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  1. 32 feet PTFE -8AN Hose, (1/2" nominal), actual outside diameter: 0.54", weight: 0.12 lbs/foot, Made in USA 10 each Fore Innovations PTFE Hose End, -8AN, Straight 1 each Fore Innovations Fluid Filled Mechanical Fuel Pressure Gauge 1.5" Diameter 1/8 NPT Male All new never been used. Asking $340 shipped for all in lower 48.
  2. What Nitrous Outlet Hemi plate do you have? They have a few different ones. 5.7, 6.1, 6.4
  3. What is the model number for the QuickTime bell housing? So I can call and make sure it would fit my 2010 5.7 6sp
  4. SOLD SOLD Looking to replace your fuel pump or need a replacement fuel pump for your R/T or SRT8? This Upgrade is plug and play. Has maybe 3k miles on it. I switched to a return system. $195 + Shipping
  5. Would it be easier to send the old TOB to you first with payment?
  6. I Have to ask I have my engine out because It was rebuilt by Jeff Taylor so this is the perfect time to replace my TOB. I just replaced my stock clutch with a Mcleod and noticed if wasn’t shifting right between first and second (Hard shift like not totally disengaging) before the engine rebuild. I burned out some Aluminum shims to place behind the TOB for the fix. Sounds like you have a better fix. Will it work on a stock 6sp with the McLeod? If so, are they in stock??
  7. I bought them used from a member on the lx forum
  8. I was planing on doing some engine upgrades so I started to get parts together. Changed my mind hence now for sale.
  9. Price Dropped
  10. Sultans of Spark Coil Packs . Fits 5.7L and 6.1 L engines increases spark voltage, SOS Coils have increased winding to boost spark output. Increases Performance And Efficiency $330 plus the ride. Check out this for a good explanation http://www.enginelabs.com/engine-tec...a-modern-hemi/ I don't know shipping cost it will depend on where you live. Price Lowered to $300 plus the ride
  11. I've had ARH long tube Headers on my car a 2010 5.7 Rt for 5 years along with there full exhaust. Gaining 40 hp on the headers. I know from before and after dyno readings. There exhaust sounds amazing with no drown at any speed. worth every dollar. My 2₵.
  12. for what engine 5.7 6.1 6.4 are the pushrods for???
  13. Have Pics?
  14. Just thought I'd update. Yes it was the throw out bearing. The covering of the throw out bearing was ripped and the bearing looked as if s washed it out in a solvent tank. I pulled out the clutch and flywheel. The flywheel was burnt so I had it turned down. Then I replaced the old clutch with a new McLead clutch. Wasn't to bad a job with no lift and alone under the car. Then I changed and flushed the brake fluid with EXP 600 PLUS and pumped the clutch 300 times. The transmission fluid was changed with Royal Purple SYNCHROMAX . Now the problem is it doesn't shift as smooth as before. Especially from first to second and second to third and back down. The clutch is engaging depressing the clutch peddle in about 2 inches. The manual states possible wrong fluid. I was wondering if I needed a shim behind the throw out bearing. in exchange for what was removed from the flywheel. Any experience or thoughts on this?