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  1. We painted that car, Nostalgia Lane was the company Norm's took over when I moved here and merged with them. They had just finished painting it when I moved north. Cool car in person, Larry is a great guy.
  2. Thanks for the fast shipping, y'all have my business. My second dealing with y'all and both times stuff ships fast. My customer with the 426 is tickled with you and the delivery times.. Thanks again! I feel like I'm dealing with a Ford vendor instead of a Hemi vendor. Tim
  3. Brand new, never installed 2005-2008 SRT8 vehicles, rated for 1000 $1200 You can email me if your interested at mphracing@yahoo.com
  4. Tom Bright's Charger went 10.57 on a 100% stock Engine, we are hoping to go low 10's today with it . John's car went a 8.54 with a 250 shot, 1.31 60'. He went 131mph in the 1/8 so the car really likes the nitrous coming on soon. I think I can get John a little faster on the 250 shot before we turn on the other 250, I haven't given the car the full 250 off the line yet, we are only leaving with around a 125 shot. Linda's car has water getting into the engine, the car runs fine so we are thinking it possibly has busted an intercooler. We will pull the blower off and see.
  5. John and Linda chose to use HHP, I chose to use JW, Neal Chance and AJ.. Pretty simple and drama free. Honestly, really refreshing for me.. Put stuff in a car, car goes fast. I like when that happens, felt like we were building a Ford instead of a fucked up Hemi build with never ending drama and false promises. I enjoyed this build, took 9 days from start to finish, pretty awesome in my book. Far cry from 9 months to a year on all her other builds with vendor hold ups. Don't really care who or what was at fault on the other builds all I know is this build went flawless and the vendor support was top notch. Andy had nothing to do with this build , so there is nothing to "answer" . No one is bashing PWR, this thread is strictly about Linda making a 9.49 pass in her car and the above mentioned vendors getting props from me for making it all happen smoothly and as promised. If Andy built this engine I would be giving him props too, but he didn't, they used someone else.
  6. Me too Rob. John and Linda are great people. They have had to deal with a ton of bullshit that they have kept a lid on to avoid drama. Its nice its finally over with and the cars are running strong. The tuner/builder of the DP should be punched in the mouth. Johns lucky he still has an engine in that car. Linda's car, I would have killed 3 vendors by now if it was my car. Aj is a huge asset to the Hemi community and I owe him big time for helping me with getting EEC's flashed for conversions. HHP, did a jam up job on a great engine and world class delivery. They said it would be here on a certain day and it was, no excuses, no bullshit, it was here. JW built a fantastic transmission and Neal Chance nailed the converter perfect without one dyno run to base it on, he based the converter on my info and HHP's info and its perfect! Congrats on your ride Rob, y'all did a great job on it.
  7. Thanks bud, I "think" it will do better. The track was so slick I had to hold the tune up back to get it down the track. I am dying to spray it, she always picks up .8-.9 on the 175 shot so the 250 should add a bit more.. I'm so happy for Linda, you have no idea!
  8. Nope, its here waiting to test again in two more weeks locally. Thanks for your help on that pcm reflash for the Magnum, you are Da Man Aj..
  9. Linda went a 9.49@ 145mph on blower only with her new engine. I will lean on it harder next time out to see how far into the 9's this new engine will go on blower only. The track went away on her so I couldn't get more aggressive with it this time out, we will in a few weeks and then we will hit it with the 250 shot and see what she does. I really like the engine, it is making tons of power and this car is finally doing what it is suppose to. HHP, y'all did a really really nice job on it and the promised delivery date was hit which was really nice! Linda, you did a great job driving your car this weekend! It was nice to see you and John both driving and having fun after all these transmission and engine delays you have been thru. Johns car picking up 11mph by simply tuning it the right way was nice to see. I know he was happy after all the crap he has been thru with his car too. Both cars are doing really good , I'm happy for both of you. Tim
  10. Exactly.. Congrats guys, that's a bunch-o-powa! Nice work to all involved.
  11. Car is running good and the ET /MPH was really nice yesterday. No problems so next time out we will turn it up some and see how it likes it. It was nice to be back in the car.
  12. Stock rockers and lifters...Thicker oil to keep them from collapsing.. I'm not having any problems up top at all. Only ran 20 psi, 30 psi will tell the story tho. Car was 172mph out the back on 20psi and we didn't see any problems with it yesterday.. I will need more rpm on 30psi to get out the back so we will see! I think with 30psi and 350rwhp more I will have to shift all gears @ 8-8200 to get out the back by 8500rpm.
  13. Looks badass.!!
  14. 6.1 can go to 8200rpm and live.. I did it this weekend multiple passes.. To be more specific, I shifted 1-2 and 2-3 @ 7700 rpm, went out the traps @ 8200 rpm
  15. yes Rockford illinois