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  1. UPDATED CHANGES...HUGE ONES!! hellcat block 411 inches worth of rotating assembly already ordered. either have all the parts or its backordered.lol front engine plate and cover is already here. it is a TWIN TURBO car now. i have twin s475s for it now. fixing to paint them up in black on black to boot. indy covers on the heads, BFNY cam, A2speed.com helped with the exterior engine parts aka the block, heads and front cover, timing chain, billet main hardware, MMX is on the rotating assembly for me. chad spiers is working the cylinder heads, Craig thibeau hooked me up on inconel exhaust valves and gas filled intake valves. THE most importantly wife gave me back the money and didnt want me to put this off any longer. so the build must go on. hope i have no more glitches in the build of this thing.
  2. bg heads and block yeppers. and a bunch of other stuff. pretty much an entire engine has been purchased in the last 7-10days. 411in billet rotating assembly, motor plate front cover and cam, dampner, timing set...yup. most but not all from don at a2speed.com they are pure awesome to deal with. extremely please with them. waiting on the billet caps still is all. have the rest already.
  3. anybody know if toner rings matter based on what block one uses? have a biggas and want to run the 60-2 non vvt toner ring. holley efi is what i have.
  4. lets not count me out....just yet...be a good cruise and tune it drive for certain. must obtain moar parts..
  5. i have an emperial open solid deck dove tale with ramps buult into the end of the trailer. it is a lower height trailer. i think it was 5500 new? i added an electric jack on the tongue and a 5000lb wench. as well as a front damn to protect the front of the car. i plan on selling later this summer if indont trade it in on a enclosed. a new 28ft halmark is 12,999 fwiw.
  6. yea. but nobody cares much for arringtons shitnanicons and attitude. i doubt its a g3 block or it would 25k not 19k. big difference of a 3900 block vs a 5500 dollar block needing full prep work to boot. i just bought all hellcat shit this morning. im not fucking with all this stuff. buy a spare block and hope it dont break. if it does break the new one down a notch is all and coast.
  7. 425.00 i cant use this any more. my loss your gain.. gonna need bigger valve springs and some good heads to run this. custom tune will also be required and converter. right around .600 lift 23x duration Erik storm can answer any techincal questions you may have regarding your build. this cam is for 1000hp+ 392in but im sure will work well on less boost numbers.
  8. thank you don and company once again. always great service. gonna see how well these hellcat blocks hold up for sure now.
  9. mopar aluminum block id bet. or it would be mentioned that it was a g3 block. mopar aluminum block is a better served paper weight or door stopper.
  10. i am currently 23 days out from my 30 day facebook ban once again. or id have been all over hunting for one. dont matter now. already ordered all the hellcat block and parts to change over to it a little bit ago. that block has been on back order over a year and nobody seeks to confident it will be available even at the end of april deadline.
  11. this biggas price still valid? will they handle 1800whp? thats around where my turbos might max out at. cash on file..lol if that helps id go for a new g3 aftermarket aluminum water block even better if you had one of those on hand?? have cash for this as well.
  12. got a contact number? this is the aluminum aftermarket block right?
  13. sorry guys. looks like 8m not making it this spring. i was trying...honestly. cant get a g3 block anywhere or from anybody. i have exhausted my resources there. now hellcst block researching its ability to hold 1800rwhp or 2200flywheel roughly.lol it is to tough to make it in this short of time but i was trying very hard.
  14. hhp says back ordered till end of april. i need it sooner. anybody have a new one they havent used on their build yet and willujg to let go of??