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  1. great driving effort. congrats
  2. all day saturday on the track would be awesome.
  3. GSO wont commit till his nipples get hard...
  4. Andy I do not think it was called a crisis. Just decision time based on your circumstances and where we were. Everybody here knows you and I was sure there was good reason for the turn of events. Thanks for your support as always. I am still hoping to make it to the event and will gladly pony the 100.00 front monies even if ultimatly i do not make it. there is also a good reason why I said "pony"....
  5. I did it on mine and yes there is duct work to the brakes included. It is a very nice looking and functional install.
  6. I resemble(d) that remark.... Looks good Boatman
  7. How did it go? Driveway marked up yet?
  8. first class upgrade! shame it was forced
  9. unfortunately it is things like this that pushes the need for moderators. I am sure a bunch of CT members will have a look. Some with good intentions and then some like Barry Newman.
  10. Buckwheat seems to have a burr ip his butt or alfalfa bitch slapped him. Go read his post about (Gohners forum) on CT
  11. Greg I posted the link for reference so you could try something similar. and way to go Jets!
  12. here is what Boss reccomends
  13. you will evntually need moderators. Right now not so much.
  14. eat em alive and spit em out Plum
  15. great videos