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  2. BOOM! lol!
  3. 192 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yesterday
  5. .....................
  6. Based on you running scared from me at VMP, I think I better use the black key when we line up
  7. 193 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sure. Winner buys!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Last week
  10. check into a hellcat short block, they were very reasonable 2 years ago. try A2Speed they did mine.
  11. jay , you surely don't have to go to the giggle juice to beat me, OR do you???
  12. hey Kevin, you want to do the 1/4 ,for lets say 64 oz, steak with twin lobster tails. oh and unlimited beer,
  13. kevin right now you have the whole short bus to yourself.
  14. Time to pay Greg called the front seat of the bus. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Mileage: 80189 Location: Northern VA Maintenance: All up to date Clear title/No liens Mods Include: Mopar “5Ten” split five spoke wheels found on the night edition -Black Chrome R1 Concepts slotted front rotors and semi metallic pads Flomaster Resonator delete Weathertec mats and trunkmat Overall condition is a 8.5/10 Members on the jeep forums know how meticulous I am with my vehicles and this vehicle’s condition is far superior than other WK2 SRTs with equal mileage. The bad - the TPMS light is on because I put the wrong 2015+ TPMS sensors in when I put new tires on [emoji20] Background: I purchased this vehicle from another member approximately 2 years ago. It was a Canadian spec jeep that I properly imported back into the U.S. Asking Price: $30,500 - Hurry up before you miss out on a great deal!
  16. Tentative Hemituner Performance ATCO Modern Street HEMI ShootoutSchedule: **Friday November 2nd** (all day track is open for MSHS racers to drop their cars off for the Saturday event – tech will be open as well for those at the track) 9am – gates open at ATCO for Orthopedic Spinecare of Long Island pre-event track rental 930am – track goes hot 430pm – track rental ends 430pm – VanDrake Racing MSHS Welcome Party starts at ATCO bar and grill (free drinks and some food) 730pm – 1st bus going to host hotel Hampton Inn leaves ATCO (we encourage folks to leave their cars at the track) 830pm – 2nd bus trip to host hotel leaves from ATCO to Hampton inn. 9pm – 1st large group reservation for Library Steak House. 930pm – 2nd large group reservation for Library Steak House. **Saturday November 3rd** 730am – 1st bus leaves from host hotel Hampton Inn taking racers to ATCO. (expedited entry, must have prepaid to race) 830am – 2nd bus leaves from host hotel Hampton Inn taking racers to ATCO. (expedited entry, must have prepaid to race) 9am – ATCO gates open 10am – MSHS event Drivers Meeting held at the hemirace.com and eastcoast moparts Tents. Located at the corner of grandstands nearest burnout box. 1030am – Eastcoast moparts Bracket Class Time Trials 1115am – Heads up and Index Classes Qualifying 130pm – Eliminations 2pm – test lane opens for those eliminated from from MSHS competition 630pm – King of the Hill. 730pm – Awards ceremony at the ATCO bar and grill. Food provided, do not leave early!!! 9pm – 1st bus back to host hotel Hampton Inn 945pm – 2nd bus back to host hotel Hampton Inn
  17. 194 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. He sure whipped my ass.
  19. Great video Speedy, that car kicks ass.
  20. Checked this thing out at MSHS VMP. Crazy fast and consistent with minimal work done.
  21. What do these cars all have in common? They're #PoweredByHHP, and they lift the front tires off the ground. They also use the industry's strongest and most proven drive-line components on the market, and you should be too! Starting today until the end of this week (10/26), you can save big on brands like SOUTHERN HOTROD, LLC, ProTorque, Driveshaft Shop, Race Star Wheels, BMR Suspension, Bogart Racing Wheels, and even other race ready parts like our TCE/ Wilwood brake conversion kit for 15" wheels. Just use coupon code Sendit at the checkout screen on HHPRacing.com ! *Some exclusions apply
  22. 195 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. We would love to see you TF and your new 💗. It has been a while.
  24. Why you think I shoulda won it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I'm wondering why MSHS didn't have a hard luck award at VMP?
  26. 196 days to go and Greg is all packed and sitting by the door waiting, like all old people. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Just over 2 weeks until the biggest gen3 HEMI drag racing event out there! The air is going to be great and the track is going to be tight. Come on out and meet some like minded people and have a heck of a day! Parties are planned and checks are written.
  28. NEW PB SCAT PACK, M6, Sock tune, stock front tires, Drag radials in back, Barton shifter and Hellcat airbox with K&N drop in, Hellcat clutch, full interior
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