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    Well, I went and did it.

    I was debating modding the 2012 Challenger R/T or upgrading to a 392 T/A or possibly a Hellcat a few months ago. Well, I made up my mind. I bought this yesterday. I had to go to Sparta, TN to get the color I wanted. But it was a nice drive.
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    Modern Mopar Crashes

    He is a legend in his own mind.....
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    spark plugs for boost...what you use?

    I ran the Autolite Iridiums for quite awhile. Liked them better than Brisk. Biggest problem was trying to get the right heat range as they don’t give very good specs. Just find the NGK you need and cross them. I run 2 steps colder, but you know what you need there. I found the Brisk too cold for their rating and WAY too expensive.
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    Linda's FF

    Help me with my dream car!

    Hahaha! No way it says that and should know better its Turbofreek posting ! Linda
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    Help me with my dream car!

    You shouldn’t have to save money for your dream car. Let me buy it for you. I have worked hard and saved my money and bought my dream car. You shouldn’t have too. you should have one for free. It will make you a better person in life. A more productive person with a sense of accomplishment. Then later in life you can give your hard earned money away to someone who wants the next hand out. Don’t bother leaving it to your family to enrich there future. Please I insist. Just mail me a check for $100,000.00 as I’m waiting for a check I received from a prince to clear. I will send yours back in the car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, I went and did it.

    It went before I took delivery. The only reason I’m leaving the yellow corner protectors on is to get under my friend Michele’s skin. It grates on her nerves worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.
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    My 67 Dart 411in BGE Stroker Twin Turbo Build

    it'll get there, I have 2 builds I have to finish up this week and then I'll work on my 366 for my 05 Ram