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  1. http://www.lxforums.com/board/showthread.php?t=382006
  2. I have some up for grabs
  3. http://www.lxforums.com/board/showthread.php?t=379959
  4. Came off a '07 charger srt8. All items are I good working order.<br /> <br /> I need these out of my garage. They're taking up shelf space Pics on standby. Won't let me post. Precision industries 3000 stall converter-$500 Trinity-$350 Oem center console with VES DVD system (comes with harness and remote)- $275 6.1 flywheel -$20 Xm receiver thingy-$20 Heat shields(see pic) I have a bunch of these laying around.-$15 plush shipping gets you all of them. Assorted plastic covers (underneath car)-$10 plus shipping for all Assorted heater hoses-$15 plus shipping Center console(oem) pieces available Nag1 shifter -$30 Nag1 transmission (160k)-$150 E-brake assembly (pedal, lines) -$45 AC condenser and compressor -make offer. Trunk liner-$20 Assorted liners-rear decklid, etc -$20 Oem SRT wing silver, fast as ****,-$50 Rear cradle-$150 Assorted rear arms -$15 for the lot Oem kicker speakers (tweeters, doors, rear decklid)-$85 2 complete sets of srt8 rotors used-make offer 18gal fuel tank $150 Fuel line-$30 Brembo swap(everything needed for swap $950 +shipping May be interested in letting the door panels and post clips go as well as the headliner. Really don't want to piece them out.
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  6. Those who have put their vehicle on a diet, how did you go about sealing the sunroof?
  7. 07 charger SRT take offs: Buyer is responsible for shipping costs unless otherwise noted. 6.1L oem fuel tank - 18gallon With oem fuel pumps, $400 6.1L fuel lines - $75 Sold-6.1L oem 3.06 rear differential Power steering cooler. - $50 Includes hoses. Radiator overflow tank oem -$35 Air conditioning parts- Ask for part and make offer. NAG1 shifter assembly - $55 Precision industries 3,000 stall - $500 On the car for a year. Center console with VES DVD system - $350 Comes with harness and remote Trunk liner - make offer SRT8 kicker speakers and 6cd oem radio (with baller oem cassette) - $100 Airbags are up for grabs make offer Sale pending-Trinity/diablosport for sale unmarried - $400 Sold-TCM oem and Mopar TCM Oem driveshaft and couplers -sold Heater core/blower Assembly - make offer Oem srt8 spoiler - $75 Oem dodge charger floor mats - $50 Brembo brakes - everything needed to swap- $1,000 NAG1 trans has 160k on it with no issues- swapping to a 727 - $200 Feeler - complete sunroof and headliner- Contact me here, or at (406)564-8089
  8. Hey if you want to start a REALLY cool "discussion" you should tell them what bearing clearances you're running.... C H a l l y (johnny) did once....-_- See you at school tm bud.