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  1. I'll give the 2nd gear burnout a try. That would save on the drivetrain for sure. I still like the toggle switch better than the momentary switch. I was just worried that my finger would slip off the button and give me an wicked launch when not ready. Now I have to flip the switch to shut it off.
  2. Line Lock is installed. I used a toggle switch instead of the momentary button that came with the system. I wanted to be able to shift to 2nd during the burnout. BTW, it works great. Can't wait to get to the track and practice. More pics will come later.
  3. This is a shoutout to all the GREAT help I got and QUICK order for the Hurst Line locks and Trinity Tuner. I wish all the online shopping I do would be like the customer service SPEEDLOGIX has. Thanks again.