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  1. you mean my traction bars? they are from smithracecraft and are called assassin bars. its a stock 6.1 crank in a 5.7 block, longer 6.25 howards billet rods, 11ish to 1 compression, pumpgas for cruising, c16/e85 and eventually m5 when i get after it hardcore down the road. yet that would mean 412 cubes, aluminum block bes shortblock. i am actually avoiding summit right this very moment so i dont buy a set of the new eddy heads. i want some thitec ported beasts or some big gas ported heads another member maybe selling shortly.. boost wise, all of it. spray wont be nessesary. im building to cruise and do no prep and heads up small tire racing. so i have traction control/monitoring for the car to make it safer on the little tire and 1300hp+ i expect it to make.
  2. its just mock up tape. ill use some polished heat tape to complete it. hahaha
  3. i wish i could weld cuz id have a hotside finish already
  4. rhey did not tell me on the dash bit on the goody box
  5. ill try and update some old pic later on.
  6. my dash i made to support the holley dash.
  7. well if i could weld this would look much different.
  8. sounds like a deal. you got pics? this include the wires?
  9. sounds like a deal. you got pics? this include the wires?
  10. thats a badass nice piece. how much does it go for?
  11. yea i gotta thread in the ewby section with still up pics that are recent
  12. aves runs the dragpack copy on bis turboed 392 dart been 8.40s i think?
  13. i honestly dont know what to offer. 100 plus shipping?
  14. good deal. i should have some cash in a few weeks.
  15. they are the newer style like the 6.1 coils right, lol??