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  1. Thanks for the input-I'll give it a shot a post results after.
  2. I'm off the 28th, I'll try to make arrangements to be there also. The night I ran the 12.8 was absolutely awesome, went undefeated, even took out a C6 . My son's gonna bring his 5.0 track pack which now sports exhaust and tune. I took him stock for stock 13.004 to 13.007 (time slip time) his trap speed was 110 to my 108
  3. Thanks ! I followed your recommendation before with great results I'll let ya know how it goes. Gonna try to hit Baytown Fri nite, but not positive i'll be there yet. I'll let ya know how it goes with the cai/tune.
  4. I am running the 91oct tune (Predator) on a stock 09 SRT8 , saw a drop from 13.1 to 12.8 with that tune-very happy with the results on the track and sotp feel of the car after the tune. I am installing a CAI on Fri, which tune should i use ? The 93 CAI, 91 CAI, or just continue with my present tune, i am in the Houston area, high humidity,sea level. Thanks.