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  1. I'm an engineer and was a math major, let me get out my calculator...
  2. Edited because I don't want to come across as a racist, which I am not. I'm an educated, Bible-believing, gun-owning Constitutional Conservative who also happens to be a realist. For our Canadian friends (or anyone else for that matter) who like to question and criticize our right to own and carry handguns for protection: FUCK YOU! I saw an interesting statistic the other day that the average concealed handgun license permit holder is 13 times LESS likely to commit a violent crime than citizens not licensed to carry. Here in Georgia, you can have a gun in your home, your car, or your place of business without a permit. A Georgia Weapons Carry License grants you the right to carry concealed and does not require a class. We have a couple of very active pro-gun groups here that have accomplished much in the last few years. I'm a firm believer in Castle Doctrine\Stand your Ground\Make My Day laws. I don't start shit with anybody. Never. Don't fuck with me and you don't have a problem. Don't force me to use (whatever is necessary) force against you. I practice nearly every day for the moment I have to use my firearm in defense of my (or anyone near me) life but pray every day I never have to. But make no mistake, I will if I have to. If it comes down to me or you, you're going to get up close and personal with some 200gr +P .45... Molon Labe...
  3. Stand up guy right there....and a smart businessman. Lee thinks long-term relationships rather than short-term profits. A business has to make a profit to stay in business but far too many businessmen think only in terms of short-term profits and one-time sales rather than building long=term relationships. When I was in retail audio sales, I had triple the amount of repeat customers and referrals than any of the other salesmen at the store I worked at for 14 years (I was the GM for my last 8 years there) and almost always sold more than the other three salesmen combined. I was the "Top Salesman of the Month" every month except 4 months out of 14 years. People liked dealing with me and would wait to see me. When the store owner would question people as to why they liked dealing with me so much they would always recite most, if not all, of the following reasons: 1) I was very knowledgeable of the products and services I was selling 2) I treated them with kindness and respect 3) they knew they would get a fair deal 4) they knew I would upsell them only if the more expensive product better matched their needs and wants and fit their budget 5) they knew I would do everything I could to help if they had problems after the sale 6) they knew I would never try to sell them something I wouldn't buy myself To this day, the owner and I are still close friends and he will tell you in a heartbeat that I made him far more money than any other salesman he ever had. It's all about building relationships. That's why I will pay a few dollars more to deal with local mom & pop establishments over big-box stores.
  4. Looking at that torque curve, I'm surprised we don't see more builds running 58's. That thing is going be big fun!
  5. Green is the best color. It's the color of money...
  6. . Had to snap a quick pic of the tshirt a friend gave me...
  7. Because you're a pussy? Sorry, someone HAD to say it...and of course it will be the guy with ADD...
  8. So I'm wondering: With a 100-150 shot of N2O, a pulley change, and some slicks...is this potentially a 9-sec car?
  9. Bottom of the screen @ 3:52 in the video: NHRA CERTIFIED 10.8 @ 126 WITH STREET LEGAL DRAG RADIAL TIRES NHRA CERTIFIED 11.2 @ 125 WITH PRODUCTION TIRES That 11.2@125 on stock tires impresses me more than the 10.8@126 on DR's. There's gonna be an awful lot of humiliated Poontang, Gaymaro, and Chevette owners...the Hellcat is a BEAST! Ginx! I was typing the same thing as you posted!
  10. ^^^ You sir, owe me one Samsung 27" monitor as I just spewed coffee on mine and the keyboard!
  11. Developers have gotten lazy. Seems they've all forgotten memory management and other basics that the early coders had no choice but to be good at. I have a lot of respect for those early guys who only had 640k to work with. And the more memory, CPU, etc. the hardware vendors give them, the worse the newer generations of coders will get. Seems it's all come to be about functionality, LUser experience, and being first to market rather than writing good code. I'm a BOFH who architects and runs several hundred Citrix servers for a global pharma company so I experience the havoc from code bloat and lazy coders on a daily basis. Thank God for virtualization and the ability to add capacity so easily...
  12. From a technological standpoint (not speaking GUI preference here), Windows 8/Server 2012 is far superior to any OS Microsoft has previously released. People hated windows 95 when it first came out. People hated XP when it first came out. People hated Vista/Win7 (same GUI but UAC is much smarter in Win7) when it first came out. Get a touch-screen, learn a few keyboard shortcuts, and Windows 8 is pretty badass. I can probably figure out a way to force that CD to open in IE in DEV/compatibility mode. There's probably command-line switches to do that so you could launch it with a BAT file. Hell, I can script damn near anything using DOS, Powershell, and/or VBScript...
  13. There is definitely, without doubt, a Sublime Hellcat in my future.