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  1. Thanks devildogge, that's what I though but wanted to be sure.
  2. So after owning SRT shorties and JBA catless mids I finally got around to installing them on my 5.7 R/T. I knew that the 02 code would come up, but I thought I could just turn them off with my predator, but I don't see that as an option. What can I do so that my check engine light doesn't keep coming on? Do I have to get a custom tune? Also, for anyone else who upgraded from the stock manifolds, did your oil dipstick need to be bent a little to fit around the SRT shorties? I found that I had to bend mine a little. Thanks for the help!
  3. I would agree, the engine will not not be getting rebuilt any time soon. I don't consider it a high mileage engine/car as I just rolled over 42,000 miles. But I wouldn't consider it low mileage either.
  4. Thanks, that is definitely something I've been thinking about. I would hate to supercharge it and kill it. theoretically at low boost, 6-8lbs, I should be pretty safe right? assuming I have a good tune and such. I know I don't push my car as hard as you guys do.
  5. Thanks everyone for the feed back. I really am on the fence. Some days I'm ready to call the dealer and other days I'm ready to pull the trigger on the supercharger. I think for now I'll get through the summer, see where I land with the first kid and try to go from there.
  6. Good to hear. I'm hoping that if I keep the car up supercharge I'll feel the same way.
  7. HAHA, I wish. My wife and I are expecting our first kid in July so my budget is getting a lot tighter.
  8. I have not driven one, but seen several in person and sat in a couple. I would agree that the Interior is very impressive compared to the old one.
  9. Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback.
  10. Thanks. I thought it would be nice to share the story about the car with future kids (or months away as it happens). I'm just drawn to shiny new objects. HAHA
  11. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a little feedback/recommendations. I'm trying to decide if I should keep my 2009 Challenger R/T or trade it in for a new scat pack challenger. I've been trying to weigh the pro's and con's on both and decide what to do and I wanted to see what you guys thought. My current car is special to me for a number of sentimental reasons. I was in college when the prototype Challenger was released and I knew then if they made that car I had to have it. When I graduated I started saving and a couple of years later the car came out. In May of 2008 when Dodge opened their order banks for the 2009's I contacted a dealer and special ordered my Hemi Orange Challenger. At the time the R/T was all I could afford and I liked the heritage to the 60's muscle cars. I then sat and waited for months for my car to be built. I ordered a 6 speed and you probably remember how the 6 speeds where delayed. I was lucky in that my Dad was an engineer at Dodge (working interiors for another platform). He was able to track my car internally and would keep me updated. He even contacted the plant a couple of times to find out what the delay was for such. When the 6 speeds where finally released they pushed mine up close to the front of the line. I got my car in October and in November of that same year my dad retired. Since then I've put a lot of work into my car, though mostly cosmetic. When I married my wife 3 years ago we drove away from the church in that car. When my sister-in-law got married, they asked me to drive them away from the church in that car. It's been part of a lot of special memories. I'm not a racer. In the time I've owned my car I've been down the track all of 4 times. I just enjoy cruising, going to shows with friends and driving fast down my country roads. I want to go faster. From the day I got my car in 2008 I wanted to do a supercharger and followed all of you guys through your journeys making your cars go fast. Really the whole point in this thread is, do I keep my car and supercharge it or do I trade it for a 392 Scat Pack R/T. Based on what I've seen even if I supercharge my R/T it's still not going to make as much RWHP as a 392. I can't afford some wild build and I'm really just looking for a fun street car. I also really like the new interior and looks of the '15's. If I supercharged my car it wouldn't be until winter/spring of '16. If I traded in, I'd end up with maybe 10K loan, which isn't huge but then I'm back to paying for a car. what do you guys think? and sorry for my book above, if you read it all more power to you. I think I needed to write it out and it gives you some back story since I don't post much.