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  2. Never got below 1.68X last year, upgraded to a War Viking trans, higher stall and A2Speed double adjustable coilovers, just waiting to hit the track
  3. sorry you couldn't make the rock this saturday.

  4. Did you ever get the 60' down with your power and the same tires as me and. I hammer it out of the hole no issues with traction for me. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  5. Yesterday
  6. 42 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Last week
  8. It was fun. Glad we were there!
  9. All parts are still available and are being sold separately Fore Dual pump with -8 Fore fittings $620 shipped Fore Black Anodized fuel rails $230 shipped F2 controller with wiring and main harness $185 shipped Fore 88mm inline fuel filter $85 shipped Email at Dwhip426@gmail.com for quicker response
  10. 43 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. selling my 5.7 block, aei motor plate mounting it in my 67 dart with alt mounting kit and all stainless hardened fastner hardware kit i bought additionally with. truck front cover modified for that it goes with. also have the electric water pump that mounts to the motor plate instead of stock pump. 1400.00 partial trade for 6.4 crank or full trade for hellcat or bge bare block. need to move this very quickly. races start in april and i got work to be done asap. email me be quickest route to me. turbofreek2@gmail.com
  12. Thanks to Craig and Thitek for sponsoring the Index Class again for ChallengerFest 9!
  13. http://hemirace.com/standings/2018-nola-results/ http://www.hotrod.com/articles/dodge-demon-owners-race-cash-first-demon-invitational/
  14. 2009 SRT Challenger $28,500.00 obo Automatic, Brilliant Black, Black/Granite interior. 28,700 miles Chrome Magnuson Supercharger 8lbs of boost, Arrington Performance Phase 4 Heads and Cam, upgraded injectors, fuel pump, Kooks Stainless long tube Headers with high flow cats and upgraded Mopar cat back exhaust, Arrington Stage 1 Valve Body, driveshaft loop, 3.91 Getrag Rear Diff, Carbon Fiber CIA, Billet Tech Valve Cover with polished coil pack covers. BAER Rotors/Hawk pads. Autometer Boost and Air Fuel gauges. All mods and tuning completed at Arrington Performance in Martinsville. Dyno @ 540 RWHP 540 LB Torq. Only track time was to check ET. Runs 12 flat on Nitto Cheaters. Over $15k in receipts from Arrington alone. 2016 SRT Hood, Lightweight OEM Wheels and black fuel cap. Original Hood and Wheels (Rims, new front tires and "slightly" used Nitto Track tires (3 dozen passes)) available as well. Adult driven and cared for. Financial issues are forcing me to sell. Car is located in central Connecticut. You can reach me on my cell with any questions 860-985-4511 I can email or text additional photos Thanks, Joe
  15. That's where I got my set from on sale (no reserve auction on ebay). Need all 4 spindles, calipers, rotors and brake lines (that's it, other suspension components are the same). Something I noticed was that the brake lines are just different enough you can't really use your stock R/T lines. Of course you'll need wheels to clear lol.
  16. Lol!! Ok ok!! I will I will!!
  17. hotels booked for the best mopar event . 9 years running.
  18. 44 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. damn jj , call me in the am or after lunch. think the ROCK.
  20. WELL THAT WAS A PM TO MY FRIEND jj THAT WENT ...... ONLINE. first of all fuck cap locks,
  21. JJ . pm became a post, so i deleted it.... Call me for my help.
  22. wtf you thinking. geeeeez you are so ...um well . Ok i can't even thinking what the fuck you are doing , with a new build. those numbers were what i hatd in my stock rt, with minor upgrades. GET YOUR ASS DOWN 2 TO THE ROCK You and i can figure it out. If i cant get you to 70 -80- /- 60'S
  23. I know...I know!!!
  24. 22's....
  25. 45 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Made it down to Fayetteville track Sunday, with the 22” rims on Nitto 420s all I could muster was some sad 2.1 60’ and high 12s. Still had a blast, gotta get some different rims and tires ASAP! With the 60’ I was getting which were very inconsistent ( 2.1-2.6) with the same being trap speeds (105-109) I’m all over the map, I can’t even guess what it’s capable of (!) (?) but again I did have a ball all the same! Will try again very soon, just not sure if I can get rims and tires before my next venture...***Anyone want or know someone interested, will trade basically brand new 22” staggered ( 9”fronts/10.5 rears ) XOs for some more track ( and street ) friendly setup..let me know!!!
  27. That’s actually where i went the day i saw the throwout bearing was pushed past the opening for the hydraulic line to connect, in addition to calling RPM to ask their thoughts which were same as yours Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. cradle bushings have been changed.. so a couple quick notes.. if you don't have the miller press to.. you need it.. it is so so much easier than a saw zall chizzle ect.. the parking break cable.. the 1st time was a pain in the ass. after you see how it works it is about 30 seconds to undo. i would strongly recommend a friend to help.. i put the whole assembly on tires and then on dolly's so i could move it around and the lifted the car on the lift i have.. makes it alot easier.. the dolly's in general helped to move it side to side ect. one thing i found out the hard way.. i bought energy suspension rear sway bar bushings i was going to change out while i had it out.. well the bushings both them, and prothane sell are 17.6 mm my factory 09 sway bar is 16mm.. if i would have known that i would not have ordered them. so if you are doing this job check into that. also i changed out the upper control arms to bmr.. ( NICE STUFF ) i also moved the bolt around on the front lateral arm.. they have the bolt head facing so you can't get it out with it in the car if you wanted to buy spohn front arms.. last time i did this on a friends i have to gut the bolts out with a sawzall while in the car because the bolts won't back out as it hits the body of the car.. i while i had it out i flopped them around for future if i want them arms.
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