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  1. Fuck
  2. YOU ROCK KEVIN! Never change, man. Fuck that, you're too old to change anyway
  3. Yep, was great seeing everyone again. It had been too long, and the people make it worthwhile. Now if OST MIke can remember my name! (*&@!((!#*^!(^*#
  4. Glad you solved it. How did you manage to find it? Thanks for posting back, appreciate the knowledge.
  5. That was fast, unlike my car
  6. That is REALLY cool stuff Dan!
  7. Yep, great event! The reverse burnout would have been awesome!
  8. Heh, that RC Challenger was cool!
  9. I failed at comedy... At least the rain has let off and the place is packed for the car show.
  10. 1. Fastest truck/trailer combo 2. Looks best when wet :-D
  11. Can you read voltage to the o2 sensor heater circuit? Is there a PID for that?
  12. Cool stuff Speedy, glad you're still making these vids.
  13. Wash? Why wash it?! I'm gearing up, leaving Wednesday morning.