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    Rear diff swap

    Yes that is the part I am asking about, Will be able to move ahead with my project now thanks man!!! Heading to the forum you suggested to read about your inner rear bushing swap also. Definitely looking to read that thread. Appreciate the reference man. Jim
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    NEW Personnel Best

    Well didn't win anything but did get several new PB's. 60' 1.472 1/8 6.911 1/4 10.857 OH! did these against Speedy in our gruge match.
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    Official ChallengerFest 9 Event Thread

    I was wondering about the numbers... Friday evening it sure looked like there were more cars in the lot than the previous several years.
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    Organizers & Sponsors, Thank you

    Thank you, Speedy, Chuck & Lisa, Phil, G-paw Greg, and all others involved in making CF9 happen. Had a blast. Would also like to thank the sponsors for donations, prizes and support of this awesome annual event. Thank you, Scott
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    NEW Personnel Best

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    Holy Shit I had fun today!!!!!

    Good to see you this weekend Mike.
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    Holy Shit I had fun today!!!!!

    Mopar Cold Air, Headers (can’t remember the brand, bought from a club member), High-Flow Cats (don’t know the brand, muffler shop picked them out), Magnaflow Exhaust, custom tune from Injected Engineering (Kennesaw, Ga), Power Stop Brakes and Hankook Ventus V12 tires. I lost my time slips when we went to clean the car for the car show so I don’t know my 60’. I do know have to work on my reaction time.
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    CF9 Images

    I think my favorite place to shoot is actually the entrance way to the track...
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    Rear diff swap

    Hey guys/gals green guy with more questions than answers here. I have wanted to swap my rear diff for a while now I have a 16 h/c m6 challenger. Found a black Friday sale on rear diff pn#5038703aj should be a fact Dodge pn# what I am not sure of is weather all my factory parts will interchange with this part It its a 3.90 lsd. I Plan on running 17s in rear think that would wake it up nicely I have front and rear struts tied, kw Adj coilovers all 4 corners lowered camber correcting control arms front and rear, billet trailing arms, and will be installing white line cradle bushings with upgrades to rear diff bushings. I could use a guiding hand based on Mopar experience. Jim, the part cross references as a valid swap. ????