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  1. 2 fiddy & uh jawbreaker
  2. My nag1 to zf DS delivered today. It took several weeks
  3. Aren't you happy I tested it to find the weak link before you sent it to OST? Runs & hides...
  4. The RT & SRT knuckles are different.
  5. I'm happy you got that thing. That car makes zero sense but it's cool as hell and very well put together
  6. Good shit
  7. It's all about the right buyer. The Whipple hasn't been proven on a hellcat just yet, to know my knowledge, so a replacement could very well be the answer
  8. Trashed factory blowers aren't unheard-of
  9. Good deal. I wonder why this thread went quiet when the swap actually worked
  10. Just come out with me one night
  11. Guess what, the 3.70 works on a 392 car. I put one behind a 500rwhp 2015 SRT 392 and it feels great
  12. I'm installing a 3.70 in a SRT392 car this week just to see how it works
  13. I thought I was special