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  1. more interested in the heads
  2. hhp told me the only billet cap engine was goss challenger. im shooting for 1500fhp stock caps
  3. lot of tracks will close if they dont allow more types of racing besides bracket racing. they just dont welcome or make kind to the street car regular joe anymore. the ones that do pack the stands and pits.
  4. , good here man, same here lost yours a while back about 6 phones ago. haha or you would have gotten some sort of random meme's by now.
  5. man i was wondering what happened to this car. good to hear its about wrapped up.
  6. how much?
  7. wow amazing way to live it out. see all kinds of stuff and travel at your descretion. if i didnt have kids...i still couldnt do it. best of luck to you murry sounds and looks amazing.
  8. i just wanna say bruce. i love you brother. we all do. politrics is a devisive topic because that is what it does and is doing to the population. it has and still is dividing us as a nation of people. remember to divide and conquer is the best way to defeat a nation of its rights by making them see something totally different than that which is being done. the best source of truth is knowing that there is no truth to be heard. it must be found. if you heard it as such it was a lie. if you research it and find it to be truth. one must first consider is the truth that they searched for, factual or agenda driven information? hardest thing for one to do is except that humanity in itself is corrupt. nobody is innocent not me and not you. every swinging dick in and on this forum has their own personal agenda which comes first before anothers. it is never for one of the other members. something is lying in waiting....every time. i know your heart is doing its best to be compassionate. otherwise you would never like one who has caused deaths or commited treason against the people they are suppose to represent. you want to believe they mean the best for the country. if it was you or i sharing any type of tiny on a sub we would be in levenworth for a long time. clintons sold uranium to russia(not trump) for profits to their foundation. that has been proven and not denied by clintons. where there is smoke there is fire. the people demanded answers to them and they can only get those answers by voting in one that is not on the same bird but a different wing.
  9. them prices are the same prices they have on the hc's here in kc for over a year. they are still on the lot as well.
  10. i am a meat popcicle. i voted and it was NOT for anyone that has commited treason. i did NOT vote for anyone responsible for a life to end on a god damn roof top begging for support 13hrs in wait. i will NOT stand by and listen to foolish bs from a non voter claiming facts with zero fucking factual proof provided!!! i wasnt born in a common core hospital or raised by frank marshall davis, mr satoro to fall for such liberal spin sprinkling spit. you got to say your shit just as we did here bruce. nobody took your 1st away. it is the words that you used. that made them irrelivent to common god damn sense using men all around you. soak it up butter cup. snowflakes are melting and we who are awoken are smoking with fire under out belts!!!!
  11. awesome i have a boy turning 8 next month. got him working on my old scbool swap ride. good time to bond an learn who he is gonna be when he is grown.
  12. if you go hellcat. yours will be one that the dampner flys off at full song and takes out the hood and fenders
  13. it is coming......with an off road bill of sale for drag racing only.....
  14. 700each is that complete or bare pricing for the heads?? hell its worth it if 1400 for a set of completed heads over my eagles needing vs and valve upgrades anyways. complete with springs and all??
  15. what the expected flow on an eagle head?