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    Guess it's gonna be a bracket car :)

    Got out to test the new fuel system and it's working like a champ. Fuel pressure is up and fuel pump duty cycle is down. I need to work the 60' a bit and let this thing rip.
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    Guess it's gonna be a bracket car :)

    3 9.83's. pretty consistent for sure!
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    2020 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Events

    Unfortunately but for the right reasons, The Stanley's Peformance Rockingham MSHS has been rescheduled to July 10-12 weekend due to the current pandemic. Please let me know if you do not want your tickets transferred over to the new dates! Look for new flyers for this event and please look at our updated 2020 schedule to get our events on your calendar. http://hemirace.com/races/
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    Countdown to Challengerfest 11

    Ok, just finished my last mod on Savannah for ChallengerFest.
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    2020 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Events

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    Had a bunch of requests for this one

    Good one!!