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  1. Love the progress update! Killer! So what is this new drag pak intake you speak of???
  2. ! I hear you Which pan are you running? 31000?
  3. How much is the intake you're running? If you want a hilborn, I'll trade you a Hilborn for a Whole lot less than $9k (and I'm sure less than the Hogan). I still haven't figured out a filtration system I'm happy with.
  4. Fantastic! Get her together and let's go hit the road course. There are some good november and December dates.
  5. Cam- Thank you for offering input in my thread. I highly value your opinion and you're the exact guy I was hoping would respond (Alex specifically said - 'you need to pick Cam's brain on this - he's very technical minded'). I'm going to search to find out flow differences in .001 to .0025 bearing tolerances. Does anyone already know? I found the following fluid flow calculator for hoses. Need to do a little conversion work to get the data from my oil (cSt) to fit the calculator (cP & specific gravity) (Amsoil Z-Rod 20-50 - listed as 19.2 cSt viscosity @212*F) I figure this will help me know if the -10 AN fittings and hoses are an issue or not: http://www.gates.com/catalogs-and-resources/resources/repository/engineering-business-applications/fluid-flow-calculator/fluid-flow-calculator
  6. What are Barton and bischoff setting bearing tolerances to? I'd like to know.
  7. Cam- I've tried about a quart high and a quart low (so a 2 quart spread). My 'high' mark was based on the bottom of the crank. I do not fill to that point. This is a 6 quart pan, and I'm usually 6.5-7.0 quarts, which is still ~1 quart below the crank. I have tried 7 quarts, 6 quarts, and 5 quarts. Mike- Great thought. I've got it set up at -12.5 psi & 112.5 psi in the settings. This is an ebay sensor, 0-100 psi, 0.5-4.5v. I've also got an electronic marshall gauge that usually resided in the block, and read in the 30's at the BBORR. And a mechanical air gauge on the accusump that reads the same.
  8. Yes- milodon 31000 pan for swapping the Hemi into the old cars. And a milodon dipstick. I marked the dipstick with the pan off. I've tried lower oil level and higher oil level- neither helped.
  9. Stock 6.1 pump .022 / .024 ring gap 4057gfx Wiseco rings I'll have to get my hands on a torque wrench to get you the rotational torque number.
  10. Unfortunately I didn't set them. Local builder did. Thats what was on the build sheet. So I should've spec'd a tighter tolerance? Thanks Cam
  11. Fellas- need a little help here. Today's test was ran with the same 20-50 oil that was in it for BBORR. Oil temps were probably 250*F or so at BBORR, so these numbers would probably be 10 psi higher with fresh oil. Two sensors: 1- post filter, pre oil cooler 2- engine block just inside alternator Data: 7% TPS, 3,000 rpm: 45 psi & 39 psi oil pressure 100% TPS, 4,000 rpm: 32 & 28 psi oil pressure 100% TPS, 5,000 rpm: 36 & 31 psi 100% TPS, 6,000 rpm: 35 & 30 psi 100% TPS, 6,800 rpm: 36 & 29 psi Additional info: First start sub 20 psi oil pressure. Pulled and replaced pump. O ring wasn't seated correctly. I've spun the motor with injector and coil fuses pulled to build pressure before (after swapping hoses, etc), so the system was dry (residual oil still on bearings from before). Took four 10 second cranks minimum. Spark plugs were not pulled. Entire external oil system is through the two side ports. -10 hose throughout. Bearing tolerances at .0025 & .002 6.1 squirters are in place Going to pull the motor and check out the bearings, etc. Will report back. Questions: -is -10 line sufficient for a 6.1? -is there a high volume pump available? -what bearing tolerances and pumps are most running? -if I open this up and bearing tolerances are fine, thoughts? - Please speculate why I've been low oil pressure since day 1.
  12. Thanks Brian! Yeah the grand sport guy was complaining about his tires going off. He wasn't helping that's for sure.
  13. Finished 2nd in the class at the BBORR. 135.010 mph average, 0.225 seconds off target time. Hit 161 mph for a bit (2.24 in the video). https://youtu.be/9dJD4RmxXGE https://youtu.be/Z-bmTTT_1CI