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  1. Negative! Hope this helps AJ
  2. Look what Showed up today!!! Very Happy with the way this one turned out!!
  3. And this is the problem, They have no Idea what they are selling for our cars as usual. And they are proud of it to boot. Thanks AJ
  4. Well Its been so Long I figured I would post some updates. The Chassis is finally up to snuff, 2015 nose fitted roll cage and engine bay in paint. The body cleaned up pretty nice for being under the Knife for nearly 2 years overall I am pretty stoked. Its come a LONG way. In keeping true to my theme of not making her a fully gutted out car I decided to put glass back in the windshield. The factory Carpet,Dash, And console will all be back in. Some plans have changed including the removal of the Big procharger for something a bit more relevant to our current powerplants. A 4.5 Whipple should do it!
  5. WELL DONE!!!!! So happy for you congrats! AJ
  6. A predator will not work on 2011 and up Hope this helps AJ
  7. It is hard to believe another year has passed. On this Christmas day I want to wish all of you the very best. This was a tough year for us as a Hemi community with the loss of some amazing Friends that were blessings to this community. We offer prayers to their families this year. So many records this season throughout our platform from many supporting vendors, thanks to them for continuing to push the platform forward and contributing to the growth of our community. Thanks to our loyal friends, and clients. Without all of you and your passion for these cars we would not be able to succeed. God bless all of you and we cannot wait to see you in 2017! AJ Berge
  8. Well another year has passed and I am happy to report we are growing and running strong. Thank you to everyone this year for the amazing support in not only business but also to those of you that have become the best friends I have ever had. We have some big plans for 2017 to push the platform forward. Each and every one of you are responsible for that. Please have a safe holiday with your friends and families, Anastacia, Spencer, And Myself are so proud to be a part of your passion for performance. Thanks AJ
  9. Way to go! Full of win right there.
  10. Congrats Bobbi !!
  11. After break in we can go after it more. It has another 50whp or so in it at this boost level. Not Being able to graph the afr on the dyno it was necessary to be a tick more conservative. It's not the first Time we had to do afr by video . Regards AJ
  12. Can't thank you enough Jim, it will be well used Thanks AJ
  13. I can promise you it doesn't wrap around the car twice any more . AJ
  14. This one is pretty cool. After "8" 545 RFE transmissions from every builder that promised they would live we decided to just fix it ourselves. Jimmy at True Street and Myself put our heads together and developed a solution. The Vehicle is 100% functional including the selectable on the fly 4wd. Hemituner tuned PCM, TCM, and BODY systems make it all come together. The Twin Turbo Ram is next!
  15. We could give out vibration beepers like the restaurants and send a text to your mobile device "TUNES READY" . Its no problem. Lucky for us the BFNY crew pitches in too and keeps us really busy! No Worries Rob, we work through the bugs. We have to keep it interesting. The same goes for you David. We are lucky to have customers like you that work closely with us to get the most out of their builds. Thanks AJ