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  1. Well technically she is the winner. They have her listed as the 11.0 winner even though you were 22 thou closer to the index. My guess is if there was another car there that ran a faster average than your 11.20 avg, you would have won the 11.0 index, she would have runnered up and the faster car would have runnered up behind the Demon where you ended up at. Make sense?? BTW.... I was there but never got a chance to stop by and say hello. I was racing in the Coan Engineering Stock/Super Stock class with my junk. Congrats on your win.
  2. This was the Dodge/Hemi Shootout at the NMRA/NMCA Allstar Event at Atlanta Dragway this past weekend. Demon owner Peter Mansolillo of Suwanee, Georgia, clicked off a 10.33 and a 10.62 in his 2018 Mopar, but on the third pass, the car lurched off the line and promptly ground to a halt after it shattered the rear differential housing. Word is that it should be covered under warranty.
  3. what is that inside the port?
  4. Nice Tony. Thanks for posting that. Somehow I missed it when you did.
  5. you must've started a couple days early......... have another
  6. Stock 6.1 Slicks, headers, OST tune 12.06 @ 113.68 1.66 60'
  7. It'll work
  8. Thanks, looks like the suspension is working. Now all I need is more power to get it down the track a little quicker. Did you take that pic?
  9. I'd cut the bolt and buy new. Just install it back opposite.
  10. Had a great time Tony. Good to meet up with you guys too. Nothing like having to run the #1 points champ..... I had the #1 qualifier in round 2. My junk wouldn't run the number in the heat of the afternoon and I knew I was going to have trouble. I even pulled the passenger seat out but it still wasn't enough. I made an error in judgment in 2nd rd QF and ran under where I wanted to be. Nice pic of Andrew posted in the gallery on NMCA website.
  11. You get 3 QF passes. They knock a tenth off your best pass and that's your dial for eliminations. It can't be changed.
  12. alrighty then.......
  13. Rock Auto $93 for Remy , ACDelco $101.79 + shipping. New
  14. I will most definitely be there If you go, look for the only dummy with a 6 speed in open comp
  15. I wonder how many will show at the NMCA race at Bradenton in March for the Holley EFI Factory Super Car Class