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  1. The BLACK FRIDAY sale is BACK!!! www.EastCoastMoparts.com Here is the breakdown for the sale. All Mopar parts will be sold at cost, we are reducing the prices on the entire site. You will not need a coupon or promo code. This is the lowest the prices will ever go! No Black Friday pricing will be released before Black Friday. All of the prices will be changed sometime on Thanksgiving Day. We will run the sale until Saturday morning at 6am eastern. No coupon code will be valid while the prices have been dropped. Lets see how big we can make this. I really had to push to make it happen this year!
  2. This sale will start at 5pm on Thanksgiving and last until midnight on Black Friday. We will have everything on sale all weekend long too. Saturday and Sunday will be free shipping up to $45.00! The code for free shipping is BlackFriday2015. Free shipping does not apply to oversized parts. Example: Hoods, Fascia's, Bumpers, Doors and Body Panels. If you place an order for an oversized part, you will be contacted with a shipping price. These offers can not be combined with any other offer. ****Please note: We will be closed Thanksgiving Day thru Monday November 30th to spend Thanksgiving weekend with our families. We will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday December 1. The pricing will drop on the entire site at 5pm on Thursday. I will make an announcement when it does. I will post a notification on the site and on our Facebook page. You will not need a coupon code or anything fancy. The pricing will just change. This is our way of giving back. This sale almost didn't happen. It was a hard sell on my boss. Lets show him how much we appreciate it. I would love to blow his mind on Monday morning! Thanks Guys and Gals! I really appreciate all of your support throughout the year. eastcoastmoparts.com ecmpts.com
  3. Thank you! I really appreciate your continued support. You guys are first class all the way. What else could I ask for? I think Erik has forgotten more than I know. I am only an email or phone call away! BTW, that's a badass sig! I look forward to hearing from you Monty!
  4. I must be a slacker though. I haven't logged on in forever! Thanks a lot for the awesome comments.