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Posts posted by turbofreek

  1. On 4/28/2019 at 9:08 PM, Goehner said:

    Congrats I guess. :)


    Saw it on Facebook today and I was a bit shocked, sorry about the hail, that sucks.

    yea i check it all over today and i cant see shit for damage.  i mustbe going blind but when wet i could see all kinds of spots.  dry nada.  

    i looked for a challenger but nothing i could sell myself i to owning.  all automatics, or green, orange, blue, bunch of ugly ass strips all over them.  just couldnt find one that even made me excited enough to call about to travel and look at.  always wanted a 15 rt in dark red 6spd.  hardest to find.  id settled on white or black but no manual trans anywhere to be found.

    maybe next round in a few years ill pick up a hellcat that hasnt been modded to hell and back.lol

  2. lol.  im still trying to remember to push in the clutch when stopping.  im not about to do that in front of all you guys in an x brand chubby ss.  hahaha.   it will be turboed soon enough sooo...

    i admit i was mear moments away from buying a white on black vet but wife would be pissed it didnt have a back seat.

  3. yup.  since the dart is still incomplete and im stressed to the heavens.  wife said go get something to drive.  after searching a week for a 2015 6spd rt to no avail.  i found a 2014 2ss all black camaro 6spd with 13k miles.  along with a 5yr unlimited drivetrain warranty from my purchase date.  i cant complain.  borla exhaust, air raid cold kit.  needs tuned, skipshift removed but over all fun little street toy.   

    i certainly have to learn the 3 pedal game again.  feel slightly retarded now killing it couple dozen times. lol  brain farts and what not.

    curious what do these things run as is low 12s?

  4. wow.  my bge heads are basically stock with the seat opened up behind the valve to remove that lip.   on a 4in or 4.03 bore they flowed around 350ish@.600.. wonder what the 4.10 bore that i have improved those numbers by?  maybe 10cfm across the board is about typical for .060 bore?