Speedy!
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  16. Yes stock is torque to yield. One and done. Get arp and call it a day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Good to know. Are the stock ones single use?
  18. ARP head bolts are reusable
  19. UPDATE: Motor is out of the car. I have one of those hoses that lets you pump air into the cylinder to hold valves up while you change springs. I loosened all of the rocker arms so there is no pressure on the valves and shot air into each cylinder. All cylinders held pressure! Except for a little leaking past the rings into the crankcase which is normal. I think I may have dodged a bullet! I guess I need to fix the timing chain and do a compression test to see what I really have, but this is hopeful! Advice? Don't want to pull heads if I don't have to. ARP head bolts are expensive!
  20. When degree-ing a cam for the VVT motors... is the phaser for the camshaft initially in full advance position or full retard position? Would it be a safe assumption that if you do a Piston to Valve clearance check with the phaser in both full advance and full retard positions and you have adequate clearance between the valves and pistons in both cases that you are safe from valve/piston interference?
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  23. haha https://abc30.com/woman-sprays-would-be-car-thief-with-gasoline-police/5380315/ Saturday, July 6, 2019 7:05AM CONYERS, Georgia -- Authorities say a Georgia woman at a gas station doused a man in gasoline as he tried to steal her car. WSB-TV reports the woman was pumping gas in her car Thursday outside Atlanta when the man approached the passenger door undetected. The woman noticed the man once he was in the driver's seat of her Dodge Challenger. She pulled the gas nozzle and sprayed him with gasoline, which scared him off. Rockdale County Deputy Lee Thomas said a Chrysler 300 dropped the man off at the gas station and picked him up soaked in gasoline. Thomas believes the crew has done this before and he's sure they'll try it again. Authorities aren't identifying the woman. "It was like a movie. I didn't realize it was actually happening," an unidentified witness told WSB. "My son told me, 'Dad, I think he's trying to steal the car,' and I was looking, and I heard the car revving up. The next thing I know, he jumped out of the car and he started running."
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  25. Sign up now, limited space at the Woodward lot http://hemirace.com/races/2019-heminsanity/
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