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  1. Oops my bad I meant 2015-2016
  2. I can't stand the way the 2015, 2014 mustangs looks. It looks like if a VW Beetle and a Nissan Juke had a baby.......
  3. Very nice times......congrats
  4. Ya patience....Mr., slap those skinny's on and pulley down...... ....... ....... ....... ....... . In all candor Jay....You, have been a wealth of information. Kenny, Kevin, and several others here as well. You all don't know how much I appreciate the help and encouragement...A heart felt thanks to all of you.... Ok, drama rant over..........
  5. Nailed it......its hard to explain all of the little issues and on top of all that you can only try one or 2 things at a time because if you make a bunch of changes and then see a time change yer not sure what made it better or gawd forbid worse.
  6. Thanks Alan..... feels pretty good running with the hellcats here. The dude that ran a 11.3 here could only get an 11.5 and I beat out the other 2 HC that were running both ran 11.8's to my 11.6. All of them that were racing were burrito eaters.
  7. ....Jay I really do appreciate yer encouragement & enthusiasm. I gotta wait until I can find some tires that will work on the fronts. Wheel and tire combo on those fronts are just to short and the tires look to be really low......and I'm scraping and tearing up shit underneath. They are just not gonna work for my setup. That's part of why I did so much better this weekend. So ya I'll put those skinnys back on once I get something that will work a little better. Went back to the track again last night and pulled another 11.6...... this one was an 11.60 with a 1.71 60ft @ 120mph.......and the DA was terrible. Track was running a car club clash so it was really busy,.... I only got in 2 runs. My first run (test and tune) was 11.8 so on my first dial in I dialed 1.75 that's when I ran the 11.60. Broke out & Eliminated...... ,.... I need to work on my bracket racing. I'm in the part of my work schedule where I'll be working several weekends in a row. Probably wont be able to go to the track for a few weekends. That will give me time to fix some shit, get AJ some datalogs, and get prepped for next time. Jay I think I'm gonna wait a bit to pulley down until I can get axles, driveshaft, tranny upgraded. I'm making plenty of power now. Don't wanna be like Alan and start breaking shit..... . BTW had a friend back into my car and creased my front passenger fender Friday......the 13th. I was pissed for a bit but its pretty minor & he was really responsive and called his insurance company and got me a claim number.....shit happens.....decided it was a minor setback and went and ran an 11.6......Friday the 13th be damned.........
  8. HERE'S MY TIME SLIP Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk I agree......But gotta recover a bit from all the $$ I've laid down recently on my build. I've always known the drive shaft and axles were the weak link but didn't really think the tranny was gonna be an issue right away.
  9. After the first run I parked the car and let it cool down & lowered the rear tire pressure to 19. I was relaxing with a buddy enjoying a cigar and we started talking about rear tire pressure. He was telling me he only runs 9 psi on his rears. So I decided to lower mine some more and went to 15. Last week I ran 12.1 all night long. An 11.6 is a 1/2 second pickup,.......unbelievable. Yes.....I did feel a little wobble. Not for everyday driving no doubt. I'm thinking I might lower it a couple more lbs. We shall see ........
  10. Well, well, well........Totally different story tonight. Air quality was a little better but I think the biggest difference was wheels and tires. 1st run was a 12.0 with a 1.8 60ft @118 mph. forgot to lower rear tire pressure so it was @ 30 psi. Did 2 of Speedys tricks. Launched @ about 2000 RPM...... and got the Trinity all set to Data Log but forgot to hit record...... Let the car cool off for awhile and lowered rear tire pressure to 15 psi per a couple of local buddys. 2nd run was a 11.6 with a 1.7 60 ft @119.94 mph. Launched @ about 1500 RPM cut a good light and I think I got a good data log. 3rd run 11.8 with a 1.7 60 ft @118mph....hit the record button on the Trinity but I guess not good enough ....no log 4th run 11.9 with a 1.7 60 ft @ 116mph....got a data log but was flustered with everything cut a lousy light. So the changes I made were lower rear tire pressure ( from 18-22 last week to 15 this week. Ran my regular front street tires, launched @ higher RPM, a little better DA tonight. Ran the DA calculator for my best run with a DA of 6469 and got 11.1 @ 124mph Can't say I'm feeling to shabby about tonight's results. Picked up a full 1/2 second and learned a bit more about the car.......
  11. Well ya, I have a bone stock A5 tranny. So if what Tacamo01 is posting is the shit I guess I'm screwed until I can upgrade my current set up. I honestly don't know exactly what my rwhp is. After Rev6 of AJ's tune I was at 634 rwhp but after AJ's last tune, Rev 7, I'm guessing 660-680whp. So am I needing a whole new tranny or will a TCM or converter do me any good at all.....Options? I'll give Speedys trick a shot tonight and see what happens...............
  12. I'm very consistent. Consistently bad......ran 12.1 all night......
  13. Doubt this........ but anythings possible
  14. Ok here's one of my early runs against another mustang....this one is earlier before sunset and slow motion. https://vimeo.com/166462387 Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk Ok and last one.....last run of the night. ....reduced to running one lane because of a spill in the other lane.... ran 12.11 @119 mph and 2.1 60ft....... https://vimeo.com/166462635 Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  15. Yes I know....... and a converter......Thanks everyone for chiming in here.......Hey waddya know video finally loaded up....This was my 2nd to the last run against a 2016 Mustang GT 5.0. I ran a 12.12,..... 2.1 60 ft @ 119 mph Mustang had slicks too and ran 12.47,.... 2.0 60 ft @ 116 I'll try and load up a couple more https://vimeo.com/166451359 Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalkan