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  1. Dan I understand the whole list deal. Just busting balls. My cars only change was the TH400 and I don't have to tell you what that does for a combo of my level. Should be fun now that I can actually put some more power through it with a trans that can handle it. Mike
  2. So I need to call out all 10? That makes sense!!
  3. Hope to see you all out there. Nice list....
  4. Yes I haven't had any issues.
  5. No I don't think he has yet.
  6. I have a 8 second car I will sell for $75,000. But I have nitrous and a blower.
  7. Just like any performance part there are always levels on how built the trans would be. Trans...Reid case, Bell housing, rear extension scatter proof stuff. you can have one as low as $4200-10,000 Converter- $850-5000 Shifter... CO2 style and electric shift or you can try to manually shift. $195-900 Coolers pretty basic. Yoke $80-380 Driveshaft $300-1400 Flywheel and hardware $300 cross member and trans mount $300 These above are the bigger ticket items off the top of my head.
  8. John service to you has been good. I'm happy for you. 8.8 rear ended broke 4 times that year Bill himself says buy a Wavetrac position unit it will hold together his words I will buy it if it breaks. I next day air the part from California. Put the rear end in my Charger bam first launch the unit breaks..... Bill send it back to me. We can't get the stub shaft out and he sent it to s friend who plasma cuts a hole thru my housing. Sorry your fucked Mike. Transmission spend 1900.00 for up graded input and output shafts and upgraded trans cooler. 1000 street miles and on the first track launch bluer only 800 rwhp it blows up. Bill words it's fucked and I can understand if you want to try Eddies trans. Great customer service. Mike
  9. You must be mistake it is no longer your Rossler transmission. It's called the new Paramount TH400
  10. Dan I don't understand why a 1000hp trans won't hold up to 780rwhp. Hell I'm not saying cars like your car or my car on full tilt would last but a blower only 6.1 car should last.
  11. Wait John are you telling me Harrison would keep his valve body in fear of Bill sending him some junk? No it can't be. Bill told me he always... Who am i kidding he told me a lot of bullshit.
  12. John Tout do you have another Rossler TH210? I promise I will keep it in my car.