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  2. bump price drop.
  3. I had to have adapters machined, but I think Crazy Coolers now offers a kit based on my design. Yes the wheels are racing kart wheels/tires.
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  5. Thanks Alan, I was boogying to get to the track and back, I think I averaged 23MPG running 80-85.
  6. I love the Hellcat honestly. OC had "almost" the same horsepower, but the tech in the HC is MILES above what OC had. I miss OC sometimes, and honestly wish I could've afforded to have both. Woulda been nice to have OC as a 6 speed street brawler and the HC to take the track for some nice easy consistency, but I just couldn't swing it. The new owner is certainly enjoying the car and gives me updates from time to time, so at least it went to a good home. I'm hoping he'll come to CF9 and maybe let me sit in the driver seat for a minute LOL. I'd definitely do the exact same thing I did all over again. When I built OC, there was no dream of a 707HP supercharged Challenger from Dodge or SRT. The most powerful American car at the time was the 550HP GT500. Building that car gave me LOADS of experience with the platform, I was able to learn about all kinds of things like gauges that were needed, data logging, etc. Not to mention without that decision there likely would not have been a CF as it exists today, and I've made some of the best friends of my life as a result of that car, and it led me to the Hellcat in the end. Having said that, with HCs coming down in to the mid $50K range, I'd only do minimal mods to a car and get a HC. They're just such a good base to start with you'll be $$ ahead big time. 10.50s with tires and a drive shaft is insane. I had to work and work and mod and work some more, then learn to drive to get OC in the 10s. With a simple tune I might be able to hit 9s in this thing, and certainly with a pulley swap, all of which are pretty cheap mods. Stock pulley no tune whatsoever. I can post a screen shot of my data logs to show proof of stock boost, shift rpm, etc. Car made about 11.5 psi according to the log. Man they were running a pro tree and I was NOT used to that LOL. Hoosier 28x10 slick on a 17x10 Weld wheel. Racestar 18" fronts with M&H front runners.
  7. Are you running a slick or radial ? Awwesome times
  8. Great upgrade and nice to hear there are no vibration issues. Any change is noise from the driveline?
  9. Jay, i thought i had a good race against OC but now i'm trailing again.. thought you were sleeping a little at the lights . nice times, when you getting that roll bar?
  10. Building a car is not for everyone. For Some of us it’s the love for the car. I’ll never get rid of mine for a hc. It means to much to me. But if you don’t have attachment to the car dump it now before you get to deep. it will never be a hellcat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 136 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Nice times! Speedy so that’s the stock tune on that car and pulley as well? What tires are you using? I ended up selling my 09 R/T in October and bought a 17 M6 Hellcat. But winters here’s and the cars away until April. Can’t wait to get it to the track. Thanks
  13. This looks awesome, did the wheels bolt straight on? Assuming they are go-kart wheels / tyres
  14. HA! I am actually at a crossroads of a sort...continue with the build ( short block, tranny, and rear ) or just enjoy as is and go for a HC next year...I'm in the middle of that mental debate right now!! Seriously been looping it in my head...matter of fact before I decided to drop the car off at A2 I came so close to buying a CTS-V, and I do mean pen in hand..had looked at a few ZL1s but unfortunately I'm 6.3 and with a sunroof the headroom sucks in the Camaro...hence one of the reasons I ended up with a Challenger in the first place ( one of the reasons, there are more..it's much better looking! ) But alas...if only I could afford to build this and buy a HC ( Charger!!! ) No need to do Data logging, car is currently at A2...has been for a bit now working out the last ( I hope ) of little issues and Gremlins. Being a first adopter is cool but also annoying!! I hope all that follow me appreciate the ground work my car has laid for them in using the 2650....I've missed this seasons fun weather for the most part..damn it!!!! But update, Spoke with Eric...car ran great on his test, putting the car in the Dyno one last time in the mourning to check out actually shift patterns again again at RPMs and see numbers again. Crossing fingers all is good with the world and I'll see her again this week and get to play with her dirty like...once you've had a boosted RT, driving anything else sucks...and on another side note of terrible luck, I had to take my wife's new SS to the dealer for a new tranny...8100 original miles and the tranny is jacked..WTF!! So we have had no fun cars to drive for some time now, going into withdrawals....
  15. I've been waiting for you to post some experiences with your new HC. Please keep the info and details coming! I take it your happy with the trade (up) to the HC from what I thought was a hell of a build, lucky dog the new owner. By the time you had OC up for sale I'd already committed into my build, if it hadn't been for that I would have seriously bought your OC, no BS. That was a perfect build. A few questions if I may, Do you see 10:30s without "major" mods with the HC? Are the IATs better than OCs? Have you any experience to compare the A8 to the old A5? In any case, any cons you've noticed with the A8? Any cons in general with the HC compared to OC, or things you miss about the OC ( performance, drivability wise...I know there is some attachment woes I would assume ) ? Do you wish you had went strait to the HC instead of the build, if you could rewind time would you have just went strait to the HC or would the build still been your first venture? Im trying to decide, continue with mine or just enjoy it as is and go for the HC next year, so your opinions and experiences are being used as a guide. Any info/opinions you share are appreciated!
  16. Very nice. 10.5 is hauling ass, and that thing probably gets 25 mpg doesn't it?
  17. Minimal changes and this car netted some amazing times. More to come, vids, etc, but here are the slips from this weekend. LuvMyRT and I were DYING to get to the track. The weather had ruined 4 out of 5 chances, and mother nature did it again and Beech Bend shut down their end of the season TNT due to weather again Saturday. We hopped on the net and found the next closest 1/4 mile track and off we went to Alabama International Raceway. 3 hour drive, but when you gotta race..... Track was much better than expected, although they could've had a snack bar or something......we were starving by the end of the day, but with a paltry 30 cars shown up we could make all the runs we wanted, and the track was good. DA was good as well at around +100 - +200 which is great for our area. Mods to the car are minimal. DSS 4" Aluminum 1 piece drive shaft and a rear diff brace from Per4mance Engineering. Race tire setup. Race weight estimated at 4400# Goal was a 10.7x to beat my best of 10.8x in Orange Krush, and Go Man Go killed it. Three runs in the 10.50s one even off a hot lap. The second one I think should have been a high 10.40, and need to review the data logs to figure out why based on the 60'. Can't wait to see what I can do with the car after a bit of practice to figure out what it likes. I'm confident I could launch it harder.
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