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  1. Just paid the driver fee, Speedy. gggfffaaa is me. I'm really stoked! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
  2. That looks absolutely sick, Chris! Congrats!
  3. My room is booked. Is a clean car a requirement? The trailer will be clean, not sure the car will be
  4. The link on challengerfest.net gave me an error.
  5. I just booked my room!
  6. Great pic, happy anniversary. My Blue Balls turns 10 this April. Time flies. Prior to the Challenger, I had my '85 Omni GLH Turbo for 21 years... I tend to keep stuff.
  7. Fuck that sucks....
  8. My itch to attend is increasing.....
  9. Kev dude, you rock!
  10. It has been a while!
  11. I'm thinking about it....