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  1. i am an idiot on fb not cuz i wanna but cuz races are not listed fucking anywhere else. pricks need to suck a high hard one for not even putting half of them on the race track websites. is that to much to ask even?
  2. finally....block is ready for assembly.....chick abow wow woot
  3. thank you sir but just back out of the ER again tonight after 5hr stay and stuff jammed up my nose. im gonna assume ill be back by monday for surgery number 2. as it still wont stop bleeding. life goes on till it doesnt. kinda just sayin fuck it at this point. least i have a big ass life insurance policy.haha just playing. little comical frustration to lighten the mod. block will be done by thursday and THAT is a bigun.
  4. well after another 2 day stay in the hospital. im home today. block will be done by next thursday. found that out. then we see how long it takes to get the rotating assembly installed and the heads back. so we can finally button this bitch up and get it running.
  5. thanks you. i am limping along slowly. hahaha. stripped the damn vvt phase lock due to boogered non matching threads. had to get another and waiting on that. if it isnt something i tell ya. i feel like the luckiest person alive right now. going and doing day by day as i have. one lick at a time ill get things done. 2018 is turning into a wash really quick with 100° heat and no car to tune on as of yet. tomorrow i am going out to get some much needed me time at the range. havent been out in a very long time. see if i can still hit water as a fish sorta deal.lol
  6. i should be testing last week of june or first of july. all depends on how long the cable drive cable takes for turn around build time. still gotta get it all together and measure for it. then order it. converter showed up on monday. forgot all about that darn thing and i ordered it back in end of april as well. was a badass surprise indeed. i am up and walking...with a limp but moving non the same. 3 more weeks with the boot and all good to rehab my foot. next few weeks will be intense for sure. Ice Cream Cruise @I29 first weekend of august is my official debut date to compete in a race. ill be testing before that. tech card paid in full already and on its way. fire suite im shopping for now and a neckgen system as well. so much crap i cant remember what is missing.lol sleep...yup missing lots o sleep for sure.
  7. dont share this yet till i post my it runs vid. so if you havent seen my running and idling vid....dont share this post or details yet. i am just sharing with my mmf brotheran which id not be as far as i am had it not been for you guys. fyi..vids not made yet. week 8 on block at mahine shop...killing me absolutely killing me. anyways..the plan is to reveal at i29 ice cream cruise first weekend of august. still waiting to see if i got a spot or not. we shall see. 1st rd is saturday and remainder sunday. fingers crossed. racer tech card in route. it is heating up.
  8. 4.10 bore 3.90 stroke using 6.25 rods 2.10 journal. have tephlon coated bearings all around. pistons an pins are coated(not tephlon) as well. broke my right foot lastnight so i am unable to walk or stand. so i cant do crap right now and it is killing me.
  9. block machine work should be done now. not certain but i was asked for the bore size paperwork on wednesday. last pieces of the puzzle finally. beside my drive cable and mandrel and main fuel lines and filter. i dont really have anything left. racing suit and nexgen system. oh i have to port my new manifolds to the exhaust ports. getting really close....
  10. i have a set of BIG GAS HEADS already with inconnel valves and what not. soften chambers and some throat work. wishing id have just got some thitek heads at this point.
  11. guess merika aint down with that yet cuz i flip cameras off all day long....or maybe just the other drivers on their cell phones.
  12. did i mention all cm tubular frontal area?? no...well check that off than. cuz it happening now.
  13. block is out for the machine work...3-5weeks....that time frame is fucking killing me. blood is a boiling cuz it fucks my entire race season up. was hoping to be tested and ready for i29 in mid may. now i donttbink ill be able to make sct at gateway first weekend of june either. AAAÀHHHH!!!!
  14. only the block is left. everything else is gone.
  15. about damn time. gonna be awesome. now there will be 2 twin turbo gen3 1000+whp mopars in the metro this summer.