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    Procharged 2007 300c SRT8

    Beautiful what a steal! GLWS
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    Done with government snooping into my car.

    several counties in NC never had the obd 2 inspection for emissions. Many more counties in NC last year joined the list. I think the counties where the yuppies are still have them.
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    Countdown to Challengerfest10

    46 days to go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stanley's Performance MSHS at the Rock April 5-6

    The "force" is with me! came in yesterday, should be done deal by next week.
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    Steering wheel upgrade?

    Final product.
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    Countdown to Challengerfest10

    49 beers to to go mike I mean days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Steering wheel upgrade?

    Update: The wheel is the same and bolt. The hub was wobbling in the center a tad. Guessing since it came off a 300 a heavy person used the wheel as a crutch to get in and out and caused it to open up the hole . Rather than send it back and risk it again and I hate the factory wheel we fixed it ourselves by drilling some holes around the perimeter and injecting epoxy in and just building up the whole area front and rear pretty thick. It's probably 3 or 4 time stronger than the factory wheel new. Pretty cheaply made by the factory. It's a very soft cast aluminum with a center splined hub press fitted in not much meat holding it in. Had some epoxy here so it just cost time. Really wasn't the guys fault who does these but now he knows to closely check his cores he is using. Will be getting a discount on the Ram wheel but will send him our core. Still cheaper than a Hellcat wheel by about $300 and the time it would have taken to do some soldering to make the steering wheel controls work.
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    Seats needed

    Sold my covers a couple years ago, good luck.
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    I am at a loss for words...
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    Warranty Worry Warts

    My 2011 just ran out of warranty. Demon guys are pissed FCA denied a warranty claim on the rear diff for having other than stock tires..... oops
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    Suggestions: Ram 1500 Vibration Issue

    That would definitely cause an issue... I'll check those before I drive it again. For some reason reminds me of the Challenger recall for the front spindle nut being missing Yeah, I've been reading the RAM forums and figured out this is a fairly common problem that a lot of folks are complaining about. I've had a lot of suggestions including one from my brother-in-law who is a diesel mechanic and former Dodge mechanic, who happens to own a 2013... he said to get the factory tires off it as they are crap. Sticker calls for 39lbs air in the tires. I let the rears down to 32lbs and drove it. The vibration is substantially less.
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    Williams RT

    This Hellcat Shit Is Making Me Sick!

    lmao so you think you can't buy a 28k base rt and bring it up to hellcat all around performance levels for another 37 k in mods ? You might want to find a new shop to do your work. IDK even I am not sick of it yet, I mean shit all we have heard is PR crap so far. I want to hear about real driver / owners to see what they can do with them?