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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    since Cuntfaces decided to rip off Mikah, i did the same to them. these will go up for sale once fitment is verified this week. #stolenlogix
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    Yep and good old @SRT8U was very active in deleting everything and crying to admins. Modern Mopar Forum the only place where nothing gets deleted and can't be bought off. I actually believe Kris there has fallen down the rabbit hole and actually believes the fantasy land he has made up in his mind. Who was the engineer on "your harness bar project" Kris were you there at the Mopar Accessory Lab when that harness bar presentation took place. FYI tell your husband Lisa to take Mikahs cad drawings off the SX website too. Wall doesn't have any balls he really is that fucking stupid.
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    Hemituner Hellcat 4.5L Whipple package update

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    Official ChallengerFest 9 Event Thread

    Found a picture of my Race Crew.
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    Husband Lisa[emoji23]
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    SX is posting the harness bar for sale on on the LX forum... I posted this, "Is this your design? Looks at lot like AAD Performances." His reply, "Yes indeed it is... feel free to review the history of the bar here, our bar has been on the market for 4 years... and was the original hastens bar for the challenger." I will say this he has balls... or he just fucking stupid.
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    6 Speed Top Stick

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    Countdown to Challengerfest9

    Sure just read it on mondays Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Boost Is Coming!

    Quick update, JJ did a video he could replay later, looks like the AFRs at WOT are fine but the boost is higher then we'd like to see on a stock 5.7, so we are doing a pulley and touching up the tune.
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    Boost Is Coming!

    well my car is just under 700 to the wheels.. i don't drag race. but my stock getrag took out the pinon bearings at 14,000 miles on the car. again never been to a track. i have a dss 1 pcs shaft. hellcat swap.. kinds.. remember when you do that. break lines are different.. abs sensor lines won't work ( length ) and the parking break cable may be different as well.. and yes. custom drive shaft also.. the aftermarket 9" i spoke of the drive shaft and axles is part of the 7 grand... but still ridiculous for what it is. i just bought a new getrag.. i can install like 6 of them for the price of that. it is hard to jusify that kind of cash for a street car.. i went ahead and plunked down the coin for the dss axles this time.. i am SPENT OUT
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    That man cunt Kris Wall will cry like a bitch and get it shut down. Good old SRT8U right here on this board. I'm sure that stalker is lurking here too just not logged in. The word really needs to get out on this. They ripped off The All Angles Control Arms and the trailing arms. I knew about it for a long time it was me that went to AAD and told Mikah that Lisa Wall apporached me in late 2013 to make those control arms. I said no. First I saw how they were made and well made at that why the fuck do I need to make something that is already being done correctly? I know who machines the control arms too I'm not about taking money out of someones pocket not my style.
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    Boost Is Coming!

    We are here in Martinsville doing GREAT work. I URGE everyone to give us a shot at your business! Super competitive rates without sacrificing quality of work.
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    VIN or no its true they took the design. Im friends with the guy who designed it. His design plans were provided to Mani who started this thread as Mani has the ability to make them. Speedlogix is definitely a vendor on Hellcat.org. I hope more people realize what heppened as its not right.
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    Dicklogix stole the design from Mikah barnett. So I'm helping Mikah
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    ChargerRob is a fraud

    Photo copying without credit is just wrong. I get shit all the time because I put a ©, plus my name & date on all my photos. ChargerRob you stepped on your dick big time.
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    ChargerRob is a fraud

    That's a bunch of bullshit, you know damn well those aren't your cars either and just trolling to argue or get attention. None the less you're still a pussy bitch for doing that f*ck boy shit to shakenbake and taking ownership of nothing close to being your car. Your credibility on anything you say is lost. Fuck off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Impacted by SC bearing issue

    Always a behind the scenes story and a "couple" is probably about right You remember Karl had to have his bypass locked open on his big KB. He told us about it at the TX Mile. No boost on the street at all. Dude here with the Green car and the 4.0L Whipple had to put a pulley on there so big they had to build a pocket in his hood for it to fit. Hellcat 2.4L blower Demon 2.7L blower Cobra Jet uses a 2.9L Whipple. Copo Camaro uses a 2.9L Whipple. Drag Pak Challenger (SC Version) 2.9L Whipple There's a pattern, and it ain't bigger is better. But back on topic, got my SC swapped out today to the new P/N 68271244AG. Quiet as a mouse. We'll see how it does over time. I wasn't overly concerned about the noise on the original, but SRT has stated this P/N was specifically developed to solve the problem so I figured I'd get it changed out to be current. Took the tech right at 2 hours. Did a fantastic job even for my OCD standards. Couldn't even tell any work had been done when I went back to talk to them wrapping up.
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    Happy 4th of July from Team OST!

    Wishing all an enjoyable and safe July 4th!
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    I think I need this!!

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    Hey Doc...hope all is well with you and yours. Six speed didn't outlive the turbos so I can't take credit for that goodness any longer. It's nice to see the gear rowers making strides, though, and breaking into the 9's. I think the Hellcat transmissions will help the platform push forward. Unlike the Cheby and Ford guys, readily available billet bits for our Tremecs don't exist... HS
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    6 Speed Top Stick

    I'm still a clutch using TR6060. Leon Epling with same horsepower ran 9.06/9.08 with a Liberty clutchless.
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    Demon "buy it now"

    They will be worse.....the dealerships will have a hard time selling them 5k over sticker....imho. I don't think there is that many people that are actually serious about financing at 90k car. The pool of folks is a lot smaller at that price point. I guess we will see if they fuck it up.
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    Dodge and NMCA team up

    Steve Walcott from the NMCA has asked me to share this with you all. Looks like Dodge is looking to get more and more people involved in drag racing, for free!!! Gotta love it. Here is their PRESS RELEASE: Experience the awesome performance of your ’05 and Later Gen III HEMI powered vehicle FREE at NMCA Muscle Car Nationals events in 2018…courtesy of Dodge & Mopar. Never mashed the gas down the ¼ mile? No problem. NMCA has partnered with Dodge / Mopar to provide personalized, step-by-step instruction as participants come together for this exclusive opportunity. Enjoy your modern Dodge, Chrysler, Ram or Jeep vehicle the way it was meant to be driven and do it in a fun, safe environment when you enter the Dodge / Mopar HEMI Shootout at all NMCA events in 2018. Sign-up today because free space is limited to the first 75 participants per event in the Dodge / Mopar HEMI Shootout (car & driver valued at $175). While the primary day is Saturday, all participants are welcome to show up Thursday and/or Friday for early registration, instruction, and test & tune passes down the dragstrip. Although 2 vehicles line-up and go down the track together, they are NOT racing each other. You are racing the clock so your progress will be measured in elapsed times (ETs). Reaction time doesn’t matter with the HEMI Shootout so you can start your pass whenever you want after the tree turns green. On Saturday each participant will make 3 passes and the ETs will be averaged together. NMCA will present 9 different awards and cash to the closest averages (without going under) to 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, and 9 seconds as well as the overall 2 quickest vehicles in the HEMI Shootout. Be a part of this exclusive Dodge / Mopar customer group as Challenger, Charger, Hellcat, Demon, 300, Magnum, Ram, and Jeep owners (Gen III HEMI swaps & Vipers permitted) come together to enjoy the awesome performance of their vehicles on the track at NMCA’s HEMI Shootout. Each participant will receive a free collectible license plate and there will be coverage onSpeedVideo.com Live Feed as well as on RacePagesDigial.com and in Fastest Street Car magazine. For more information on the Dodge / Mopar HEMI Shootout visit www.NMCAdigital.com/hemi.
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    New Orleans MSHS press release!

    wish it was closer, 14 hour drive each way . With me stopping every 250 miles it was a 2 day drive each way. Hope y'all have a good time. and stay safe on the drive and track.
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    Plum Krzz

    Drop and tire fitment

    The 338s will not clear the front brake calipers on an SRT, unless you plan on using a big spacer (more than 6mm). I found out the hard way.
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    Hellcat Drive Shaft Upgrade

    The shop is set to support a Bendpak 2 post lift. That's what I'll likely install when the need arises.
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    Best sounding 3 inch catback

    Flowmaster American Thunder FTW! No drone..... sexy tone.... Stevo
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    Boost Is Coming!

    Looks like my hubs posted pics of our set up before you made your selection, though we have replaced all the Billetech pieces with black which looks way better, and our motor is slightly larger so our hp and tq are different, but glad to see your build progressing to the point you can enjoy it now! I just had to give you a hard time about the black car comment
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    Power steering pump

    Eastcoastmoparts.com. Call Andy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Boost Is Coming!

    Trans will be fine. Rear end. Weeeeelllllll. I had a getrag with 13000 miles and the pinion bearings went out. Normal. ?? Not sure can it happen. Yep Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Boost Is Coming!

    With a good tune it'll live a long time on 8psi. Always use race fuel at the track when beating on it.
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    Boost Is Coming!

    y'all have to give us updates on your build, there is a build thread area. Good luck, and want to see all the dynos BEFORE and AFTER. Get a base so you can see what your $$ went for, just sayin.
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    Cars phone function frozen - help

    My system froze up last year, I just knew I was going to be spending ungodly amounts of $ but fortunately removing the battery cable and reconnecting a little wait later and all has been good, hasn't happened again since.
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    Nice work as always Mani. Will yours be powder coated orange
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    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    Sold through AAD for sure. But I'm going to contact a few more vendors about stocking them as well. I had originally made 10 sets to get the ball rolling. But those sets look like they are all gone so there's another 30 in que
  36. 1 point

    introducing the Stolenlogix harness bar

    Absolutely I hate thieves whether they steal in the night..or someone's ideas. I'd like to see these be sold over on the HCsite.
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    I have one last set of these I will be selling and then they will be all gone. If your thinking about getting a set like this you can't ask for a better deal anywhere same price as the last set
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    2016 Ram 1500 Vibration

    Take out gap ins. That solves the problem with being upside down in the loan. Then grab $1000 and come see me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hail Damaged Buboinc For Sale

    Some of the recent photos from the hail.
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    2006 Charger/2005 Magnum Part Out

    Yes, includes wires. Paypal is daltonhg3@gmail.com
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    2006 Charger/2005 Magnum Part Out

    Make it $150 shipped and we have a deal.
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    2006 Charger/2005 Magnum Part Out

    Yes, they are, but the tube extensions were removed so standard plug wires could be used. I have all of them so not a big deal to put back to original form (they just pull off and push back on.
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    ISO 28x10x17 hoosiers & welds

    I have a pair of Hoosier 28x10x17 slicks. I replaced them because of age not wear, as I've been told that they get harder over time. They are probably 5 years old but only 25-30 passes as we only do CF for the last several years. Of course they probably have a dozen of so of Lisa's burnouts on them.... You can have them for the shipping cost as they are just sitting in my warehouse. Of course I am talking about the tires not any rims.
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    question about pulleys 6lb vs 8lb

    Run GOOD 109 octane fuel from a 5 gallon pail and you can put the 8psi pulley on there. Just check your tune to make sure it doesn't go lean and log your passes to look for STKR. If the AFR stays in the 11.50 - 11.80 range and no more than .5 - 1° of STKR you're good to go. 550RWHP and 505RWTQ should give you better than 12.0 though. Post your time slip so we can analyze it. What tires are you running? In my 6 speed at 550RWHP I ran 11.40s - 11.50s consistently. I was on DRs and had 1.7x to 1.8x 60's if I remember right. My slips are on the forum somewhere.
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    Weld Skinnies And M&h Tires SOLD

    Added some good pics to first post.
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    El Diablo

    Twin Turbo Rebuild Part Something Or Other...

    Wow ! Is that Jorge's car ? Is he still running a 6 spd ? That looks wicked with the narrowed rear end.
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    Hellcat Pulley Swap And Tune Info And Pics

    We recently installed an ATI 10% OD pulley, t-stat, flashed PCM and tune on a customers A8 Hellcat. Hopefully these pictures and comments will help others who will be attempting this in the future. You could also pull the radiator out the bottom and avoid pulling the front fascia - we just prefer having easy sight and tool access to everything. Note: You will need to use the "next" at the top of the page to scroll through the pics (or just go to the OST Dyno Facebook page) Notice how the stock pulley was slipping. https://www.facebook.com/OstDyno/photos/pcb.748550805271559/748550725271567/?type=1&permPage=1 Timing cover massage and crank pinned. https://www.facebook.com/OstDyno/photos/pcb.748997848560188/748997678560205/?type=1&permPage=1 Dyno video - looks better on the FB page and the dyno graph is in the comments. https://video-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xla1/v/t42.1790-2/11981073_749878805138759_1760629372_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjMwMCwicmxhIjo1MTJ9&rl=300&vabr=102&oh=dda03567449f46961d59b753d7b90f9c&oe=55F098CF
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    Long Tube Headers Suggestions

    I have kooks. They are nice complete hardware ect but there lead times are horrible. Arh lead Time is better but more [emoji383] The guy at arh came from kooks One other option is tti exhaust. Nice stuff also Not sure what motor u have but unless you are doing engine work and it is a 392 motor just leave it alone. The headers are expensive for what u will gain in a stock motor. Now if u have a 5.7 and in a budget. Get 392 factory shorts that people sell all the time and mids. Cheaper by a mile good performance over the cast paper weights and direct bolt up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    Hoo boy, that is getting it done! Congrats!
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    Linda Sets A New Et In Her Hellcat Charger

    Kick ass! Congrats Linda.