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  1. Great to see the awesome results of all your time and effort
  2. Great results - so glad for you
  3. Different engine builders prefer to use what they know works on their builds so different people will have different recommendations based on their experience. For me one liked Royal Purple 20W 50 and another liked VR1 20W 50. One likes Brad Penn break in oil and other one said no way would run that. I used what the builder wanted me to.
  4. Good stuff in this thread !
  5. FWIW I enjoy my Hellcat every day. Never once used the black key.
  6. X2 on Nitrous Oulet
  7. Not an oem car but mine are mounted next to the shifter within easy reach ( the 2 blue handles ) with radio control underneath them. The nitrous pressure gauge sensors are between bottle and shutoff valves so we can leave bottle valve open and read bottle pressure without sending any nitrous to the motor before we start it.
  8. I agree. Although I bought only a few small items from HHP I cannot say thank you enough for all the help and advice Bruce has provided to help me.
  9. I use a large tarp on the ground so no wood there to screw down to.
  10. Here in Florida (as many places) the sun can be brutal when spending a weekend at the track and working on the car. I thought I made a good choice having an attached awning on my trailer but found almost any wind makes the awning unusable. Perhaps a different design would work in the wind but others echoed my dismay at just how flimsy the roll out awning is. There is a reason you see so many canopies at the track. So after a little research I bought 2 10' x 10' EZ Up canopies. I chose steel frames - although heavier - for a more sturdy structure on windy days. I also had them made with vented tops based on the shared experiences of other racers. I felt 2 10' x 10' would be easier to move around, setup, and store vs. a larger and heavier 10' x 20' canopy. Since nobody stocks the EZ Up Eclipse with vented tops (custom order only) I just ordered direct from EZ Up in California. The factory was very helpful answering all my questions and advising what would best fit my needs. Surprising but a dark color is actually cooler than lighter colors - just the opposite of what I would have thought. When I initially looked I was going to go white or light grey but after talking to the factory decided on dark burgandy. They built just what I need and shipped in less than 2 weeks, including special order color, storage bags, and sand fillable weight bags. Their price with all the options was better than some of the discount retailers who offered no options. I feel they will pay for themselves in only a few track outings with the shade they will provide. Interested to see how these hold up in a strong wind all weekend. Curious to hear others experience with both a trailer mounted awning and a stand alone canopy.
  11. http://www.dragzine.com/tech-stories/engine/debunking-aluminum-rod-myths-with-grp/
  12. Eric at ARC for a heater to wrap around the bottle that runs both 115 VAC and 12V DC. I plug in my 10 # bottle and its at 1150 in just minutes using 115V from trailer generator. I also have a Honda portable generator EU2000i but a EU1000i would work great too. Handy around the pits to have. Never found a need to use 12V DC to heat the bottle.
  13. Item has been sold
  14. After testing I decided I need to upgrade to a Racepak V500SD so I will be selling my V300SD. This is the version with Datalink lite software and can record 40 channels. This can record Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, Accel G, Lateral G, Battery Volts and a 12-volt event as is but additional sensors can be added. List price is $ 1735.00 This is in the race car now but can be removed easily.
  15. You picked the best to work with. Looking forward to this getting on the track.