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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    since Cuntfaces decided to rip off Mikah, i did the same to them. these will go up for sale once fitment is verified this week. #stolenlogix
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    6 Speed Top Stick

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    Countdown to Challengerfest9

    Sure just read it on mondays Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Boost Is Coming!

    Quick update, JJ did a video he could replay later, looks like the AFRs at WOT are fine but the boost is higher then we'd like to see on a stock 5.7, so we are doing a pulley and touching up the tune.
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    Boost Is Coming!

    well my car is just under 700 to the wheels.. i don't drag race. but my stock getrag took out the pinon bearings at 14,000 miles on the car. again never been to a track. i have a dss 1 pcs shaft. hellcat swap.. kinds.. remember when you do that. break lines are different.. abs sensor lines won't work ( length ) and the parking break cable may be different as well.. and yes. custom drive shaft also.. the aftermarket 9" i spoke of the drive shaft and axles is part of the 7 grand... but still ridiculous for what it is. i just bought a new getrag.. i can install like 6 of them for the price of that. it is hard to jusify that kind of cash for a street car.. i went ahead and plunked down the coin for the dss axles this time.. i am SPENT OUT
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    Boost Is Coming!

    We are here in Martinsville doing GREAT work. I URGE everyone to give us a shot at your business! Super competitive rates without sacrificing quality of work.
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    VIN or no its true they took the design. Im friends with the guy who designed it. His design plans were provided to Mani who started this thread as Mani has the ability to make them. Speedlogix is definitely a vendor on Hellcat.org. I hope more people realize what heppened as its not right.
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    ChargerRob is a fraud

    Photo copying without credit is just wrong. I get shit all the time because I put a ©, plus my name & date on all my photos. ChargerRob you stepped on your dick big time.
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    ChargerRob is a fraud

    That's a bunch of bullshit, you know damn well those aren't your cars either and just trolling to argue or get attention. None the less you're still a pussy bitch for doing that f*ck boy shit to shakenbake and taking ownership of nothing close to being your car. Your credibility on anything you say is lost. Fuck off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Impacted by SC bearing issue

    Always a behind the scenes story and a "couple" is probably about right You remember Karl had to have his bypass locked open on his big KB. He told us about it at the TX Mile. No boost on the street at all. Dude here with the Green car and the 4.0L Whipple had to put a pulley on there so big they had to build a pocket in his hood for it to fit. Hellcat 2.4L blower Demon 2.7L blower Cobra Jet uses a 2.9L Whipple. Copo Camaro uses a 2.9L Whipple. Drag Pak Challenger (SC Version) 2.9L Whipple There's a pattern, and it ain't bigger is better. But back on topic, got my SC swapped out today to the new P/N 68271244AG. Quiet as a mouse. We'll see how it does over time. I wasn't overly concerned about the noise on the original, but SRT has stated this P/N was specifically developed to solve the problem so I figured I'd get it changed out to be current. Took the tech right at 2 hours. Did a fantastic job even for my OCD standards. Couldn't even tell any work had been done when I went back to talk to them wrapping up.
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    Happy 4th of July from Team OST!

    Wishing all an enjoyable and safe July 4th!
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    I think I need this!!

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    Hey Doc...hope all is well with you and yours. Six speed didn't outlive the turbos so I can't take credit for that goodness any longer. It's nice to see the gear rowers making strides, though, and breaking into the 9's. I think the Hellcat transmissions will help the platform push forward. Unlike the Cheby and Ford guys, readily available billet bits for our Tremecs don't exist... HS
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    6 Speed Top Stick

    I'm still a clutch using TR6060. Leon Epling with same horsepower ran 9.06/9.08 with a Liberty clutchless.
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    Demon "buy it now"

    They will be worse.....the dealerships will have a hard time selling them 5k over sticker....imho. I don't think there is that many people that are actually serious about financing at 90k car. The pool of folks is a lot smaller at that price point. I guess we will see if they fuck it up.
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    Boost Is Coming!

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    Josh and Tout/Top Cat sure made history with #1 "Helluva" Hellcat ride to Reaching the Goal !! Tout/Top Cat entrusted Josh to continue on for him with the R&D and T&T just as if he was alive. I am very proud of Josh for always working hard to gain the knowledge and putting his maximum effort to keep a promise to John and Blast his car into the 8's! Well Done Josh!!!! Linda TopCat Dodge Challenger Hellcat Runs 8s | RacePages DigitalThe forthcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has certainly garnered a significant amount of attention with its 9-second time slip from the factory. However, it is the Hellcat that has been carrying the Challenger SRT brand into the forefront of the street performance market and HHP Racing has been on the cutting edge of it for nearly a decade. As the drag racing season is coming to a close in most parts of the country, Josh Schwartz snuck out to Maryland International Raceway one last time with Top Cat, a 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat. Armed with a nitrous bottle to compliment the HHP/BES Gen III Hemi, Schwartz knocked off an 8.883 at 154.99 mph in the 4,500-pound street car, besting the old record of 8.913 turned in by the Epling Garage’s Challenger.That time slip marks the Top Cat as the top of the Hellcat heap and also earned them the first 8-second equipped Challenger with an A8 factory automatic transmission. It is also a tribute to John Toutkoushian, who passed away in 2016, and his wife, Linda, lets HHP Racing carry-on his legacy with the TopCat. The pathway to the 8s was a well-laid plan crafted through extensive experience on thousands of Gen III Hemi-equipped Dodge vehicles that HHP is known for building.The heads and blower took a vacation at BES Racing where Schwartz collaborated with the engine shop on specific upgrades and changes to the 6.2L Hemi. The factory cylinder heads and factory supercharger snout were ported by BES Racing to keep air, fuel, and spent gases moving through the engine efficiently. A camshaft is the gatekeeper for the air going in and out of the cylinders and Schwartz shared his extensive knowledge on the Gen III Hemi engine with BES Racing in order to create a unique camshaft profile. The short-block is 100% stock as it came from Dodge, a testament to the factory’s commitment to excellence in the supercharged Hemi platform.The factory-supplied 2.4L twin-screw supercharger is turned harder with a 2.65-inch upper pulley and an ATI Performance Products Overdrive damper to increase boost pressure to 20 psi. American Racing Headers provided the entire exhaust system from the long-tube headers back to the tailpipes. All told, the TopCat cranks out 980 rwhp on the company’s in-house chassis dyno and Schwartz worked with Hemi Tuner Performance to get the engine calibration spot on with the VP Racing Fuels Q16 race fuel. Schwartz and Hemi Tuner Performance worked exclusively with DiabloSport CMR software in order to get the 1,000-plus hp combination to run smoothly and to have the transmission shift perfectly. On track, Schwartz admits to adding in a small shot of nitrous from a Nitrous Outlet plate system, however, the team hasn’t run it on the chassis dyno.Making horsepower is one thing, applying it to the drag strip is another and HHP Racing has extensive experience in that regard. In order to get the 4,500-pound street machine hurling down the track in sub-9 second fashion, the Mickey Thompson ET Radial Pro 275 tires are stuck to the ground thanks to help from HHP/Santhuff shocks and struts with a fortified IRS setup. Southern Hot Rod was tapped to build the A8 eight-speed automatic transmission and Pro Torque is responsible for the torque converter. The transmission and suspension help apply the enormous power properly and the result has been a best of a 1.369 sixty-foot time, an impressive feat considering the high race weight with driver.As a tribute to John Toutkoushian who’s passion ran deep for the Challenger platform, Schwartz said this couldn’t have been possible without Linda Toutkoushian, John’s wife. She is the owner of Top Cat and the driving force in continuing the go-fast tradition.
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    That is SO AWESOME Linda! Congrats to you, HHP and the entire team that made this happen!!!
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    Drag Radials help.

    I believe they have run 1.6's and other than DR's and a tune (on one) both cars are basically stock.
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    Drag Radials help.

    I got a 1.502 last sept. with M&H 275 50 17 DR'S. moving on to MT 305 45 17 dr's, for next year.
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    Boost Is Coming!

    JJ some folks build their cars over a year or two, you indeed are very much like me and want almost instant satisfaction. When it is finally done and works like it is supposed to you will forget all about these issues.
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    Boost Is Coming!

    Hiccups, i think, are part of the build process, i had mine but Eric and crew stayed with it until it was fixed. i had the same support(and hiccups) when arrington did my initial build, wait Eric & Don, were there and don't forget about AJ. Those are guys you can trust to do their best. .
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    Hi Everyone, I hope you Enjoy the Article about our MSHS Series event race day! MSHS: Clear weather and great racing in Virginiaby Patrick Rall on September 27, 2017 at 11:37 am EDTMSHS: Clear weather and great racing in VirginiaThe fourth event of the 2017 Modern Street Hemi Shootout was held on September 15-16 at Virginia Motorsports Park and for the first time this season, the world’s fastest Hemi street machines didn’t get rained on. As a result, the MSHS stop in Virginia, sponsored by Demon Performance, was packed with the most racing action of any event on this year’s schedule, while also being the richest event so far.That's Right!!!! There's my Daughter Katelyn in her 2010 Furious Fuschia Challenger!If you have followed our coverage of the 2017 Modern Street Hemi Shootout series, you know that the Milan MSHS event last month was rained out altogether. Since no prizes were awarded in Michigan, the cash prizes from that event were carried forward to the Virginia event, leading to double payouts for the class prizes – with some $25,000 up for grabs. The only exception was that prize money for the #Bad_Ass_Official and VanDrake Racing $5,000 King of the Hill class. Rather than have a $10,000 cash prize for King of the Hill, the prize money from the Milan event was donated to the relief efforts in Texas following hurricane Harvey.The classes at the Demon Performance-sponsored MSHS Virginia Motorsports Park Event included:Eastcoast Moparts – Bracket – Dial-InDemon Performance – Super Pro – Heads Up, Run 8s to Be CompetitiveThiTek – Pro – 9.50 indexTrue Street Performance – Modified – 10.50 indexLegmaker Intakes – Super Stock – 11.50 indexRK Motors – Street – 12.50 indexHigh Horse Performance – Hellcat Shootout – heads#Bad_Ass_Official and VanDrake Racing $5,000 King of the Hill – Class winners – Dial-InClass-by-Class Rundown from Virginia:In the EastCoast Moparts Bracket class, John Govonettio and his 2012 Dodge Charger took on Chris Dufresne and his 2011 Dodge Challenger. Govonettio used a big holeshot advantage to win the race, even though he ran 12.71 on a 12.62 while Dufresne ran a 10.48 on a 10.45 dial.In the RK Motors Street class (12.50 index), Gary Sanders and his 2017 Dodge Challenger took on Gary Rhudy and his 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T. Rhudy had a small starting line advantage with a better reaction time, but Sanders ran a 12.60 to Rhudy’s 12.73, giving the 2017 Challenger the win.In the Legmaker Intakes Super Stock class (11.50 index), Kate Tout and her 2010 Dodge Challenger (at the top of the article) took on Patrick Zabst and his 2010 Dodge Charger. Zabst ran the quicker ET, laying down an 11.566 and losing to Kate Tout’s 11.572 due to a better reaction time by the Challenger. WOOHOO 1st Place!In the True Street Performance Modified class (10.50 index), there was a pair of Hellcats battling for the win, with Donald Carter and his 2016 Hellcat (below) taking on Ron Polidora and his 2017 Hellcat Challenger. Carter had a much better reaction time (.081 to .199), but Polidora’s 10.534 allowed him to drive around Carter (10.633) on the big end.In the ThiTek Pro class (9.50 index), Brian Brunt and his 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee (below) went head to head with Chris Harrigan and his 2006 Dodge Charger. Harrigan had a stunning .008 reaction time, but “only” ran a 9.828, losing to Brunt’s 9.622.In the Demon Performance Super Pro class (heads up, no index), Brian Destefano and his 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 took on Gary Rhudy in a 2011 Dodge Challenger. Destefano grabbed a starting line advantage (.230 to .343 reaction times), but with a 9.035, his Jeep beat Rhudy’s 9.673 in the Charger.In the High Horse Performance Hellcat Shootout (heads up, no dial), Nelson Bucklard Jr took on Nathan Lewis and it wasn’t much of a race, with Buckland running a 9.9.42 to Lewis’ 12.724.Finally, the #Bad_Ass_Official and VanDrake Racing $5,000 King of the Hill class pitted the winners of every other class head-to-head with the dial-in system and in the finals, RK Motors Street class winner Gary Sanders and his 2017 Dodge Challenger took on the High Horse Performance Hellcat Shootout winner Nelson Bucklard Jr, with Sanders taking the win and the $5,000 cash price.Some other winners from the Virginia stop of the 2017 Modern Street Hemi Shootout schedule include the following:The A2Speed Best Reaction Time Award – Stephan Rimay – .001The Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island Best ET Award – Brian DeStefano – 8.892The Nitrous Outlet Best 60 Foot Award – Greg Davies – 1.35The JONZ HVAC & Stanley’s Performance 2nd Chance Runoff was won by Larry LaGuardiaThe Gary Rhudy Best Package Award – Chris Harrigan – .058Cabinet Factory of Delaware Hard Luck Award – Tim ErcolanoFinally, on the behalf of the event organizers, the racers, and the entire Mopar community, we have to give a shout out to all of the sponsors who helped make this event happen:Series Title Sponsors:The Driveshaft ShopHemituner PerformanceEvent Title Sponsor:Demon PerformanceClass Sponsors:#bad_ass_official & VanDrake Racing – King of the HillDemon Performance – Super ProThiTek – ProTrue Street Performance – ModifiedLegmaker Intakes – Super StockRK Motors – StreetHigh Horse Performance – HellcatEast Coast MoParts – BracketStanley Performance & Jonz HVAC 2nd ChanceAssociate Sponsors:Stage 6 MotorsportsSouthern HotrodNitrous OutletOrthopedic Spine Care of Long IslandA2SpeedOC PerformanceHall AutomotiveCabinet FactoryZ AutomotiveBFNY PerformanceLXForums.comMoparfan.comG3 Performance ProductsAuthentic PerformanceAmerican Racing SolutionsProfessional Auto CollisionDTP RacingAmerican Racing SolutionsGearhead FabricationsMass Acceleration MotorsportsGary Rhudy MotorsportsAmerican Muscle PerformancePer4mance DevelopmentAutocomplete Mobile DetailingLivernois MotorsportsBrunt AssociatesNewton Crane RoofingJerseyBoy TuningMotorCity DetailDairy Queen of Walled LakeMichigans Best EntertainmentDetroit MuscleThe 5th and final event of the 2017 Modern Street Hemi Shootout will be held on Saturday, November 4th at Atco Dragway in New Jersey.All images courtesy of the drivers of the vehicles. More images will be added as they are submitted.Patrick Rall was raised a Mopar boy, spending years racing a Dodge Mirada while working his way through college. After spending a few years post-college in the tax accounting field, Patrick made the jump to the world of journalism and his work has been published in magazines and websites around the world.
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    Gary Rhudy also out of HHP with his Tuning dialed in By Josh@HHP on his 2014 Red Challenger with a Legmaker CAI and Nitrous Outlet NOS Kit is an awesome Bracket racer and has been a contender 3 times for KOTH ( 2 w 1 L)
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    Boost Is Coming!

    did 2 years about 60 plus drag runs on stock bottom , no issues at 7.7 lbs of boost .
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    Boost Is Coming!

    With a good tune it'll live a long time on 8psi. Always use race fuel at the track when beating on it.
  27. 1 point

    Boost Is Coming!

    JJ going to MSHS races in Atco NJ nov 3/4th????
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    After reading the article Chuck posted, I can see how employees may not be too responsive. If they have been bought and have to worry about finding a job locally or relocating, they are probably not even thinking about responding to anything. Doesn't make it right, but I can't imagine dealing with that shit.
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    Cars phone function frozen - help

    My system froze up last year, I just knew I was going to be spending ungodly amounts of $ but fortunately removing the battery cable and reconnecting a little wait later and all has been good, hasn't happened again since.
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    good luck with the crabs
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    Thitek Heads Question?

    Ok so I've been going back and forth with Craig from Thitek exchanging a bunch of info and I have to say his knowledge and response are first rate. Outstanding Customer Service! Will be pulling the trigger real soon.
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    WTB Ported Throttle Body

    try to look over here maybe https://claz.org/classifieds?q=Ported+Throttle+Body OR http://vehicles.oodle.com/ram/for-sale/?q=Ported+Throttle+Body&oldq=Ported+Throttle+Body&inbs=1&bsm=_2_sale%284%29+service%283%29 best with your search
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    Jack SickSRT

    2017 ThiTek HEMI'nsanity at Milan Aug 17-19

    And the crowd yells......ESKLE ESKLE EEEESSSSSKKKKLLLLEEE !!!!!!!
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    Impacted by SC bearing issue

    Good info on the NHRA regs. I think folks just seem to forget that these real big superchargers produce a lot of boost with big pulleys installed and take a lot of horsepower to turn them (parasitic loss) and just get hung up in hey I have a 4.5L blower on the car. The right thing to do is set a goal for power, ET, Mile MPH, etc, and then do what's needed to achieve that goal with a bit of overhead built in. That little 2.3L Maggie on my old car got me in the 10s at nearly 130MPH. It was maxed out, but that's doing pretty good. Hellcat's with a couple tweaks are running in the 9s with the stock 2.4L blower at about 140MPH, that's hauling ass. It's been a while, but I think Karl's 4.2L or 4.5L KB made something like 19psi on the biggest pulley he could fit on there, had to notch the hood for it to fit, and had to lock the bypass open on the street because it was too much boost for pump gas even with the big pulley. If all those issues are solvable today, then disregard.
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    Impacted by SC bearing issue

    Drag Pack, Copo and Cobra Jet are limited to 2.9L blower by NHRA. If you gave them an option of a bigger blower, I'm sure they would take it. Hellcat is a whole different world when it comes to transitions into boost then the older mechanical stuf. ITs easy to tailor the curve to make them drivable if you know what you are doing. I do agree that at some point, more power becomes useless on the street though.... J
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    Buy a Hellcat or not?

    If you can get more than you paid sell it now. Gen 3/4 right?
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    My 67 Dart 5.7 Stroker Turbo Build

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    Hellcat Data log (finally)

    Yes, we have seen this on many Trinity's. You already discovered my rule of thumb when adding PID's - add a page, 4 PIDs, and save it
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    Boost Is Coming!

    JJhamilton, I want to thank you for starting this thread. I'm looking at the same decision. It's good to know that I'm not the only one trying to decide these things.
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    Race Gas

    Thanks for the reply's. The gas is unleaded so that is not a concern. I did not realize that oxygenated fuels need a richer setting to take advantage of the higher octane when I bought the can. Speedy, I do not know if this still holds true but a few years ago (there were two refineries in the state then). Alaska gasoline would be shipped to the state of Washington during the slow season here. Interestingly you could by the gas cheaper in Washington then here and Washington had a much higher gas tax. There is only one old refinery in Alaska now and it supplies all the gasoline in the state except at Chevron and Sunoco stations and they bring their own up from the lower 48. Unfortunately no one sells higher then 90 octane.
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    Tob clearance

    Thank for the nice picture of our product! Do you mind if I save that off for future use? modernmoparforum.com***/topic/18268-how-to-make-your-6-speed-wot-shift/ Remove the three asterisks. The new forum format thinks I'm posting a post quote when I link the thread.
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    Tob clearance

    Is there a link to that thread? The search function on here cant find itself much less anything you ask it to search for.
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    Funny Challenger Review LOL

    You should sell it and get a Prius Great brakes Great tires Great exhaust No blind spots It's got your name all over it Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Midlife Crisis - Fucking Ran With It!

    how much is it to run the mile?
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    We Have A Troll

    i sent her a dik pik. bitches love dik piks
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    Long Tube Headers Suggestions

    I have kooks. They are nice complete hardware ect but there lead times are horrible. Arh lead Time is better but more [emoji383] The guy at arh came from kooks One other option is tti exhaust. Nice stuff also Not sure what motor u have but unless you are doing engine work and it is a 392 motor just leave it alone. The headers are expensive for what u will gain in a stock motor. Now if u have a 5.7 and in a budget. Get 392 factory shorts that people sell all the time and mids. Cheaper by a mile good performance over the cast paper weights and direct bolt up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    G Funk

    Hhp And Aj Kicking Hellcat Ass

    I love the reaction when he realizes how close he was to a 9X run . oh Shhhhh.....shh...shit!
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    Gettin' ready

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    After world record attempt

    From the album Black Betty