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  1. Mexican hat dance, 2019 edition
  2. Wow, quite the overhaul. Did you figure out what's the root of all that carnage?
  3. What did you end up doing to those pistons?
  4. Sucks, Speedy. I'm tuned in (pun intended)
  5. Holy shit, that happened in March?
  6. That sucks
  7. Pinning the crank... fond memories of 2010. Been a while!
  8. https://www.allpar.com/news/2019/06/erik-stoms-pulls-of-the-rare-mshs-triple-win-at-mir-45035 Erik Stoms pulls of the rare MSHS triple win at MIR While piloting the Dodge Charger Daytona owned by Wendy Robertson, Erik Storms of BFNY Performance dominated the Eastcoast Moparts MIR Modern Street HEMI Shootout last month. Storms won two “normal” classes as well as the the King of the Hill... Well done, man!
  9. Fuck
  10. YOU ROCK KEVIN! Never change, man. Fuck that, you're too old to change anyway
  11. Yep, was great seeing everyone again. It had been too long, and the people make it worthwhile. Now if OST MIke can remember my name! (*&@!((!#*^!(^*#
  12. Glad you solved it. How did you manage to find it? Thanks for posting back, appreciate the knowledge.