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  1. You guys are funny, Mr. Cam and Mr. Jon, OK.
  2. I like my 12"...
  3. I have this 65W Hakko 936 (precursor to the FX-8801) and the butane one that Chuck showed. Both work well and come in plenty handy.
  4. Or the first time you drop the pan, weld in a plug assembly. Aluminum would be good, though.
  5. That 0 offset is one of the factors (HemiSam brought it up earlier) that make it sit out so much.
  6. I met Erik in '06 at a M&G in Montreal..........and I still think he is a good guy.
  7. Cubic feet per minute (cfm) at thousandths of an inch opening of the valve.
  8. Yes, I did it myself, since I don't trust many people when it comes to my car. I just read that the newer Mustangs also use that bolt pattern. I just remembered, my wheels have a fitment, in bolt pattern and offset, for a 350Z/G35.
  9. Mustang- at least 00-05, Dodge Caravan 04-09. Actually, lots of Fords, Hondas, Infinitis, and Toyotas.
  10. I use concentric ring shims from Discount Tire. I think they were a few bucks a piece. I have pulled my wheels for some reason and forgot to put them on and they still didn't vibrate. Actually, when I first got the wheels, I ran them without the shims and never had a problem. I just found out that they were available and decided to run them for the heck of it. Like I was getting to in my previous post, the holes were just fine and they didn't need any enlarging (that's what I told her, anyway).
  11. Not all wheels with 5x114.3mm (4.5") bolt center diameters need to have their holes enlarged. I have two sets of wheels with that pattern and they both fit on, nicely. Cool wheels! One of my favorites and I would have liked to run them, although the offsets/widths are wrong for my application.
  12. A spacer will give you less offset and position the wheel farther to the outside. Is that what you are after?
  13. From what I understand, the Corsa catback was designed with all of its parts as a whole. Once you remove or change part of it, their design goes out the window. I complained to a Corsa representative that I didn't like the anesthetics of the rear round cans and they said that it was part of the no-drone design and couldn't really change it much. I got used the the looks, though. Either.
  14. Are the upper rear links still available, total of 4? I need a set for a fab job I want to do. Thanks...Jonn
  15. Sure, a bit a black here and there would contrast nicely with all of your raw aluminum. Looks great!