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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many bidders are registered for the Demon auction.
  2. The 338s will not clear the front brake calipers on an SRT, unless you plan on using a big spacer (more than 6mm). I found out the hard way.
  3. A few shots from the track
  4. From the album CF7

  5. From the album CF7

  6. From the album CF7

  7. From the album CF7

  8. From the album CF7

  9. From the album CF7

  10. From the album CF7

  11. From the album CF7

  12. As others have stated, member recognition/identification would be great. Removable name tags might work. Although its on the last day, I was thinking maybe a slideshow (no sound) could be playing (looping) during the banquet/auction. A picture of the member and their vehicle with screen name displayed. I would be more than happy to put something together like this, if the organizers are on-board with the idea. Attending members would just need to email me a picture. Thoughts??
  13. Just got home. My 2 boys and I had a great time as usual. Got to meet a handful of new people this year. A special thanks to everyone who puts forth their time and efforts to make this event possible every year. We can't wait to be back for #7.
  14. Just leaving Shitcinnati
  15. PM sent