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  1. Yesterday
  2. He is a legend in his own mind.....
  3. he is a dick,
  4. Email sent. Stevo
  5. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/woodward-dream-cruise/2018/08/12/gas-monkey-star-rawlings-peels-into-jersey-barrier-roadkill-nights/971206002/ Pontiac — Roadkill Nights drag racing competition was full of thrills Saturday, but it was TV personality Richard Rawlings' spill that will be most remembered. The Gas Monkey Garage owner and star of Discovery's "Fast N' Loud" reality show peeled a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat into the Jersey barrier on Woodward here as he battled NHRA Top Fuel superstar Leah Pritchett in a celebrity shootout. Woodward was closed off and turned into a legal, 1/8-mile drag strip next to M1 Concourse Car Club north of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Rawlings, an experienced drag racer, thrilled the packed grandstands on Woodward with a long, tire-burning display out of the box, only to have his 707-horse steed snap left and into the wall. Pritchett continued without incident to win the heat. View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy Rawlings took it in stride, flashing a smile, as he limped back to the paddock in his bruised Dodge. Roadkill Nights is full of experienced, invitation-only racers and this year's event had been incident-free until the Gas Monkey's run. Rawlings posted a statement later on social media: “Y’all asked for it, here’s me going into the wall at Roadkill Nights against Leah Pritchett. What a day! Looks like I’m gonna need some more practice, sorry Dodge.” Post by RRRawlings. Saturday marked the third year that Dodge, Motor Trend, and M1 have teamed up for the Roadkill spectacle, which kicks off Dream Cruise week. Rawlings is a Dodge Performance spokesman and he was trailed by fans at the Roadkill event all day. He happily took interviews and posed for selfies and photos. On this writer's 910 AM "Car Radio" show from M1 Concourse earlier in the day, he said he was looking forward to the celebrity shootout. "I wish they did this in Dallas," said the 49-year old of his home town. "But the weather up here is so much better this time of year. This is where you want to be." Rawlings says he owns every devilish model of Dodge's SRT performance portfolio including the Hellcat, 797-horse Hellcat Redeye, and 840-horsepower Demon. The car he crashed, however, was one of four Hellcats - bearing #SaveYourSlips stickers on their front bumpers - that Dodge brought to Roadkill Nights for the late afternoon celebrity shootout. Celebrities included Pritchett, "Roadkill" hosts Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger - and the ultimate winner, pro wrestler Goldberg. Henry Payne is the Detroit News auto critic and host of "Car Radio" on 910 AM Detroit. He can be reached at Email: hpayne@detroitnews.com. Follow HenryEPayne on Twitter and Instragram. FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn Roadkill Nights at M1 Concourse Fullscreen Buy Photo Hundreds of people enjoyed beautiful weather to watch drag racing during the Roadkill Nights event held at M1 Concourse in Pontiac on Saturday, August 11, 2018 Max Ortiz, The Detroit News
  6. Last week
  7. I will check my garden shed.... that's where I saw them last.... a little rusty..... hope I did not chuck em.... 3.06 out of 2010 RT Auto..... Let you know tomorrow.... Stevo
  8. Looking to buy as many factory 3.06 ring and pinions as you can find. 2006-2008 Srt8 and 2009-2011 Challenger R/T From cast iron dif Paying $125 per set. Please email: Vrpspeed@gmail.com
  9. Just trying to help....... Stevo
  10. well we had 27 inches of rain the last few weeks. so this might be fun, or at least a tow vehicle. no. last one i saw around here was $3,500 but was a 4wdr, don't need that shit, i'm in for $600 if passes inspection.
  11. 600 would like to move this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Drive your car in the rain, you can't take it with you.
  13. I went in Andy’s site and that number doesn’t pop up. I’d call Andy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I may buy it ,if it passes the inspection. i like them(trackers) cool little cars to fool around with. I'm going to use it as a tow car for my RT.
  15. 5 speed, body looks good, 2 wheel drive. needs new tops. rest is ... well 17 years old. any idea what its worth?? The wife says i can't drive her car anymore and i don't drive my car out in the rain.
  16. Like it says, trying to save $$$ and share a room . Let me know, its already reserved. thanks, gregory
  17. just trying to help others out with parts and emptying the garage of STUFF.
  18. Thx Linda. Stevo is being Stevo, you should see his posts in members only. Strange taste... maybe a little salty.
  19. My dealershit sucks, they have no clue what oil goes into a hellcat or what filter. I get better info from speedy .
  20. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Engine-Camshaft-MOPAR-53022064BD-fits-09-16-Dodge-Challenger-5-7L-V8/163056331155?fits=Make%3ADodge|Model%3AChallenger&epid=203115318&hash=item25f6ea2993:g:nf4AAOSwWfdbHO67&_trkparms=gclientid%3DiQ6_V6xBx7muRxJxglzo8AFpIOb97bZUt3lD0iY_4me1OojNr1ACk_DhuC5lGF8x&_trksid=p2489528.m4989.l8656 Maybe this will help you figure it put Greg Linda
  21. Greg.... call the dealer in the morning with your question.... I am sure they can tell you what you have.... Stevo
  22. well?
  23. Does anyone know the part number for OEM 2009,5.7 cam? and part number for 392 oem cam also. I have a cam with part number 152918 372 aa. not sure if its a 5.7 or 392 cam.
  24. Still available
  25. The pulley is marked 3.2 but I believe for the 6.4 that is supposed to be 6psi
  26. thank you. yes im wanting to run the cheap plugs so i can change them every race day to keeping eye on tune as close as i can.
  27. I ran the Autolite Iridiums for quite awhile. Liked them better than Brisk. Biggest problem was trying to get the right heat range as they don’t give very good specs. Just find the NGK you need and cross them. I run 2 steps colder, but you know what you need there. I found the Brisk too cold for their rating and WAY too expensive.
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