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  1. ATTENTION ALL DODGE HELLCAT OWNERS!!! IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! LMI HC INTAKE http://www.legmakerintakes.com/produ...mi-hellcat.htm -Independently tested 18-22 rwhp increase over stock airbox/filter (Tests conducted by DiabloSport, LLC) -No tuning is required, but tests showed additional gains with tuning. As a result.....DIABLOSPORT WILL BE ADDING A SPECIFIC TUNE TO THEIR TUNING TOOLS FOR THE LMI HC INTAKE. WILL BE IN FUTURE NEW TOOLS AND/OR UPDATES -Handmade from 100% real carbon fiber construction for superior heat characteristics -Proprietary fabrication process resulting in a smooth inner surface to ensure optimal air flow -"Funnel" shape with 6" opening smoothly transitioning to 4.5" to help speed airflow and decrease restriction -Massive 6" diameter S&B filter with 8 layer protection (oil type) -High quality silicon coupler ensuring smooth transition to throttle body -High quality stainless T-bolt clamps provided -Drilled for IAT/Oil breather fitting with a military grade rubber grommet for secure fit and seal -Billet aluminum MAF flange for proper sensor performance and fit -Laser cut rain shield with superior wrinkle finish powder coat and machined Legmaker logo -AFE water repellent pre-filter to ensure maximum protection of filter from moisture and debris -All necessary hardware and instructions for DIY install -ZERO cutting or modifications needed to install -No additional harnesses or other items to "trick" the computer from check engine lights. *** PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!!! without Rain Shield
  2. you are more than welcome greg and congrats on the win!!!!
  3. just checked in....... holy shit is the wind blowing. my thoughts of a quick 18 on the adjacent golf course went out the window.
  4. and this is the scenario i encountered. took out my pcm trying to run a very early 90mm. this harness would not have helped my situation, but that is not a knock on the harness....... this harness is not designed for my scenario.
  5. maybe these might work for you as well....... www.legmakerintakes.com
  6. Another "can't miss" event this summer. Race on Friday night, show & shine in 50K sqft of air conditioned pleasure on Saturday. Attendee's that race in the MSHS and make a pass on Friday night during the MSHS sponsored "Shindig Challenge" will also gain 1 appearance point toward their MSHS totals. Thanks Dan!!! http://www.lxforums.com/board/showthread.php/381473-2016-11th-Annual-Southeastern-Shindig-Attendance-amp-Official-Info-Page
  7. Joel....... it will also take out a pcm all together....... ask me how i know this.
  8. is the "craze" over...... no, but i think the novelty is slowly wearing off. it is still rare for me to see one in the "wild". as for msrp........ there are still FAAAAAAAR more folks down here in florida with huge ADM on all hellcats. this is the biggest reason i ended up going to the Viper Exchange in texas to get mine. It was ordered the way I wanted, at MSRP, and took 5 weeks from order placement to me picking it up. and no way can i see any early lx/lc or resto mod coming close to the incredible driveability of this car. dodge finally got something right for a change in my book.
  9. racing fees paid and hotel booked.......
  10. wow..... very impressive guys!!! congrats!
  11. congrats to all!!! awesome stuff!!
  12. as flybyu's newly appointed list "master", i will be coordinating the list call outs from this point forward. i will be checking here, LXF, FB and Jeep site (although i don't hit the jeep site as often) for call outs. If you want to shake the list up or just get on it, let me know in any of the aforementioned places or send me a email to lmintakes@yahoo.com. right now the call outs are..... tvrob calling out drp for #8 spot (during friday rental) legmaker calling out bjb for #6 spot (during friday rental if brian is there) Salvatore Iovino (black widow) calling out Greg Davies (hemiwagn) for #10 spot (call out on FB) who else is going to step up and call some folks out to move up the list or get on the list?? i know there are some "big dogs" that will be coming who would probably love to be on the list at the seasons end!!!!
  13. if you are talking to me....... yes..... thats perfect!
  14. i run exactly as version II above. only difference is no check valve. the system will bleed down rather quckly, but i wait 2 secs from point of key turning to trigger pumps, to the final twist of the key to kick the starter. never an issue starting the car.