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  1. It has been a while!
  2. I'm thinking about it....
  3. Yup, I beat it up regularly! I'm itching to get my ass to CF10.
  4. Damn, like clockwork, doing this for years! How are you Kev?
  5. That is one cool looking car. I really love the new Charger. Rented one recently, and was a great ride even with the v6.
  6. I've been watching CF9 from afar on FB, sounds like it was a blast as usual. Speedy, you still da man! In the end, what was the turnout?
  7. Holy shit, congrats Greg!
  8. Saw a lot of the pics on FB, well done!
  9. Cool stuff, congrats!
  10. Guys! I finally got the list updated! Howie, nice show, and that carnage is quite impressive.
  11. Cool truck, Alan. I can't see the badges right, is it Hemi or the little diesel? Edit: just saw it's a 2014, no diesel.
  12. Cool looking truck. Is it long box, long cab?
  13. Congrats J!!! Can't wait to see the pics/videos.