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  1. bump
  2. Make offer
  3. Bogarts. i will consider other offers on the other stuff plus shipping.
  4. $750 OBO
  5. 27.5 x 4.5 - 17
  6. Make offer.
  7. Want to sell make offer plus shipping. All were run on 2009 Challenger so whatever size that is I don't remember. Its been too long. Bogarts are front wheels set of 2. Cobra R and AM are rear, sets of two each. Cobras have Hoosier slicks and AM have DRs on them. Have been sitting for 4 years so tires are likely no good but I am not taking them off. Skinnies on the Bogarts have only been run a couple times you can see the tread in the pick below. No wear at all. Will use paypal for payment. Contact private for serious interest only please. No low balling on the Bogarts. I believe I paid $900 ish used on them. Will likely do cheapest ground UPS but have no idea how much shipping may be. . Cobra R American Muscle
  8. Other things kept me occupied .
  9. Been 3 years sitting in garage. Guess I will install this thing.
  10. $80,000?
  11. Mine is super comfortable and my glasses do not fog with the visor down. Its night and day vs a $100 helmet.
  12. Hey Ron, I watched your long video. Looks nice. What did you buy that I saw in the garage? Looked like another yellow challenger.
  13. Simpson Bandit