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  1. 4.10 bore 3.90 stroke using 6.25 rods 2.10 journal. have tephlon coated bearings all around. pistons an pins are coated as well. broke my right foot lastnight so i am unable to walk or stand. so i cant do crap right now and it is killing me.
  2. block machine work should be done now. not certain but i was asked for the bore size paperwork on wednesday. last pieces of the puzzle finally. beside my drive cable and mandrel and main fuel lines and filter. i dont really have anything left. racing suit and nexgen system. oh i have to port my new manifolds to the exhaust ports. getting really close....
  3. i have a set of BIG GAS HEADS already with inconnel valves and what not. soften chambers and some throat work. wishing id have just got some thitek heads at this point.
  4. guess merika aint down with that yet cuz i flip cameras off all day long....or maybe just the other drivers on their cell phones.
  5. did i mention all cm tubular frontal area?? no...well check that off than. cuz it happening now.
  6. block is out for the machine work...3-5weeks....that time frame is fucking killing me. blood is a boiling cuz it fucks my entire race season up. was hoping to be tested and ready for i29 in mid may. now i donttbink ill be able to make sct at gateway first weekend of june either. AAAÀHHHH!!!!
  7. only the block is left. everything else is gone.
  8. about damn time. gonna be awesome. now there will be 2 twin turbo gen3 1000+whp mopars in the metro this summer.
  9. kansas city mo
  10. engine plate and front cover is sold. cam sold oil pump once i confirm which one it is...pending sale block and crank still available. 700 for them.together. 5.7 stock bore needs cam bearings and cleaned up but not bored. light hone for new rings and good to go.
  11. cam sold
  12. UPDATED CHANGES...HUGE ONES!! hellcat block 411 inches worth of rotating assembly already ordered. either have all the parts or its backordered.lol front engine plate and cover is already here. it is a TWIN TURBO car now. i have twin s475s for it now. fixing to paint them up in black on black to boot. indy covers on the heads, BFNY cam, A2speed.com helped with the exterior engine parts aka the block, heads and front cover, timing chain, billet main hardware, MMX is on the rotating assembly for me. chad spiers is working the cylinder heads, Craig thibeau hooked me up on inconel exhaust valves and gas filled intake valves. THE most importantly wife gave me back the money and didnt want me to put this off any longer. so the build must go on. hope i have no more glitches in the build of this thing.
  13. bg heads and block yeppers. and a bunch of other stuff. pretty much an entire engine has been purchased in the last 7-10days. 411in billet rotating assembly, motor plate front cover and cam, dampner, timing set...yup. most but not all from don at a2speed.com they are pure awesome to deal with. extremely please with them. waiting on the billet caps still is all. have the rest already.
  14. anybody know if toner rings matter based on what block one uses? have a biggas and want to run the 60-2 non vvt toner ring. holley efi is what i have.