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  1. If I go bigger then I am going to need to start to upgrade other parts of the car to handle the power and I do not have a desire to do this with this car (presuming the pistons last). My goal with this mod is to keep the car competitive with the more recent heard of Mustangs that show up at the track modded, the occasional supercharged Cadillac and of course Hellcats. Most of the Hellcat people who show up are running high 11's to 12's because they can't launch the car. Those who can are in the mid to high tens or very low 11's depending on track conditions (obviously will be faster then me). My goal is an 11.5, I will be happy with 11.6x. Currently I am at 12.04 with drag radials (I think an 11.9x is possible as is if everything went just right) and the generic trinity 93 octane tune. I plan to keep this car for a long time and make it just the way I want it as fun, comfortable daily driver. The next mod will be the interior. If I ever move to the lower 48 I will do work on the suspension.
  2. Update, I am going to go with the maggie because of the $600 price difference and there does not seem to be a significant difference in installation difficulty. The car is a daily driver and will stay at 6 pounds of boost and with a very conservative tune so hopefully the pistons will stay with the car. I would like to thank all of you for your advice even if it seems if I am ignoring much of it. I have the opportunity to do this now and with luck in another 2-3 years I can look at a Hellcat.
  3. An infrequent visitor looking for advice. I am getting ready to add a supercharger to a stock 2012 A5 392 that has 30,000 miles, is frequently a daily driver and the car gets about 40-50 passes a year at the track. I am aware of the potential piston issue and plan to use the supplied kit tune (and race gas at the track). It will be at 6 PSI. I am trying to decide between Magnuson and Edelbrock. I know they both use the same supercharger. I know the Edelbrock has slightly better low end torque due to the runners, the magnuson is currently $600 cheaper during this holiday period from what I can find. Are both kits equal in quality and ease of installation?
  4. If you car can hold it try 2000-2100 rpm and then roll. what pressure are your tires at?
  5. As an update: I finally got the car to the track for a test/tune. Unfortunately I was to inpatient to do things in a scientific method so there is no before vs. after. The car is a 2012 SRT automatic. I mixed 50/50 of Sunoco (100 octane) unleaded and chevron premium (90 octane) for about 1/2 tank full. Loaded the trinity 93 octane tune, pumped the all season front tires up to 45 pounds and put Mickey Thompson drag radials (305/35-18) on and set for 21 pounds. It was cool out at 47 degrees. My best time: 60ft-1.84, ET 12.1926 (113.88mph). My old personal best in my now gone 2012 SRT six speed 1.96, ET12.7757, 109.07mph. This would have been with using torco for the same goal of a 95ish octane and either the 91 or 93 trinity tune and on nitto 555 drag radials 275/40-20. It seems easier to launch the auto vs a manual smoothly (I am not saying it is an easier car to race but it is different). I never had any wheel hop yesterday and only spun badly once. The MPH difference between the two cars is a bit more then I expected. The 6 speed was usually 109's-110's never saw 111. Yesterday the 5 speed was usually 113's and I had a 114.2.
  6. Thanks for the reply's. The gas is unleaded so that is not a concern. I did not realize that oxygenated fuels need a richer setting to take advantage of the higher octane when I bought the can. Speedy, I do not know if this still holds true but a few years ago (there were two refineries in the state then). Alaska gasoline would be shipped to the state of Washington during the slow season here. Interestingly you could by the gas cheaper in Washington then here and Washington had a much higher gas tax. There is only one old refinery in Alaska now and it supplies all the gasoline in the state except at Chevron and Sunoco stations and they bring their own up from the lower 48. Unfortunately no one sells higher then 90 octane.
  7. Hello everyone, I am a very infrequent poster to this forum but this forum seems to have a group of knowledgeable people. Race season starts this weekend and I acquired a can of unleaded Sunoco 260 GT plus 100 octane with an oxygen content of 4.7%. My car is a stock 2012 SRT automatic except for the generic 93 octane tune from a trinity. I plan to mix the race gas with pump gas to get 95 octane for the track. I am starting to 2nd guess myself a bit with oxygenated race gas and am thinking of just using torco which is what I have done in the past. I live in Alaska and there are very few options for unleaded gas (pump gas premium is 90). VP-109 is another option but pricey at $125 for 5 gallons and about 2.5 hours total travel time. Thanks in advance!
  8. It has been a long time since I have posted on this forum (and very infrequently at that) and I might be the only person on it who has an unmodded car besides for a generic tune and drag radials. I have had three challengers since late 2009 (5.7, 6.1 and my current 6.4 and all manuals).The first two I kept until 30,000+ miles and this one has 43,000+ miles. The 6.1 had about 150 passes on it and never had issues other then not great paint. The 5.7 was rock solid reliable although again not great paint. My 2012 6.4 has had one issue and that was two weeks ago when the right rear half axle snapped on a dead hook at 4,000RPM with the drag radials (this is a known risk with the manual transmission cars and a high RPM launch). The 6.4 has 100+ passes on it. None of the cars were/are garaged, winter is 6 months long and temperature range from 80 to -40F. My anecdotal experience is that the cars are extremely reliable.
  9. Pirelli Scorpion Snow and Ice also come in that size and are pretty good. People who race up here in Alaska in the winter swear by Nokian hakkapeliitta but I am unsure if the make a size that will fit a 20 inch SRT wheel. If they do make a tire that fits it will make the Blizzaks and Pirelli seem cheap in price.