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  1. Worst part was I had to get up Sunday morning at 3:30am and work from 5am-1pm. Then I was REALLY beat! I'm getting to old for that kind of stuff!
  2. At 5pm it was 99 degrees and 50% humidity. At the end of the night it was about 85 and humidity was 70%. We went through a lot of water that night. I won enough $$ to pay for racing through August though, so it was worth it.
  3. Proof that every once in a while even a blind hog finds an acorn. Very hot and humid all day, by the time this picture was taken I was wiped out and not looking forward to a 75 minute drive home, 2 hrs of sleep and a full days work on Sunday.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Gonna be hard to beat this one!
  6. From the album Untitled Album

    PB reaction time. 5/7/2017
  7. More index racing is needed. Bracket racing is too confusing to the fans. I had a guy come up to my trailer Saturday after the 2nd time trial and ask me if I'd won the round. He was totally confused when I explained to him that we weren't racing yet. Also, street cars are non existent in the street class at the local track because it has been taken over by motorcycles. Last points race street had 1 car and 10 bikes in it. They need their own class. More street=more paying audience and more concessions.
  8. Well, talked to a friend of a friend who is from there and won't run his drag car down their track anymore. Says it isn't being prepped right. I'll take the advice for now and stay local this weekend since rain is predicted most of the week anyway.
  9. You're right, I had the two confused. Northstar looks like a good track, but too far north for me. Ennis is my northern limit.
  10. Hope to see you there! Yeah, people were pulling some pretty serious looking shit out of their huge ass trailers as we were leaving. Would have like to have seen some of that but had to get home.
  11. Winner got $1,000. Can't put a price tag on the fun I'm having! One of the best moments of the day was when the wife thought I'd lost the semifinals. We both turned it red, but he was worse so I got the automatic win as long as I didn't cross the center line. The wife was filming from behind and only saw my red light. She took a long time to get back to the trailer where I was in a great mood. I let out a whoop and went to high five her, which confused the hell out of her! The look on her face when I showed her the time slip was priceless!!
  12. Didn't go, rained out. There is another opportunity in my schedule to go there in 2 weeks. Will go unless weather or work keeps me from it.
  13. I hear through the Grapevine that Kennadale Drag Strip near Denton Tx is closing. http://www.texasraceway.com/
  14. 2nd place in Super Pro. I blew it in the finals. $500. 1st place was $1,000.