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[font='comic sans ms']Modern Mopars of Iowa is a car club for and by Modern Mopar owners. All modern Mopar makes from 1995 on up to current are eligible for membership. Membership in the club is completely free, and participation in club events, meetings, etc.... is completely voluntary. My aim in creating this club was to offer a medium for Modern Mopar enthusiasts in the State of Iowa to converse with their fellow enthusiasts, to participate in club activities such as meetings and car shows, and to ultimately provide a family friendly environment for Iowan Modern Mopar owners to share in their enthusiasm for everything Modern Mopar. Most clubs charge money for membership, MMOIA will NOT charge for membership, MMOIA will not require you to make it to every monthly meeting, or every car show. We want an club that is flexible and doesn't put pressure on it's members.

MMOIA is a non-discriminatory club. All Modern Mopars from all different automotive cultures are eligible for membership. So whether you're driving a blown Challenger SRT-8 or a Magnum SE with a V6... it doesn't matter. What matters is that you have a passion for your vehicle, you have a passion for Mopars in general. We want members who are enthusiastic about their car. I don't care if you're rolling on 24's or riding around bone stock. If you love your car, you take care of it, and you want to be part of our group we welcome you with open arms.

Nobody who is a member of this club will insult, berate, belittle, or otherwise discriminate against you for your own preferences in regards to how you modify your vehicle. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and anyone who violates that rule will be kicked out of the club swiftly. My vision for this club is for it to be diverse. So many in the automotive community choose to let themselves be blinded by their own personal biases. I want to show that all the different car cultures (lowered, stanced, lifted, blown, turbocharged, etc...) can coexist with one another.

If you've got a Modern Mopar and you're interested in joining please ask to join this club here on MMF and visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/MMOIA and request to join there as well. Our facebook page has a list of events and offers another medium for members to stay in touch with one another. We also have a files section where members can print off club flyers to go out and "Tag" any Modern Mopars they see out on the streets. So if you want to be a part of a growing club, that doesn't want to take money out of your pocket, and doesn't discriminate against you for your personal prefences, check us out! Stop by, request to be a member, introduce yourself, share some pictures of your ride, and converse with like minded Mopar enthusiasts. We look forward to having you!

[font='comic sans ms']Club President - Modern Mopars of Iowa[/font]
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