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  1. well i have gotten my answer. YES. there is 30cfm left inside the valve seat by getting a cheap valve job on these heads across the board. fyi for all you who didnt know but would like to know or looking to find out. this type of work shohld be cheap and under 250 bucks to get done and can be done fairly easily by anybody that van do a standard valve job.
  2. the 6.1 cam is very good boost cam for a 5.7 and the 6.1 exhaust springs on all 16 valves will work for low boost, but everyone recommends the psi1511 kit for safety measures as they are beehive springs. will you be keeping your 08 heads or upgrading to a better casting like eagles(09 and newer 5.7s) or 6.1?
  3. i wanna bump this. as ive got biggas heads as well. they are smoother casting stock for stock umported vs apachies. biggas outflow the apachies in unported numbers by 15-25cfm@.600lift. 265>245 respectively. i have heard somebody say they reach 420@.600 lift ported. i want proof or i call bs. i also want to know and will see if they need the same opening up behind the valve seat like the rest of the gen3 heads that gives 20-30+cfm by a valve job.<<---- anyone know this answer?
  4. sold the heads. cam amd lifters still available
  5. tell me your price on a 6.1 block smartass? hahaha
  6. heads above gone. have my last set of eagles left. all stock. similar miles. 550 shipped to lower 48. consider trade for stock 6.1 block
  7. heads above gone. have my last set of eagles left. all stock. similar miles. 550 shipped to lower 48.
  8. make an offer i dont need these anymore and somebody wants a budget build
  9. how much of my pre09 5.7 block front cover and cam stuff will work with thar hell cat block? mainly will my cam and lifters and 6.1 crank work with this block and 918433 dampner,head and main studs? just bought the biggas heads from ya guys. im running a truck front cover with an engine motor plate from aei and truck . if so im about to order one of these as well.
  10. springs no longer available. heads 800 shipped
  11. Edit:: SOLD IT ALL. ive got a set with 50k miles and 6.1 springs. i have a new in box 1311 psi spring kit for them i just bought from bfny not but weeks ago. sell all together 1300.00 buyer pays shipping or pick up local or close to local kcmo 64155 Edit springs no longer available heads by themselves 800 shipped make ofter [SOLD] have last set of eagles complete no rockers stock springs 550 shipped lower 48 consider trade for stock bore bare 6.1 useable block with no damage
  12. i have 2 of 3 sets of 6.1 lifters im selling. 1 set with 30k miles the other with 40k miles. 125 a set with retainers or hold downs fasters. 6.1 cam out of gohners(sp) jeep srt and the lifters as well for it 70 bucks. i think he said the miles was 120k?? look to be in good condition and i was gonna use these myself. ill mic the rollers myself when i get the chance for wear tomorrow individually by the rollers. all apear visually the same condition. only labeling and still in the boxesi got them in is how i know the who what when where and how.
  13. you still got these for sale? if so shipping to 64068
  14. dude if he didnt sell them then i was buying them and i still want them.
  15. you mean my traction bars? they are from smithracecraft and are called assassin bars. its a stock 6.1 crank in a 5.7 block, longer 6.25 howards billet rods, 11ish to 1 compression, pumpgas for cruising, c16/e85 and eventually m5 when i get after it hardcore down the road. yet that would mean 412 cubes, aluminum block bes shortblock. i am actually avoiding summit right this very moment so i dont buy a set of the new eddy heads. i want some thitec ported beasts or some big gas ported heads another member maybe selling shortly.. boost wise, all of it. spray wont be nessesary. im building to cruise and do no prep and heads up small tire racing. so i have traction control/monitoring for the car to make it safer on the little tire and 1300hp+ i expect it to make.