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  1. For 900 I'll order two as well, would be nice to have a couple on hand.
  2. I believe the "Blue" injectors are all blue, 80lb injectors are black with a blue stripe (I run them as well).
  3. Ever get the 10 people? I'm interested.
  4. Well, damn dude. Checked in here hoping to see good news / progress, hope you get it back up and running soon.
  5. This whole winter here (Marble Falls / Kingsland / Fredericksburg) I had more ice storms / temps in the 20/30s than I did in the winters I was in Virginia. Granted, when it did have a freak snow storm (I think the most was 4 inches?) I was overseas somewhere. Never had to clear out my driveway in Virginia, most we ever got there were dustings (lived there 9 years). And if we did get more than a dusting it'd melt away in a day. The climate here (humidity, winters, etc...) remind me of S.E Virginia, except we got a shit ton more rain during the spring / summer months.
  6. Pffft Virginia aint that cold... Not even NoVA. Now Oregon / Washington yeah, hell it gets as cold here in Texas as it does in Virginia. Then again it seems like every time I was deployed it'd snow like crazy / freeze over in the Hampton Roads area, but never when I was there (mild winters). Even when I worked / lived in NoVA / D.C it wasn't too bad, then again I didn't drive much since I had a bachelor pad 100 meters from the VRE (fuck the metro). Out of all the places I have lived, Texas is up there (behind Virginia and slightly behind Arizona but tied with Washington / Oregon). Seriously the only ding this place has is the total lack of public land (at least out where I am). The gun laws are 'ok' (seriously lagging behind Arizona and Virginia), no state taxes, and some awesome Women out this way (being single it's like a kid in a candy store here where the candy jumps at you) and an awesome economy.
  7. Californians tend to ruin everything, I was born and raised there. Luckily for me I lived back east in Virginia for 9 years, Texas a year (training and BASIC), the pacific northwest (Oregon and Washington, though those are hippy havens so I guess they don't count). I also own properties in Arizona (Bullhead City area) and that place is a prime example of Californians looking to get away from their issues (gangs, high cost of living etc..) and only bringing their issues with them. I have been going there since before I can remember (early 80s) and you can see how much the transplants have ruined things with pushes for new laws, bringing the gangs with them, etc... Luckily when the economy crashed a lot of them bounced out, but they damaged a lot in the last 20 years. I'll be damned if I ever move back to California, I moved there for a contract and regretted every minute of it (even if I was deployed the whole time after that contract ended). The only thing I will miss is being able to take my dirtbikes out of my garage and ride anywhere I wanted out in the desert and into the valleys / mountains. Everything here is privately owned, kind of sucks.
  8. I need to get my boat and jetskis from Bullhead out here, I'm less than a mile away from a public ramp. Can't exactly launch using the creek behind my house (pictures of it must have been taken after a torrential downpour). It drains into the colorado, but not deep enough / doesn't even run all the time. Looks like a mini version of the slab down the road from me. I'm thinking of buying some land on the Colorado and just putting one of those metal buildings and a boat ramp / dock on it. Seems people are selling a ton of the houses / properties on the water right now. Especially on lake Buchanan, but those "lake front" houses are a mile out from the lake now, and the owners want lake front property prices still.
  9. Lots on Lake LBJ or the Colorado river. Plus side to LBJ is it's constant level, all the other lakes seem to be drying up. So thats one downside, you'll be going from one drought area to another. Canyon lake looks pretty nice, and you'd be close but far enough away from San Antonio.
  10. Austin is a bit more, liberal. Best bet is to live just outside of it (fuck living in Austin or it's suburbs), lots of neat stuff there for sure but you couldn't pay me to live there (still not as bad as California, but pretty close). I dislike it enough I have turned jobs down in Austin and commute to Fredericksburg (about 46 miles from where I live). Zero traffic, and none of that hippy nonsense (just way too many god damn suicidal deer).
  11. I remember one of those rolling around in Hampton roads in the early 2000s, guy @ little creek owned it and would constantly get curb stomped by exhaust (LTs etc..) only Lightnings and stock LS1s. Seriously thought it was just a F&F inspired truck or something (I was 18 , oh well). He sure did talk it up though.
  12. No, that along with the original diff was left @ the builders. Well, this is turning into a lot of fun.
  13. I need to read next time, just noticed he said rears. M&H makes a nice 18 inch drag radial (I liked it), but I'd drop to 17s for more options.
  14. I run 18s (Saleen replicas) and have NT05s on all 4 corners (275/40/18s) the tires were great new but they tend to wear out quick, and then it's pretty gnarly driving them in the rain. Back before I blew the motor on my Mazda I didn't care since I didn't DD my SRT8. The SRT8 is going back to non DD use soon so I'll probably buy another set of the NT05s, if I were to DD it I'd go with Sport Comp 2s or the like over the NT05s.
  15. He'll get time served, the felonies will be talked down. And even if he is given jail time, it'll be book and release if it even gets that far.