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  1. Do you have any more sets of heads?
  2. Would you be willing to sell the intake manifold?
  3. Is this still for sale
  4. Pm sent I have one for sale
  5. Thanks Hemi31 the thread chaser worked and I'm back up and running. Still have the p0014 code to deal with. Am I correct in assuming that the cam is a tooth off?
  6. Thanks I was just about to pm you to see if you had some advice. I will try that tomorrow
  7. Yes it was on a start up tune
  8. Well the picture won't load. But the spark plug had been thrown into the coil pack. The rubber is all missing along with the til of the plug Just started tuning. Was on start up tune
  9. Hello all. I have a 09 challenger rt that I just installed a custom cam in. I went for a test drive and heard a pop. When I pulled the coil pack this is what I found. I was wondering would the plug just not being tight cause this and should I be panicing? I tried putting another plug in the head but the threads seem to be messed up. Is there away to fix this or do I just need a new head? Also I get a poo14 code exhaust timing advance code. Is this all related thanks
  10. Nope no shit taken before or after . Just a decent pass ready to try it with the srv hooked up
  11. It is a good mod. In long runner mode it gave me .2 tenths and 2 mph. For 400 I think it was worth it.
  12. Did you ever get back on the original dyno from before handing down to Arrington?
  13. Sean tried to tune my 392 cam in my ram. It had some terrible surge problems and eventually I traded the truck. It should have been a simple tune but the stalling issues never went away. He messaged me a couple of weeks ago saying that he had access to some different tables so maybe something has changed. A couple of questions for you as I followed your build over on ramforum. Was the Arrington tune not up to par with your expectations? An did you keep the mds lifters with this cam?
  14. Hello I have a 11 Ram with the 5.7. I am planning on buying a spare motor next week and wanted to do some work to it while on the engine stand. First I wanted to bore the block .30 over. Would this add enough torque to make it worth my wild? Secondly I wanted to add larger valves to the stock heads and do some lite port work on the exhaust port and add a custom cam. Would this combination add enough power to justify me spending my money or should I just look at buying a stroker short block? I do race the truck but im not out to run in the 12's or anything just a mid 13 and have some fun on the street. I may add some spray but nothing higher than a 150 shot. Oh and last question what would the new displacement of the motor be? Thanks for any help