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  1. Here is a good pic of the slicks wrinkling. http://www.photoreflect.com/store/Orderpage.aspx?pi=0NGR00O5000051&po=51&pc=196
  2. D1 Procharger (8lbs of boost) with helical gear set upgrade, Kooks LT headers w/catted mids, high flow Classic Chambered cat-back exhaust, 2 stage colder plugs, Painless water/meth injection (still not working correctly), 52.5lb fuel injectors, 20 amp KB boost a pump. I think on my 1.71 60 ft (I launched at 4,000 rpm's on stock axles) I could of had a possible 11.xx if not for the 30+ mph head wind we had that day. Instead I ran a 12.26 and it is still my best ET so far. I did run a 1.74 60 ft at Challengerfest, but had to get out of it or hit the wall.
  3. I have Cobra 17 x 9 w/ 28 x 10 Hoosiers best 60ft is 1.71 with a 6 speed.
  4. Which part was retarded? I already took off my windshield wipers and cut a hole in my hood!
  5. That's Mr. Dumb Turd. A/C will only make your car run better if you run a duct from your dash...out your window...cut a hole in your hood and run it into your throttle body! This is worth at least 20hp. No thanks necessary!
  6. Is that an upbadged SE? I heard that if you drive a Challenger in the rain that you get worse gas mileage due to the windshield wipers!
  7. I figured it was in the tuning but thought there might be something else...so do they blow up everything they touch?
  8. Jay, Have you or anyone else heard of any Procharged cars going pop! I have run the piss out of mine at 8lbs of boost (40+ 1/4 mile runs and 3,500+ miles) with no problems (knock on wood). I just wonder why the Vortech seem to be having problems when they are both centrifugal.
  9. Awesome jobs with the camera MOHEMI.
  10. I thought that was weird...you driving while sitting on the center console. I figured you would have the ball shift knob, but you went straight for the pistol grip!!!!
  11. I'm not sleeping in the same house as MOHEMI unless i'm armed...he gets too fucked up on Crown Royal and might do strange shit.
  12. Glad to hear the techno twins (Hans and Frans) made it home safe. Just let me know when you would like to see a real team play ball and we'll get tickets. Jeff will love your post...that's some funny shit there. I couldn't open the link in the car. Wasting tire tread doing burnouts is stupid.
  13. That chick kicked your ass at the track on Saturday! Don't be mad that your life partner (Matt) drove your car better than you and your too short to see over that fake shaker hood scoop. It was great hanging out this weekend. I hope we can make it for the Good Guys event.
  14. With Boatman out and now 09Plym is going to leave on Thursday. I guess we'll have 8 cars that will be leaving on Friday morning from St. Louis.
  15. Awesome numbers...I can't wait to see what times you can run with it at CF2. Are you on a stock bottom end?