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  6. For my setup, yes. However I do like a bit of overhead when it comes to fueling.
  7. Great video as usual Speedy...Do you think OEM Demon injectors would have worked as well?
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  9. Found the next item that needs upgrading.
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  11. Did it. Don’t. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Nope.... nope.... nope..... don't do it. Lots of threads on this swap. You are better off to contact Eric at BFNY or Mike at OST..... they will pick the cam you are looking for. Stevo
  13. Hello to all and anyone that can give me any help or information lately I've been thinking about camming my 2013 Dodge Charger with a 6.4 cam... but of course I don't know what all I need to change out I've been told by some people that I can just put the cam in by itself and to get a tune
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  15. 320 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. talk about badass. amazing, builds and races and wins in all those catagories.
  17. what plugs are 2 colder from stock in copper? would love to buy a set for 43 vs 180. have some dyno tuning to do in a bit over a week or so. big power bge heads, 411 9.75:1 twins e85 holley efi
  18. That would really suck. Of course my dumbass car is down for months at time because of the moron behind the wheel.
  19. After 31 days in the shop, I have my Challenger back home. Apparently FCA/Mopar didn’t even have a part supplier for my power steering rack.
  20. Kewl beans... Sent via Tapatalk
  21. The Brisks are holding up fine 2 or 3 full seasons! I pull them and all they need is a little cleaning. The gap has barely changed on them! I don't mind $11.00 per plug if they will last 3 years or better!
  22. It's the price you pay for having 2 plugs per cylinder. Back in the day, you could go thru a set per race day. Racing ain't cheap! Hate to say this but this reminds me of my RV customers... 150 to 200 large for an RV and then bitch about a $50 fuel filter adapter. Converted a $90 1 off fuel filter to use a $10 one you can get at any auto parts store.
  23. We'll gladly sell you 16 sets if you'd like, you'll be set for a season er 2!
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  26. (In my best Emily Litella): Oh. Well. That's completely different. Never mind. This would be a good deal if they could last at least half a season.
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