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    Countdown to Challengerfest 11

    99 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    J t

    2011 sxt to 2015 rt

    Thanks. So holidays are over and my pocket has allowed me to get front upper control arms and lowering springs. Put them in other day and car looks soooo much better now. Heres the pics
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    2020 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Events

    The countdown is on.... less than 2 months until the Modern Street HEMI Shootout season opener. HEMIRACE.COM for all info #shutupandlineup #modernstreethemi #hemirace #mshs #lightningstrike #moparornocar #mshs4life http://hemirace.com/races/2020-legmaker-intakes-nola-mshs/ https://youtu.be/e7JNmFpgkSs
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    Tesla Truck

    Shipping plan for the trucks.
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    Tesla Truck

    ^^ yeah.. wtf are they thinking.
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    Tesla Truck

    Pretty cool, but ugly as fuck.
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    Tesla Truck

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Exceeded 2019 goals

    PS if i ever make it to KY again, you will have to give me a length and the jump.