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  1. what is the gain for 1/4 mile
  2. good to know ! stock or dayco tensioner before ARS ?
  3. can I pin my crank with ATI damper with vortech pinning kit (4CL110-110 ) or I need ATI pinning kit ?
  4. if I have fore l2 fuel systeme dual pump ( walbro 255 + walbro 450 ) with 80lbs injector what is the max WHP with S/C ?
  5. when the suspension is loaded I have 1/8'' between camber link and swaybar... my ajustable swaybar endlink have 1.5 inch of thread each side so I adjusted to 1'' each side to keep 1/2'' in the heim joints. so my swaybar endlink is to the longest position... I need feedback it's ok or not ?? I love the new look for drag !
  6. thx
  7. I read some people have issue with this filter spectre 8161... Don't use that filter You'll suck the metal cap in after the heat softens the glue... https://www.spectreperformance.com/search/product.aspx?prod=8161 what other brand I can buy with this dimension ??
  8. street or drag version ?
  9. I don't know... never tried ... but some people said it's 0.1-0.2 gain for 1/4mile
  10. good to know 50lbs it's too heavy for street/strip car
  11. what is the best with boost (vortech V7 YSI 20+ psi ) 5.7 vs 6.1 -The 5.7 block has thicker cylinder walls than the 6.1 block has ?? -The 5.7 block has a stronger main web design than the 6.1 ??
  12. 38 or 50 lbs spring tension ?
  13. what is the best with S/C and 5% OD dayco , GT500 , thump racing , ARS ( american racing solution) thx
  14. for RT brake and a nice look what I need to buy offset/backspace 17x4.5 -25mm offset / 1.75'' BS ?? or -13mm offset / 2.2'' BS ?? thx for your help