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  2. http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/suspected-drunk-driver-kills-1-pedestrian-injures-another/1244351421 LAS VEGAS - A woman is dead and a man critically injured after being struck by a suspected drunk driver just outside the Hard Rock Hotel early Sunday morning. Police responded to the collision just before 1 a.m. near Harmon Avenue and Paradise Road. Captain Nick Farese with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told 8 News Now that the victims were walking on the sidewalk when the suspect struck them with his Dodge Challenger. "Our pedestrians were doing exactly what we're asking them to do -- walking on the sidewalk. They weren't jaywalking; they weren't in the roadway. They were walking on the sidewalk and because of somebody choosing to drink and get behind the vehicle, now we have somebody who lost their life and we have somebody who was hurt," Farese said. According to Metro Police, the suspect fled the scene after striking the pedestrians. NHP troopers were able to track down his vehicle thanks to descriptions provided by witnesses at the scene, they said. The suspect was arrested and charged with felony DUI. Metro Police said a female passenger was in the vehicle with the suspect and is cooperating with the investigation.
  3. Selling a set of brake pads off my 17 hellcat that have 2190 miles on them. No hard braking ever (still babying the car). All hardware included. This is 6 piston front pads and 4 piston rears included. 90.00 shipped fedex overnight for free. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yesterday
  5. Do you race in the Mshs ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you sir and I try to enjoy every second I can honestly. Without my troops I wouldn't know what to do. Happy Father's Day to you too. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. Virginia.
  8. yup, these days go buy fast appreciate them while you can. God Bless y'all. CK.
  9. where's VMP ?
  10. Let me put it together and I’ll send you a pic to your phone. On Tuesday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Are you going to vmp in sept? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. yesterday I placed a Mr.Norm's pistol grip 4 sale, changed my mind, what is going for sale is the following : Hurst pistolgrip shifter complete $ 300.00, it is a upgrade over OEM they go for $750.00 + K&N CAI, green anodized tube $125.00, ALCOA SRT wheels, logo (painted blue) little curb rash pictures on request w/Hankook tires (near end of life) $500 6.1 Cats included to end of tips SRT exhaust $500. Driver's electric , passengers and rear seat , leather and suede with blue stripe Excellent Condition $400.00 B5 blue SRT hood with silver billet air scoops $200.00 Silver billet grill, matches hood scoops $100.00. I will not have access to the MMForum for the coming week, if you questions, comments or money to give away please text day or night 336-512-2839 thanks sixpack
  13. well Mr. Refricker1 what kind of mis-matched money do you need ? thaxxx
  14. Last week
  15. I have a driveshaft and 20inch drag radials so far. Love the car!
  16. I’ll have a Bt can available. Blue top black bottom I know it’s miss matched but hey. It’s a freaking catch can. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. It's been quite awhile, do you still have the can, ???? as time marches on ??? thanks
  18. I see I missed that ....6.4 Have you kept your HC stock? They are a lot of Fun with just adding DRs and a Drive shaft. Linda
  19. If you're just going to boost a stock engine, ring gap for the increased temps. will not be enough. Many failures occur when stock rings fully compress then expand in the cylinder and break the top ring land on pistons. Some have seen good results with combining a water/meth kit to help with cooling.
  20. Like I said NIB, Mr. Norm's shifter with carbonfiber grip. bought the handle knowing I was buying a car, well wouldn't you know it the car I buy I has the Hurst PG didn't show up in the pictures get up in Ohio to pick it up and BOOM there it is . So my loss your gain $250, fits OEM and Barton which was what I was going to do, there will be other parts coming. Thank you Kevin (sixpack)
  21. Sr.Jack, I feel the same way I want a 700hp N/A, but it'll cost a lot more, and there's the chance I won't be happy for the money spent, so with a procharger, I don't have to crack the motor open, if I don't like it I take it off and have the car I started with ,
  22. I was commenting on the 6.4. I’ve had the exact same experience as you with the cat.
  23. thanks you. i am limping along slowly. hahaha. stripped the damn vvt phase lock due to boogered non matching threads. had to get another and waiting on that. if it isnt something i tell ya. i feel like the luckiest person alive right now. going and doing day by day as i have. one lick at a time ill get things done. 2018 is turning into a wash really quick with 100° heat and no car to tune on as of yet. tomorrow i am going out to get some much needed me time at the range. havent been out in a very long time. see if i can still hit water as a fish sorta deal.lol
  24. find him on LXforum,Hazman crayons its a free thing, but i'm going to paypal him some $$. check out all his work . i will give ya a link. check this out.... talent for sure. https://www.lxforums.com/board/hazman-s-magic-crayons/50894-playing-crayons.html
  25. Very Cool Greg!! Linda
  26. Hmmmm, below 10.8s, i'm all for that.
  27. I went to Challengerfest 11.0s on 20 inch Nittos Atco 18 inch MT ET rs 10.80s Then my HC Charger was 1st for AJ to start the Diablo Tuning process. Next 3 times a week at the track R&D T&T of parts and Tuning. I was so Happy running the first time at CF and got to the other end and Thought Thank God No PITA Nag 1 limp mode !!!! You dont need a lot of mods to run some below 10.8s Linda
  28. Hazman does incredible work.
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