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  1. The roof is on FIRE!!! Hell YEA!!
  2. Kenny, Here is Joe's run in Loring Maine 2011. Now this is on a 1.5 mile run. Loring Timing Association (LTA) in 2011 ran a 1.5 mile. Now this year they set up 1 mile timers AND 1.5. 9162 ATLANTIC AUTO RACING JOE ANTHONY B/GSS 181.676 FINAL Kenny, Here is Joe in Maxton NC. 1 mile. Last event for Maxton before we moved to Ohio. C/GSS Atlantic Auto Racing Joe Anthony 164.36896 October 2011 There's more. I'll dig them up.
  3. Shit sorry, I always get the weed and speed thing mixed up. Nevermind.
  4. Heee Heeee, he said your shits slow, except on the dyno!!
  5. Oh come on ALL the cool kids are doing it. one mile racing is not addictive! If you do it once it does NOT make you an addict. Snapperhead!!
  6. Opps, name is Paul. Good idea on the 1/2 mile too. There is a half mile race some where down south. GA I think. Modern Mopar Mile Racer Top Speeds. Please don't refrence time. As in time slips. It's all about speed!! You don't see the elapsed time used to calculate the speed on the Texas slips. You do on the ECTA slips. Looking at one of the 7-8-2012 slips for 150.71 mph the measured time was 0.59716 of a second. 0.59 of a sec to travel 132 feet! Now just think of Sam and Karl!!!! How long did it take them to travel the trap distance?
  7. Plm Krze 2010 SRT8 N/A Auto Stock. PB of 153.7 April in Ohio. Hey Parrot, I told you you would be north of 170!!
  8. Nice read. Thanks guys!
  9. Not Fancy, but keeps the wheels on at 153 MHP. Dorman CarQuest 611-257 CHRYSLER 300 2008-05, DODGE - CHARGER 2008-06, MAGNUM 2008-07 Type : Bulge Thread : M14-1.5 Hex Size : 21mm Length : 24mm Seat Angle : 60 Degree Finish : Zinc Brand : Dorman - AutoGrade - Boxed
  10. From the album Plm Krze Build

    Wilmington Ohio April 2012.
  11. From the album Plm Krze Build

    DJ Safety NAG1 Transblanket, That young man with me is RollBar!!!! If he tells you Hey, we'll church that up for you, he means IT!! Thanks Jason
  12. From the album Plm Krze Build

    5lb fire bottle for interior of car
  13. From the album Plm Krze Build