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    Dash and vents

    I'm thinking contact glue but I've got to make sure it's pulled down right the first time cause with contact cement, there is no do over.
  2. 2 points

    Dash and vents

    No issue with my 10 Challenger in 7 years. But, again mine was always undercover. The Texas heat will warp dang near anything even your soul. lol
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    Installing new front or rear crank seals: NO LUBE!

    FYI in case you didn't know (I didn't) when you install a new front or rear seal around the crankshaft, the OEM seals are Teflon. Do Not put any lubricant on them, Teflon seals are supposed to be installed dry! Us old schoolers who are used to rubber seals were taught the opposite. If you don't lubricate a rubber seal it will fail sooner.