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  1. little engine porn. wish i had my intake here to get a snap shot of it on top. gonna look killer i think. didnt get to the dodge dealer in time to get my oil pump and tensioner bolts today due to work. but tomorrow i will and button the engine up completely. rear main seal shows up tomorrow as well. not gonna be racing this year but it better fire at least.
  2. bet she hasnt seen the handful of blowers in the goss trailer some working some broken i heard.
  3. shorter or longer life span dont remember which it is. what blower?
  4. so whats the fastest heads up class at cf10?? cuz im taking the W in it unless i gotta add 600lbs to meet min weight. then nah...i wont be there unless i get to add 2 passengers for the ride.
  5. last winter i said i was gonna try to make it. what i ghought was a reasonable time to get my shit done. apparently isnt what anyone elses was reguarding my cars speedy completion. being the ever so impatient person that i am. if my shit isnt ready for 10. im truly going to roll my shit off a cliff on fire. perhaps with a few bodies in the trunk for good measure.hahaha
  6. since im finally about to close up my build. i should be tune and ready to rock the unlimited all out heads up class...which ever one that is. so is there gonna be another one next year in the spring?
  7. been taking a loonngg time for sure.
  8. im hoping to make hits in 2 weeks
  9. i gots the engine in my possession now. ordering pushrods and a few odds and ends like rear seal, cam bolt,
  10. yea plumbing and wiring. im so excited about all that.
  11. and.....its assembled. stuffs about to get very real rel quick. hope all this years bad luck is now on to the good luck side of the coin.
  12. fabrication required with turbos. blowers simple hand tools. if that isnt an issue turbo hands down. makes more power lb per lb and with the right tune and converter or stick. just as quickly spooled as a blower. dont let any idiot whos never done a properly sized turbo setup tell you different.
  13. what he is saying is the procharger is whiney as fuck at idle and gets annoying in short order. im a turbo guy...so i dont typically suggest anything else. in saying that, a turbo kit will still make your hair grey or a forsale sign grow like grass in the yard after a rain storm. not for the faint of heart or weak willed car guy. if done it makes the most power psi to psi and more reliable. blowers are easy to install vs turbos.
  14. with android phone go to your settings. select apps. find tapatalk app. select notifications for sound amd adjust as you see fit. you can turn all the crap off including what it has access to. such as but not limited to, storage, contacts, photos, gps etc..
  15. interesting. do i need it if im not running a serp belt setup? 6.4 block 6.4 cover molnar crank?