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  1. Exactly.. Congrats guys, that's a bunch-o-powa! Nice work to all involved.
  2. Car is running good and the ET /MPH was really nice yesterday. No problems so next time out we will turn it up some and see how it likes it. It was nice to be back in the car.
  3. Stock rockers and lifters...Thicker oil to keep them from collapsing.. I'm not having any problems up top at all. Only ran 20 psi, 30 psi will tell the story tho. Car was 172mph out the back on 20psi and we didn't see any problems with it yesterday.. I will need more rpm on 30psi to get out the back so we will see! I think with 30psi and 350rwhp more I will have to shift all gears @ 8-8200 to get out the back by 8500rpm.
  4. Looks badass.!!
  5. 6.1 can go to 8200rpm and live.. I did it this weekend multiple passes.. To be more specific, I shifted 1-2 and 2-3 @ 7700 rpm, went out the traps @ 8200 rpm
  6. Thanks Bruce, I haven't talked to him in about 5 years. We go wayyyyyy back to the 2v days.
  7. Rob, Rhodes is doing the work? They are badass! Tell Spence Tim Barth said Hi. Car looks really nice.
  8. The slight gear noise is normal.... Do NOT fill it with oil to the top line, fill it in between the lines. If you fill it up to the top line it will blow the seals out on high boost.
  9. Looks good John!
  10. Nope..Still runs a bypass valve. You too man, cross your fingers that my parts stay under the hood!
  11. Why wouldn't it be? All blowers need a bypass valve.
  12. I want to run 88's, but waiting on someone to give me a motor that can handle them. They are 7675's, I can easily put 1800hp to the ground with them, and that is what I would like to see here shortly to push the car into the deep 7's. Once that goal is met and I can get an engine to handle it I'll step up to the 88's. Car spools quick with the two step,we changed the cam profile also to help even more.
  13. 9.18@152 mph.... Trans never shifted again after that pass so we didn't get to turn it up..
  14. I'm guessing between 0 and 8.99.. Just a guess tho.
  15. Badass! Finally, some cars stepping it way up!