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    Hemituner Hellcat 4.5L Whipple package update

  2. 2 points

    Official ChallengerFest 9 Event Thread

    Found a picture of my Race Crew.
  3. 1 point

    MSHS NOLA results and Hotrod Article

    It was fun. Glad we were there!
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    Hays Dragon Claw Clutch

    Seems like not the right parts. You can see good images of the QT BH in my YouTube vid and pics on my site if that helps.
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    New Orleans MSHS press release!

    Funny you mention that as someone on Facebook was asking about drag radials for the event. You should be able to sell em.
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    New demon wheels

    New matte bronze demon wheels 20x9.5 front with nitto 555g2 tires 275/40/20 20x10.5 rear with nitto 555r tires 305/35/20 Black lug nuts. Had the tire shop paint the weights black and I found anodized alum black tpsm sensors nuts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dodge and NMCA team up

    Steve Walcott from the NMCA has asked me to share this with you all. Looks like Dodge is looking to get more and more people involved in drag racing, for free!!! Gotta love it. Here is their PRESS RELEASE: Experience the awesome performance of your ’05 and Later Gen III HEMI powered vehicle FREE at NMCA Muscle Car Nationals events in 2018…courtesy of Dodge & Mopar. Never mashed the gas down the ¼ mile? No problem. NMCA has partnered with Dodge / Mopar to provide personalized, step-by-step instruction as participants come together for this exclusive opportunity. Enjoy your modern Dodge, Chrysler, Ram or Jeep vehicle the way it was meant to be driven and do it in a fun, safe environment when you enter the Dodge / Mopar HEMI Shootout at all NMCA events in 2018. Sign-up today because free space is limited to the first 75 participants per event in the Dodge / Mopar HEMI Shootout (car & driver valued at $175). While the primary day is Saturday, all participants are welcome to show up Thursday and/or Friday for early registration, instruction, and test & tune passes down the dragstrip. Although 2 vehicles line-up and go down the track together, they are NOT racing each other. You are racing the clock so your progress will be measured in elapsed times (ETs). Reaction time doesn’t matter with the HEMI Shootout so you can start your pass whenever you want after the tree turns green. On Saturday each participant will make 3 passes and the ETs will be averaged together. NMCA will present 9 different awards and cash to the closest averages (without going under) to 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, and 9 seconds as well as the overall 2 quickest vehicles in the HEMI Shootout. Be a part of this exclusive Dodge / Mopar customer group as Challenger, Charger, Hellcat, Demon, 300, Magnum, Ram, and Jeep owners (Gen III HEMI swaps & Vipers permitted) come together to enjoy the awesome performance of their vehicles on the track at NMCA’s HEMI Shootout. Each participant will receive a free collectible license plate and there will be coverage onSpeedVideo.com Live Feed as well as on RacePagesDigial.com and in Fastest Street Car magazine. For more information on the Dodge / Mopar HEMI Shootout visit www.NMCAdigital.com/hemi.
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    What super charger is best for the 6.1?

    i would also look at procharger.. i like there independent belt set up if i am not mistaken... taking throwing best out of the equation hopefully... the power down low off the start isn't quite as violent and if by chance you have a clutch car like me. that is good. i have a magnuson.. while a good supercharger.. there belt design sucks.. there hose set up looks like my 9 yr old did it and takes alot of work to make look good. the other one i would consider is edlebrock.. they have a new 2650 and performs excellent.. it also come with a adjustable bypass you can change for 3 different settings which is cool. and they have excellent oem looking stuff if you like that.. one of them would be my choice. i have heard some of the whipples are having issues with bearings.. sounds like a box of rocks.. as you know though anything can happen when put out on the internet.
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    New Orleans MSHS press release!

    wish it was closer, 14 hour drive each way . With me stopping every 250 miles it was a 2 day drive each way. Hope y'all have a good time. and stay safe on the drive and track.
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    drag radials or slicks

    I have run slicks with 500 to 700 at the rear wheels, and they are always consistent and never spin. Many have good luck with drag radials with high HP, but I always have spin at the track when running DR's. Probably driver error, but it is what it is. Downside to slicks is changing them out at the track, but really only takes about 15 minutes to swap with a cordless impact.
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    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

  12. 1 point

    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    Impressive! Congratulations Linda! Stevo
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    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    Congrats Linda!, so very happy for you
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    El Diablo

    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    Congrats on the 10.5 Linda, knew you would get it soon.
  15. 1 point

    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    Hoo boy, that is getting it done! Congrats!
  16. 1 point
    Kick ass Linda! !
  17. 1 point

    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    That is incredible....just incredible. Congrats!!
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    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    i hear Kate is dailed in on the 11.50s also
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    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    Kick ass! Congrats Linda.
  20. 1 point

    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    Very impressive! You go girl
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    Kb 3.6Lc And 4.2Lc Blowers

    We have somewhere over 600 rwhp on our 6spd. Not driven every day, primarily Fridays and weekends. And yes were are slow. Chuck has one 12.4 sec run. But the slow speeds are due to the drivers not the car set up.