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  1. Hey you old Codger, whatcha been up to?

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    2. Hemi57


      Probably not as I have a Marine Corps supper to work at.

    3. CenTxRT


      We'll run into each other eventually. have fun!


    4. Hemi57


      Yup... I swapped out the black Hellcat rims and install Chrome Demon reps.



  2. It was nice to meet you at the Texas Mortorplex yesterday.  I'm sorry I didn't have more time to visit with you.  I retrospect I should have visited with you instead of getting ready for the race, lol!  I caught that Ramcharger guy so early I was pedaling like crazy to stay barely ahead of him and somehow I let him have the strip at the end.  I'm sure you're not impressed with my racing skills and i don't blame you.

    Other than that I hope you had a good time!

  3. Does anyone have experience with any of the high energy coil packs that are available? Most of them say that they allow you to gap your plugs much wider. I'm wondering what that will do to low end response. I should also say that this is for a racing only application, so I'm not interested in fuel economy gains or smoother idle or any of that stuff.
  4. What did it do to your 60'?
  5. You have too much HP for that wheel/tire combo. Need to experiment with slicks, at least 10.5" wide tires.
  6. Are you shifting manually or letting the car do it? Lower your shift point until you hit your number. Then keep an eye on the weather and adjust accordingly. Cut a good light and give it a rip or 2 before the stripe if you are way ahead to keep from breaking out.
  7. Who has one? Did it work ok for you? I ordered one and I didn't realize it was plastic until I opened it. I sent it back. Not worth $99. I just folded up pieces of cardboard and slipped them between the rocker arm and the valve to keep pressure on the pushrods until I could gradually tighten the rocker shaft down. Removed cardboard one at a time when the rocker arm was close enough to keep the pushrod in place. Did a compression test on each cylinder just to make sure before I buttoned it up.
  8. Yes I loosened rebound. We use slo mo video from cell phone camera.
  9. Loosened rear shocks almost all the way down and it stays on the tire enough now to hook on a well prepped track: I'm going to try 2 degrees more pinion angle (downward) next time and see if it will hook when the track is not prepped so good. I don't want to bring the front up any more though, I feel I will be losing E.T. if it comes up any higher.
  10. Looking forward to seeing it sometime!
  11. Damn, I never thought I'd see you get rid of the Fat Lady!
  12. Thanks! Have you been back to the track?
  13. Good move by Chrysler. The talk around Houston was MSRP +$20,000. If they let the dealers do that they would get it.
  14. Proof that every once in a while even a blind hog finds an acorn. Very hot and humid all day, by the time this picture was taken I was wiped out and not looking forward to a 75 minute drive home, 2 hrs of sleep and a full days work on Sunday.
  15. Worst part was I had to get up Sunday morning at 3:30am and work from 5am-1pm. Then I was REALLY beat! I'm getting to old for that kind of stuff!
  16. At 5pm it was 99 degrees and 50% humidity. At the end of the night it was about 85 and humidity was 70%. We went through a lot of water that night. I won enough $$ to pay for racing through August though, so it was worth it.
  17. nice!
  18. Gonna be hard to beat this one!
  19. Thanks!
  20. From the album Untitled Album

    PB reaction time. 5/7/2017
  21. More index racing is needed. Bracket racing is too confusing to the fans. I had a guy come up to my trailer Saturday after the 2nd time trial and ask me if I'd won the round. He was totally confused when I explained to him that we weren't racing yet. Also, street cars are non existent in the street class at the local track because it has been taken over by motorcycles. Last points race street had 1 car and 10 bikes in it. They need their own class. More street=more paying audience and more concessions.
  22. ...In Abeline, Tx this Saturday. Anybody run there before? What can you tell me about this place?
  23. Well, talked to a friend of a friend who is from there and won't run his drag car down their track anymore. Says it isn't being prepped right. I'll take the advice for now and stay local this weekend since rain is predicted most of the week anyway.
  24. You're right, I had the two confused. Northstar looks like a good track, but too far north for me. Ennis is my northern limit.
  25. Hope to see you there! Yeah, people were pulling some pretty serious looking shit out of their huge ass trailers as we were leaving. Would have like to have seen some of that but had to get home.