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  2. I always thought the Alcoa's where the best looking rims ever used on a production car, I've thought of buying a set several times in the past....pictures don't do them justice, in person they are simply awesome looking. Having a set widened would be sweet icing on the cake. Ive had so many black vehicles over the years, every time I say no more black cars....and I end up with a black car! I swear when I first went shopping for a Challenger I wanted a white with red decals....came home with a solid black car....again...
  3. Nice!! I like the Alcoa’s I got the same color car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. XO Luxury X229 http://
  6. JJ what style rims are on there ? I have an extra set of Alcoa’s I was gonna send out for widening. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 26 weeks to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Good stuff, and some good information on how 22s effect things as well!
  9. Yep, right over the stripes. Just added a very subtle sheen and deepened the black a bit. Mine seems to shed water no problem, but I avoid rain.
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  11. Thanks Eric for explaining the dyno info, really appreciate that. I want those interested in the 2650 to see what it'll actually do for them and definitely want to see how it stacks up to the current systems available. **It did sound better with that massive amount of torque!! But the car is quick and really fun so I'm happy and of course it's only a matter of time before more is done to up the ante..I'm actually super excited to see what this kit will do when the boost is turned up on a good bottom end! Just got back from WV with the car. It did flawlessly up and back! A real pleasure to drive. So the Rock will be an easy trip! Greg I'm going to get the final date locked in for Rockingham, hoping you can make it...so far we will have a HellCat and a ZL1 coming with us! Thank you for helping out with the DRs and showing me the ropes getting these Challengers down the 1/4! And again thank you to Eric and the A2 Speed crew!!! I know the 22s give up a lot...but damn they looks so good on there! Fills in the fenders without lowering the car. But I'm prob going to eventually trade these off if I can find a set of 20 x 10s or 10.5 like the current staggered 22s ( 22 x 9 front 22 x 10.5 rears ) ***You would be surprised actually how well the car hooks up with the Nitto 10.5 rears...I'm actually really impressed...best 0-60 3:45 secs 11:6s would tickle me fancy!!!
  12. HELP!!!! Took the car to the track on Friday. 17” welds with M/T ET street Rs on the back. 305 wide. With the two step set at 1700rpm I could launch well but halfway down the track they would break loose. Basically when the boost would come on. I had the boost turned down to 10-11psi so about 750-800hp to the wheels. I kept turning the boost down and still could not keep traction. I ran the tires at 25,20 and 18 psi. Nothing helped. I have an 8.8” rear end, 3.55 gears and 1400hp axles. Still has the IRS and I have the Eibach pro-kit springs. What do I need to do in order to keep traction. This car should be way faster than 7.15 @ 97mph. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. nice looking curves, hope you are happy JJ. I do think that HP curve needs a bra. i'm going to have to dig up my dyno results out for the 6/7.7 lbs of original boost. Give me a few ..... got it, upgrades were arrington heads and cam package, jba shorties, and the 6lb kit magnusom.. Made 481 rwhp and 494 tq. so you had a whopping 47 hp more, and our Tq was exactly the same. not sure why my car is giving such high tq numbers , with the hellcat block and only 10.5 lbs of boost i have more tq than a stock hellcat at 696 lbs, hellcat reported to be 650 lbs. yes Kevin i already discussed meeting JJ at rockingham, and he is welcome to the dr's and even the skinnies if he wants to do 4 tire change. i'm thinking he will be around 11.6/11.7 depending on da and track prep.
  14. Kids. Haha Still good numbers for the money. So I guess you’d know first hand,, How much hp is givin up by changing to 22” I was actually thinking of dropping 22” on just the rear of my car to give it a more raked looked. Will I be giving up a lot?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. It brought my original fake cf striped back to life. Made them look new.
  16. I have a friend with a ceramic coat and she still gets water spots if rained on and not immediately wiped off. How's your experience been?
  17. 183 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. So this is what happens when you change from 22" wheels to 20", and don't correct the final drive ratio in the system. It's our mistake and we're pretty embarrassed, but it is what it is. As noted above, we had a bad injector on this build and had the car back to resolve. When we put it back on the dyno to validate, we also changed out the rear wheels to 20" rims so we had a good comparison to most of the other cars we do. What we didn't do was change the tire size in his vehicle's base data file, making the RPM appear lower. So, what we got is the graph in the post above, the final HP number didn't change of course, but the torque curve was skewed, stacking the TQ at the bottom of the run. I spoke with JJ on friday explaining what happened and he agreed to let me posted the corrected graph below. Again, we're sorry for the mix up and appreciate the opportunity to clear this up...
  19. That stuff seems pretty cool. Did they put it right on the stripes too?
  20. Mine is guaranteed for 7 years, but installer said for me it would pretty much last forever. It just slowly wears away, no need to strip.
  21. Mine got ceramic coated so no more waxing for me, but without that I think it depends on the type of wax. Id suggest skipping that o'l wax on wax off mess and look into a coating like cquartz if ya wanna do it yourself.
  22. J- How long is the coating supposed to last? Can they strip it and reapply? Just curious as I'm interested as well! Looks great.
  23. 184 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. J do you wax that stuff or just wash?
  25. With as expensive as the material is, and watching the professional wrestle with mine for 4 hours, I'd not want to do it myself, that's for sure. Looked like it took experience to figure out how to make the material move the way it needed to around all the bends, etc and not create fingers or look off from body lines. He used razors, heat gun, lube, steam gun, etc to make it all work.
  26. Yeah it does I’m going to have to alter my valve covers The FIRST EVER. AWD 392 STROKER TWIN TURBO on E85 www.facebook.com/turbojigsaw www.instagram.com/turbojigsaw
  27. Looking good...on a side note, the "Hemi" takes up some room doesn't it!
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