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  1. Other things kept me occupied .
  2. Been 3 years sitting in garage. Guess I will install this thing.
  3. $80,000?
  4. Mine is super comfortable and my glasses do not fog with the visor down. Its night and day vs a $100 helmet.
  5. Hey Ron, I watched your long video. Looks nice. What did you buy that I saw in the garage? Looked like another yellow challenger.
  6. Simpson Bandit
  7. Has anyone ever had a coolant leak that only happens when parked downhill? My driveway slants downhill and I have been leaking a lot of coolant. I refill and drive to work and no leaks in the parking lot. Come home and next morning have big leakage all over driveway. Appears to be coming from the weep hole. Any guesses? I just had the damn water pump replaced in November.
  8. I thought the same thing a while back and had to hunt this one down as I only saw it on some ad hoc post on ebay. I called US Speedo and he said he had to go dig it up as they had been discontinued and I think it was the last one he had. I got lucky and went with it. I like the look and bought LED white needles but have not put them in. The red needles unlit are a bit hard to see at night at the track.
  9. An X-Pipe is, you guessed it, shaped like an x, and allows the exhaust to flow down the path of least resistance. At lower revs, turbulence is formed as exhaust gases try to shuffle past a second column of gases coming from the other side. While always producing more power than the restrictive factory system, the potential gains are not seen until higher rpms are reached. This is where an X-Pipe stands apart from the rest. Exhaust gas is pushed out harder as the engine spins faster. The X-Pipe merges this chaos into two uniform streams, allowing a smooth flow from engine to tailpipe. Both streams keep each other up to speed, which draws even more spent exhaust out the cylinders. Magnaflow X-Pipes provide a boost in horsepower and a higher tone akin to an exotic car. An H-Pipe is also shaped like its namesake and relies on exhaust expansion to balance the cylinder banks. A small section of tubing in between the main pipes provides an area for gases to expand into during exhaust pulses. Only a small amount of exhaust flows from one stream to the other as both sides push back and forth in the center section. Flowmaster H-Pipes feature low restriction, so gains in performance are noticed from low rpm and give the exhaust a deeper, muscle car-like tone. While both X and H pipes serve the same purpose, they use different methods to build power and economy, all while providing a distinctive sound. Think of an X-Pipe as being at home in a high-winding modern V6 or V8 while an H-Pipe conjures memories of tire-shredding torque in classic American iron.
  10. I think the market is about to be flooded with used Hurst shifters.
  11. 2-3 quarts. wow that seems like a lot . My 03 5.7 ram burns zero oil at 140k miles.
  12. Bought it. Speedy you ought to get a commission.