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  1. Bill, if you need more bottles, I have 5 10 lb. zex w/ high flow valves.
  2. Ok, I will be needing all of my parts back from the people I sold them to over the last 8 years, so I can be in compliance. , kiss my white ass. Too late.
  3. Nice, John. Your street car is faster than my race car. That's just wrong, .
  4. You really expect anyone to believe that Tim Barth forgot to put oil in the Kenne Bell? It wouldn't make it to idle on start up LMAO!!!
  5. Nice Bill. What shot did Tim give it? 150?
  6. I've taken a lot of parts from Tout's too. If my car were pink you could call it Linda's. I did remember doing it though, and paid them.
  7. One new part and a broken part.
  8. Thank God I, and most others, are past the Douche Bag Vendors around here I'm amazed at how fast my race car parts arrive from real race vendors. I even get the correct specs that I ask for.
  9. DSS says the shaft was made 1" shorter, to fit the GForce, so the adapter would have to be double the normal size to fit the Paramount/DSS rear.
  10. After the first hit. Ptobably
  11. Okay, thanks. Wouldn't happen to have the part # would you?
  12. Mike I'll take it off your hands. Paramount Nag1-DSS/Paramount 9" should work. A 9' is a 9'. PM me the details and I'll Pay Pal it to you.
  13. That Kate girl is gonna shine. Real sharp young person. Tout's can be proud of her.
  14. I grew up with Dana. He is a local boy that made it to the big time. I have purchased several cars from him through the years.