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  1. if i dont have to olug it i wont. just dodnt want anything leakingout of it.lol
  2. 2.20 valves in the bge head? jebus. what did they flow afterwards?
  3. indys. so do i need to plug that hole with anything or is it fine not having it plugged?
  4. anyone tell me wth the giant hole in the back rear driverside of the block is for??
  5. better porn.
  6. baned for an empty blank white background image. literally there was no picture. the white part was probably racist or something drom being to white?
  7. im guessing since i was using the cam bolt. thats a bad idea? id ask on facebook buuuuutttt im banned curently for 26 more days.
  8. my tensioner is collapsing when i turn the engine over. wtf?
  9. i have some rather uneasy to me chain slop on the driver side of the chain. non on the pass side aka the black spring loaded guide that you take the pin out after installing. only on the white guide side do i have this slop that i noticed. this cant possibly be normal is it?
  10. i am speechless.lol
  11. lmao....yea i dont lust for the racing as much as i do my wifes affections. bawhahaha.
  12. marking my calender now. hope the wife dont get upset so close to her bday.hahaha
  13. so april 13th n 14th?
  14. little engine porn. wish i had my intake here to get a snap shot of it on top. gonna look killer i think. didnt get to the dodge dealer in time to get my oil pump and tensioner bolts today due to work. but tomorrow i will and button the engine up completely. rear main seal shows up tomorrow as well. not gonna be racing this year but it better fire at least.