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    Hemituner Performance ATCO Modern Street HEMI Shootout November 3rd!!! Tickets are on sale for the event and the pre-event track rental November 2nd!!! This is the gen3 HEMI drag racing event you've been reading about for years, now its your turn. $15,000 in cash payouts and a class for every build to include Hellcat and Demon classes. There is no duplicate, the quickest cars in the country run here! Where #shutupandlineup means something. http://hemirace.com/races/2018-hemituner-performance-mshs-atco/
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    Linda's FF

    Twin turbos or supercharger?

    I've been in the Goss Pit many times! his trailer is awesome and no it's not filled with good and bad Prochargers. He is sponsored by Procharger no need. And besides who on here is building an X275 car? But my 2010 Furious Fuchsia Challenger that my daughter Kate races is a good example for someone who wants to add more HP for the track and Daily Drive too. The D1 Procharger I think is a good level to be at for a 2010. Being around since 2010 and going through all the scams and promises the one thing I know is if you dont want to spend a ton of money don't think about running 10s. Kate wanted to run a 10.xx. I let her know the PITA Nag1 will have problems. And I already have another Built FF Challenger and I'm not building another one past this Procharger build. She ran a 10.8 and Limp mode. The trans was hurt. My husband had the oem refreshed and strengthened. This past Spring after 100s of passes for the past 3 years we had a Southern Hot Rod trans installed. In the MSHS race series she loves the Bracket racing class and running the 11.50 Race. Linda
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    Countdown to Challengerfest10

    205 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Twin turbos or supercharger?

    Good stuff ^^^^^^ You should start a new thread for that.
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    392/6.4 Intake Manifold On A 5.7

    Yeah, I'm really pleased with the results. Thanks again for all the help. I feel like I owe you and leigh a six pack or something.