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  1. You guys are funny, Mr. Cam and Mr. Jon, OK.
  2. I like my 12"...
  3. Sure, a bit a black here and there would contrast nicely with all of your raw aluminum. Looks great!
  4. I was trying to figure out all that tubing, also. Thanks for asking, Jay. I tested my aluminum radiator at 23psi, since I have an 18psi cap. I would think if it did blow, it would open up and not throw debris. Hopefully, anyway. It would definitely get your attention, though. I'm not sure how it is mounted, but some stainless straps, over the top, might be nice. Keep the cool updates coming, Rob. Fun stuff.
  5. Ahhhhh...what a cutie. I've never seen anything like that. Does it actually muffle the sound or is it more for passing tech?
  6. Nice header fabrication. What is the larger OD section right after the collector? Thanks.
  7. '69 383 auto that I don't own any more. I just had to adjust the front torsion bars down.
  8. Wow, ICON, that is beautiful. Looks like fun.
  9. That ought to keep the bad things out. Nice!
  10. Dang, that is super nice. When I grow up, I'm going to throw weld beads like that. What size throttle body is that?
  11. Changing the subject, I just now caught up on this thread and have to say, "That is way too cool, Rob. I love shit like that".
  12. Very cool, Rob. What a cool project and love the wrap. What is the OD of those axles? They look similar to off-road trophy truck axles. I assume you are running a spool.