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  1. Thats great what altitude are you at. Also you are a 6 speed. Oh and what other mods do you have. Easy to say mine is better but are they both the same. Is yours a 6.1. Many many things could be different. You know what i mean.
  2. 12.4 with 600 twhp ouch. My 6 speed challenger with 8 lbs boost (492 whp)2.8 lc kb ran 12.8 at 113mph. When i turned up the wick to 12 lbs car ran best of 11.74 at 121.55 mph at 3500 DA into a 20 mph headwind.
  3. To me Mike at OST sounds a bit like a douch bag. These supposed great tuners, they are mostly full of themselves. Hey I got a computer I'm now a tuner. I know when I got my car tuned after having a local shop install the 2.8 Liquid cooled Kenne Bell, I spent quite a lot on a pretty sucky tune as well. Although my car is not nearly as radical or fast as Cory's car, it is funny that with the supplied tune from Kenne Bell the car made 515 HP at the rear wheels up here in Canada at 2500 foot elevation. But the kid tuner is like oh its lean and oh its this and that. Reason it was lean as he was sniffing it at the tail pipes which Kenne Bell clearly say never to do, but this wonder kid is like I do it all the time. I had told him about the exhaust leak where the tail pipes met the muffler pipe. I had installed the system the year before and through heating and cooling cycles the clamps needed to be re tightened. I noticed it dripping water after doing an oil change right before taking it in for the blower install. Kid said hey it's ok don't worry. But honestly if water can get out, under a high volume of gas moving past an opening it only reasons it would act as a venturi and draw fresh air in to comtaminate the exhaust with fresh O2 and cause lean readings on the sniffers. After his what he claimed was an awesome tune the car made 492 HP at the rear wheels, 23 shy of what Kenne Bells tune made, but the kid said hey it's a safe tune. More like a pussy tune. I asked him what it made for boost, his response was I don't know never had a boost gauge on the thing. You would think that me spending 1200 on the tune he could at least install a temp boost gauge for confirmation on what the car was making. I later installed both a boost gauge and AFR and found his really great tune was pretty fat indeed. I messed around with the tune myself with my trinity watching both boost and AFR as I went and ended up picking up between 3 and 4 tenths in the quarter mile over his great tune. Really just goes to show that some of us old guys that did all the tuning on our cars in the past with you know jets and springs in the distributors really do have a decent grasp on what needs to go on to get a car to run. I am no jet fuel genius that is for sure but this kid just would not listen to reason. I read plenty before deciding to purchase the Kenne Bell, spent 2 to 3 months reading all they have for info on their site and found very good info. They tune the 6.1 cars to 11.5:1 AFR and run between 18 and 22 degrees spark timing at WOT. Not my kid tuner he had me down to 11 degrees total and on a good day 10.5:1 AFR, my AIT were good at 7 lbs reading 80 to 90 degrees F on most days, but my cat temps recorded with my Trinity were like 1500 to 1600 Degrees going down the highway. I once went back and told the kid tuner this and he said hey man thats a lean condition. I knew he had no clue and did research on the net and I was right that it was caused by too rich a mixture and too much timing retard. Told the kid that, he would not listen. I have never taken the car back to this guy and anyone that is thinking about doing that I try and explain this guys just does not listen to reason. Sorry for making the post so long. Just thought I would give my story . Oh and way to go Cory. I was there the day he went 10.88@ 134.34MPH. that car is flying.
  4. My buddy Cory Easton with a 2009 Challenger RT with 426 Kenne Bell 2.8 non liquid cooled 13 lbs boost c12 race fuel and hemi tuner tune on hoosier 28 X 10 17's has gone 10.84 at 134 mph at DA of 3400 ft here in Edmonton Alberta Canada Castrol Raceway
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    Put the Hurst short shifter in the car. Shifts are way faster. Next step having the Kenne Bell 2.8 LC supercharger installed and tuned on May 9th, 2013.
  6. Took my challenger with 3 people in the car 6 speed manual SRT8 2010. At 75mph going to Calgary from Edmonton and back to Edmonton got 26.05 mpg mind you that is a real gallon. 4.54 liter not like the USA uses 3.78 liters. On the american gallon car got 22.1 mpg. Car has cold air kit, throttle body spacer (air raid) and 93 octane CAI trinity tune. Using Husky 94 octane gas with 10% ethanol. Car has 3700 miles. If you are getting 16mpg you may just want to change your driving habits.
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    In the Rocky Mountains near Banff Alberta