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  1. The LEGO flag girl looks like you.2DE478C4-62E6-44A5-960C-8EF797EE8558.thumb.jpeg.4dc61a6e61fd4eac69d4073939df54c0.jpeg

  2. It would be nice to get Mass Traction to prep the track for the Challengerfest weekend.
  3. Car should be ready.
  4. A great weekend all around. Finished fouth in CF& bracket and won the best reaction time(.000), not bad for first race with a new BFNY converter. I made it to the finals for MSHS bracket class with a 12.448 on a 12.44 dial, then they shut the track down. Thanks to Jay and Dan for all their hard work putting the event together and thanks to all the great sponsors.
  5. How many do you want Kevin?
  6. My car smelled like BBQ for weeks after that show. I got hungry every time I went somewhere.
  7. is there going to be a BBQ dinner on Friday at the car show this year? it was really good last year.
  8. Just checking I was too lazy to count the days.
  9. Did you take into account February has 29 days this year?
  10. Paid, car#362, screen name jaamrace
  11. Caleb will be coming to cf and loves to color. He put on a coloring contest at the fall VMP race for the kids that attended. The coloring books are a great idea.
  12. The 50 mm bolt is too long. 40 mm bolt works much better. The stock one was 30 mm.
  13. Is there a no touch car wash near the hotel?
  14. The little guys are sweeping the salt off the road and filling pot holes
  15. I always race more than once. It's always races for me.