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  3. 4.24 with no wheel spin. Sounds right to me? That’s also on the ‘14 evic which I’ve heard others say is LESS accurate than the new one.
  4. I had a PPF clear coating on the front bumper cover only. Then I had the rest of the car ceramic coated. 2549D181-1D1D-4BD0-AE97-94A7440620BD.MP4
  5. shit that stinks, stay safe
  6. For those looking to attend the A2Speed pre-event track rental at VMP Friday September 28th, updated info. There will be legit prep on the worlds best surface. 2 lanes and testing from 10am to 5pm. Gates open at 8am. $180 payable at the track to A2Speed
  7. Last week
  8. oh crap.....be safe & take care...good luck
  9. Be safe Gregger..... take care..... Stevo
  10. fema just knocked and told us to get out.
  11. streams flowing backward! Wow. Hope it resolves quickly, back in 2010 during the Nashville flooding something similar happened in my neighborhood and it was a result of water management opening levies and closing others....screwed the pooch and flooded a bunch of houses. I'd call public service ASAP and let them know, they may not realize what's happening.
  12. Everything was great up to an hour ago. The wife was shopping and came home, and said you got to see this. all the streets are now flooded, when an hour ago they were dry. the rivers are backing up, river and streams in the neighborhood are now flowing backwards. houses that made it thru the storm are now flooded. I'm afraid we are getting the one two punch.
  13. Glad all is well Greg, was definitely thinking about you guys. RonP has quite a bit of damage at his place.
  14. yea plumbing and wiring. im so excited about all that.
  15. OK no video, but some stuff i learned from the Florence storm,. Don't fuck with mother nature, it can and will kill you as it did in NC. WE were very lucky staying in our home in Calabash NC during the storm. The wife and I had our most important stuff at the garage door ready to go 80 miles inland. As we listened . to the forecasts , we were sure that staying was the best option. and Jesus did watch over us as we sat in the eye for almost 40 hours. After that the storm headed south thru Myrtle beach, we got winds as we left the eye but they were tropical storm winds 50-70 mph. if we went to the hotel that we had reserved we would be there for a week or more from inland flooding. and then have to deal with road closers for flooding or trees down. To survive i did something that i would like to pass on as for freezer and frig, . for 5 days prior to the storm we put bottles of water in the freezer. , only 5 or 6 at a time. we ended uo with 70 frozen bottles. Every time the temp went above 44.5 degrees in the fridge, i would add 3 frozen bottles of water, , this went on for 3 days, and never did the temp get above 45 degrees, and the freezer stayed at frozen, and is still cooling everything off today. still have 40 frozen bottles there today. our frige could have lasted a week or more, the freezer maybe 7 days. Way better than bags of ice and less the mess. I can calculate tat 70 frozen bottles can last you 10 days or more, Start a week before and you are good.
  16. You the Boss Dan, its good to see bigger payouts in the :slower: classes, makes us all want to go for more. . it looks like the best so far this year. THANKS TO ALL.
  17. LOL, good stuff and yes we are lucky to have great sponsors!!!!
  18. \ om did i just post that .
  19. yup, i said pop the cherry, OK i will never be a supreme court judge, Fuck y'all who agree, but who would want to go thru that bullshit, just sayin..
  20. Room to share VMP at host hotel , thats all. thanks.
  21. yop room to share , for VMP, PM me if interested. thanks
  22. I Am amazed at the payouts for this race at VMP , I would like to thank all the vendors and supporters. This will be an epic event. All you new folks to racing can get a start here, first time is the hook. . i think there is a class for rookies, always folks to help you take your virgin stock car down the track first time and pop the cherry, ..... then hooked for more, just sayin.
  23. Sounds good. You should be able to see my back tires if you look left Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. well if that's the real world, post my 1.9, 0 to 60 mph. thanks .
  25. kevin, we can line up and both use the 0-60mph at VMP, should give us an indication.
  26. I wrote a big write up about the usps shitheads. no mail since the 8th of Sept, weather since sunday has been fine. I have been about all over, The USPS shit hole closed for some unknown reason. I used to work for the usps in ct, back in college,. We showed up at work 10 pm till 4 am and the delivers always went out, remember the theme snow rain hail etc, will not stop from my rounds. AND THATS when then did their routes on foot. these lazy fucks have been off for 10 days. Schools, i'm not going to even start , i hope they make them go to august. we had a "frost " last winter and schools , government buildings , and yes the US post office, off for two days. A frost, wtf. no wonder the south is so .... ok not going there. maybe i did. .
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