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    good vendor as oposed to asshole vendors

    I had the ZL1addons lift pads for many years. As i was putting away my race stuff for the season i noticed that one of the magnets was missing. Called ZL1 and they didn't even ask when or how long ago i had purchased their product. BTW i love them to jack up the car without doing damage to the pinch welds.. I was only looking for a new magnet but they said they would send me a new unit. Really great vendor standing up for their product. Oh this is not the first time they did this for me. Thanks guys, gregory Zl1addons.com
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    Official ChallengerFest 10 Event Thread

    Might have been a touch of photoshop involved in the SRT part
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    Pearl Harbor - Dec 7, 1941

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    facebook.com/moparian/videos/1014254952100609/ copy and put into your search
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    Old farts stay off ladders. I am in Grinch mode, gave away all our decorations.
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    Official ChallengerFest 10 Event Thread

    Wes has some mad skills. The SRT is even lined up.
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    Official ChallengerFest 10 Event Thread

    Will smoking still be allowed at CF?
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    My 2013 Charger rt

    Nope, his setup was straight up no OD. Sam's Twin Turbo RWHP was over 1000 IIRC. [/url] Texas Mile 205.7
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    Had a great season and gonna be even mo betta in 2019!
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    Countdown to Challengerfest10

    152 days to go If you book now you can add the code later Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    93 vs 109 in the Hellcat

    I've been testing 93 vs 109 in the Hellcat, stock tune, pulleys, etc. I've been seeing a .15 to .20 difference in ET and about 2MPH gain. I had hoped it would run as strong on 93 and I could save the $90 on cans of 109, but the car shows 3-4 deg of STKR on 93, especially if the DA is above 900 or so. Every time I go to the track people don't believe the car is pretty much stock. No tune, pulleys, etc. I tell them it's tires, wheels, and a driveshaft and welcome them to look it over.....guess a lot of people out there with Hellcats not doing the business or something? Greg does tease me and say this car was built on a Friday and is a "good" one LOL.
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    2019 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Event Schedule

    Races | Modern Street HEMI Shootout
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    2019 Modern Street HEMI Shootout Event Schedule

    7??? Jesus I gotta get workin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My 67 Dart 411in BGE Stroker Twin Turbo Build

    Nah you don't have to plug it, I've taken a freeze plug and plugged it just for aesthetics. it's a closed cylinder heats the surrounding cast iron and that heats the water jacket. .