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    well its done

    Wow, it took a while but now its done. car wash, then hand wash with dawn, then clay bar, then wash again. first layer of Ziano z-5, then a layer of Z6, then another z-5, and another z-6 and final z-cs. wow the caR SHINES LIKE NEVER BEFORE, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I USED 2 LAYERS OF Z-5 AND Z-6. uSALLY JUST DO 2 LAYERS OF Z-6, BUT EVERY OTHER YEAR A CLAY BAR, Z-5, Z-6. AND DONE.
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    well its done

    The easiest way I know is to drop it off at your house and pick it up in a week Do you know of an easier way?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    well its done

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    well its done

    Keven, started yesterday, took 4 hours yesterday and 3 today. not bad for 70 yo dude. IMHO.
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    Room booked !! Time off at work[emoji736] Plans to beat Greg in the finals?[emoji90][emoji174] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Internet Rumors and a chat with Mike@OSTDyno

    Lots of rumors swirl around out there, so I got some info from folks who actually work with these cars every day.
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    Internet Rumors and a chat with Mike@OSTDyno

    Hey... Curby is back!
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    Official ChallengerFest 10 Event Thread

    I sold him my RV and he traveled a bit while sitting up his new business. I have his Challenger in my shop while he is in Europe, Belgrade IIRC, running his business. He travels all over the world for his new business (has 15 employees already). He has put the RV in storage and is living in Belgrade. A couple months ago I sent him Text and said, "Where in the hell RU?" This is what I got back.
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    Happy New Year

    Time to start making some change
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    Btp 2332

    Internet Rumors and a chat with Mike@OSTDyno

    I dont even have a hellcat and found it very interesting,Mike tunes my car so when Mike talks i listen great job guys
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    Valve Spring Compressor - No Head Removal

    Thanks for the part, quick shipping and as advertised. this will be perfect for my upcoming cam install!! Cheers, Matthew
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    It is. Hemituner and True Street FTW.
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    Thanks a bunch, Gents! The car has never been so well buttoned up and tidy. No fluid leaks all over like I used to have. The new turbo kit is a huge step up in design and the ability to hold boost levels. Fun. OK....she's built...what did she do? A.J. met me in Bowling Green for the first combined ChallengerFest (#7) and MSHS. Super cool. Got to visit with good friends from each of the events and that allowed for two track days. The first day was about ironing out the items you find once you hit a track. First pass was on springs at 2-3psi and to say boring is an understatement but it let us know the car was generally solid and provided data. We had an issue at the line and I kept rolling through the transbrake so we had to figure that out. After two passes it started to hail so the track was shut down... Can't make that up. Here is my second and last pass of the first day due to the hail (car #84). This might be one of my favorite slips as it's pure comedy. I rolled through the transbrake and tripped the timer...after trying to figure out what was going on I mat the pedal. Nothing like a 3.4 second 60ft at 140mph Of course I had John Lewis and that mean arse car of his in the lane next to me. He probably finished before I started...LMAO So now we know she's making power, but we still had some tweaks to get her off the line properly and adj's to the race tune with the data. Saturday comes and its better conditions once the track warmed up. First pass the transbrake doesn't take but we figure out the issue. Following are my next four passes in order. A.J. tweaked the tune a few times and kept it conservative. With each pass we raised the boost level a little as we grew more confident with the setup and I even hot lapped the car with zero cooling issues. Never left with more than 2psi of boost at the line. I'll play with that later to get the 60ft where it should be. On this last pass we decide to see if we could find a 9.1 sec pass and raised the boost ramp rate aggressively. The tires break at the 60ft or so and it made for a fun pass... My good friends Malena (Speedy's lovely wife) and John Burleson shot these vids of the last pass. This second one from Burleson has a some colorful commentary from our own John Lewis so be careful if you're at the office... HS
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    Do I Need A Retune?

    Hey guys. I have a few bolt on mods and have a email tune. Car runs great. I just had my intake and TB ported runs even better, (with ESC off the tires are chirping and breaking free even more, so the port job undoubtably worked). My tuner did the email tune after I data logged and I told him that in the near future I would do the porting. I asked him if I needed a retune afterwards and he replied no, only for major mods, (cam, FI and such). He's the pro on the subject, not me so I do believe in what he's saying. I'm not in any way doubting him. However, I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of my tune and bolt ons as possible. Is there any way I can use my Intune to check for certain parameters and adjust if necessary? Or should I just bring the car to Vinny Tens Racing here on Long Island and let him check it out. Again, the car runs like a scalded dog, I just want to make sure I'm getting the most from my mods. Thanks.