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  1. You ever consider having the return go to the feed basket on the driver's side? We have the return from our 1500 pump going right back into the basket and we can run at WOT with wheels up 9.8 at the drag strip with as little as 4 gallons of fuel.
  2. We did a 12 page story on building the ultimate TH400 drag race transmission for late model HEMI race cars. As a Mopar guy, I learned a lot during this project, thought I'd share it with you all: http://www.moparmax.com/tech/2016/xi_9-into_the_9s_part_3-1.html
  3. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 21 September 2016 ALEX “THE CAR GIRL” ROGEO GETTING BACK TO FORM AT NMCA WEST RACE Attached photo courtesy Tim Marshall Fontana, CA – After a promising start to the 2016 season Alex Rogeo’s Liquid Glow MAHLE race car ran into gremlins in late spring and summer. With lots of help from her current racing partners like Magnuson Superchargers and from a new partner, American Racing Solutions, Alex and her team were finally able to concentrate on racing rather than repairs. From the first lap of practice on Friday afternoon, the team knew that the new high performance belt tensioner from American Racing Solutions (ARS) was not only contributing to keeping the supercharger belt intact; it was producing higher manifold pressure. “[My crew chief] Richard and the folks at Magnuson spent days working on the car before this race,” said Alex. “Magnuson engineered adaptors to convert our single serpentine belt drive into a two-belt drive system. This reduced the strain on the main belt. And then the ARS tensioner not only tamed any belt misbehavior, it increased the belt’s grip and that increased boost.” The NMCA West Street Car Nationals were held in very hot conditions. On race day Sunday it was 104F degrees with track temps nearing 150F. But with no need to worry about belts or electrical gremlins the team quickly found the setup for the conditions. “The car is actually making more power now than it was earlier in the year,” said Richard Kratz. “Hedman Hedders used our car to make 2” long tube headers designed for a big, power adder late model HEMI like our blown 426ci Arrington Performance engine. And the new ARS tensioner produced 1.4 pounds more boost than we’d ever made before. So more air in and out and this car ran strong in this heat. We were running 9.8s to 9.9s with a DA of 4,000 feet and this car weighs over 4,000 pounds. That’s getting it done.” Alex competed in three races over the weekend, separate bracket races on Saturday and Sunday and the Quick Street class point’s race on Sunday. Alex lost the Saturday bracket race by .0019 seconds, which indicates how close the racing is in this class. On Sunday, Alex was again on the wrong side of a super close race, this time losing out by a mere .0013 seconds. In round one of the Quick Street race, Alex paired up with defending class champion, Jeff Interlicchia. Alex cut a .001 light and ran 9.953 on her 9.95 dial to win the round with a .004 package. “That first round against Jeff was the highlight of the weekend for me,” said Alex. “He’s such a good racer; you have to bring your best game when you face off with him. Just to have a car again that can do that, and to be able to drive it like that again is a great feeling.” Alex’s race came to an end in round three with a .006 red light. She is now in sixth place with one race left. While not mathematically eliminated, the odds are very long. But the team is feeling good, they’re happy to have a well running car and be able to mix it up with great racers again. Alex thanked all of her marketing partners, “We have so many great performance industry leaders as our partners that I feel very lucky to have. Companies like MAHLE Aftermarket and MAHLE Motorsports, Arrington Performance, Westminster Performance Transmission, Manley Performance, Diablosport, LAT Oil, Champion Spark Plugs, shopHEMI.com, Mickey Thompson Tires, Hedman Hedders, Driveshaft Shop, Bell Racing, Mountain View Performance, Weld Racing, AEM Electronics, American Racing Solutions and Big John’s Performance.” Consumer Contact Information: AlexTheCarGirl.com
  4. Quick update (I'm tired, weekend of racing in 104 degree heat). We set an all time record with the ARS tensioner and new belt system. In three years we had never gone more than 16 laps on one belt, and the average was about 6 laps. After 18 passes this weekend, everything is still perfect. And we made 1.4 pounds more boost than we ever had this year since our new engine was installed, our prior best was 10.2 compared to 11.6 today (as measured by a fast sampling AEM AQ-1 data logger). Alex threw down a .004 package for one of her win lights today. Note that the 9.953 pass was with 101F temperature, the DA was 4,000 feet and car was 4090 pounds on the scales.
  5. Very sorry, I missed this post! Yes, this is the unit you can buy extra licenses for. Again, sorry for the late reply, somehow missed this.
  6. We have these units in stock again. The price has gone up, but forum members can still purchase for $349.99. Just use the coupon code below for $40 off. Code: mmforum349
  7. Well, we'll pay Eric & Wendy's airfare, but they have to pick up the bar tab each night.
  8. , yeah, I think the lowest DA we've run in is about 1,500 ft. That was Vegas in November. I'd love to run her in a mineshaft some day.
  9. No nitrous, we run an Arrington 426 with a Magnuson blower with a 2.60" pulley.
  10. Fontana, CA in April. DA was about 3,000 which is normal for that track. Alex cut a perfect light to take #1 Qualifier on Saturday and that was the 9.85 run. Switched from Qualy setup to Race setup on race day Sunday ran 9.95, 9.95, 9.95 and then 9.96.
  11. Hey folks, we just being you the news, not the gospel. Every car is unique and there is no one anointed solution for everyone. What I can tell you is that the ARS tensioner is designed and manufactured in the USA. It's made from high quality 6061 T6 hardened billet aluminum. It has a hella strong spring inside (you'll want to use your long breaker bar to move the tensioner when installing the belt), a 3/4" steel bolt core, etc., etc. We put the car up on the two-step at one point to see how the tensioner responded. You think a lumpy cam makes a tensioner oscillate, that's nothing to what happens at 3,200 RPM on a 2-step. We couldn't even see the tensioner moving, it just held the belt in place. We test our parts hard, the car has over 1,500 competition rounds on it, and another 500 passes testing. Since 2011 we've had two championship runner-ups, made the final 24 cars in NHRA Summit Series Sportsman class in Division 7 finals and have a nice trophy case display at the shop. We aren't the leather driving gloves "Road & Track" kind of magazine, we won a race once and needed JB Weld and Gorrilla tape repairs after each round on the way to the win. So, final thoughts. Look, we're Mopar, which means we're LAST on every performance manufacturers list for parts. Chevy first, then Ford, and then most manufacturers stop there. Here's a manufacturer putting in a lot of effort and expense to bring a high quality part to the Mopar market. This is a very well made piece of hardware. If you have belt issues you should look into it, contact the manufacturer, research your options.
  12. OsO, yes you're right, the two belt setup helps. But for now, if you want two belts, you have to make the parts yourself and very few owners have that ability. So the bolt-on route is more realistic for most people that are encountering belt problems. BFNY, we tried the manual tensioner route and there is one big short-coming. The belts at high rpm full throttle stretch, a lot, that's what the tensioner is adjusting for. You just can't get it tight enough static to actually take out all the slack you want at full load. When we tried a different design that allowed us to get a tremendous amount of static load, then we started snapping the belts when the throttle was chopped. So, without enough tension we'd break/shred under WOT high RPM, get enough lots of tension on it and then the belt would break/shred coming out of the burnout, or at the shift, or if Alex needed to lift at the top end to win a round. Having a tensioner with a powerful spring is a good solution. Also, by it's nature, a manual adjuster puts stress on the tensioner that is not in the plane of the belt. When we cranked up the tension to keep the belt tight we ended up distorting the tensioner under load and the belt would walk of the pulley which was now twisted out of the correct plane. This is not a simple problem, and like any good crew chief will tell you, it's good to have more than one tool in your toolbox.
  13. Hey all, I haven't posted here in a bit, so time to update y'all. Cam, BFNY Performance, actually, we have a new combo in Maggie now. It's an Arrington 426 engine with custom Comp camshaft. On race fuel it made 908 HP in February on the Arrington Engine dyno. But that was with the old headers. Hedman used our car to prototype new 2" long tube headers optimized for power adder HEMI cars. We made 800.5 RWHP on the Magnuson Dyno in May. Car has run a best pass of 9.85 @ 136 MPH with a 60 foot of 1.30 flat, it weighed 4,090 pounds on the scales that day with Alex in the car. More tweaks on the car and we're making more power now in preparation for the September NMCA West race where Alex is tied for 3rd in the championship in the Quick Street class. Alex won the New HEMI Challenge class at Mopars at the Strip in the first race of the year as well. The car has a custom built TH400 transmission now and Alex shifts manually on a shift light. We've been cutting/throwing/shredding belts all year. Four different tensions, each would help a little, but we never knew when the belt would come off. Then we fabricated a manual tensioner, again it helped for a while. We also broke two tensioners this year, the idler pulley on one and we actually broke the locating lug off another. With our latest power tweaks we got to the point where we cannot make a full pass without losing the belt. It usually breaks at max torque in 3rd gear during the run. We run Trinity datalogs as well as an AEM AQ1 data logger, so I know what's going on during the run. I and the car spent last week at Magnuson working on a few things on the car. We received the prototype tensioner from American Racing Solutions and I can tell you that it is the bomb. The video that I posted to YouTube shows how well it worked. By the way, on the third pass in that video we were at 800 RWHP already at only 6,000 RPM (we run the new engine to 7,000 RPM in each gear) and the tires started to slip on the dyno. With the ARS tensioner we saw more boost than we've ever seen, even with the manual tensioner. We picked up .4 pounds of boost and the extra power was more than the tires could get to the dyno rollers. Final proof will be on the track September 18th. But I can tell you that we have never had a belt as steady and drama free as the one we have with the ARS tensioner. Nor have we ever achieved as much boost from our combo as we did with the new tensioner. This is my job as Editor-Publisher of MoparMax magazine, finding new companies and parts that the Mopar New Gen Nation might be interested in. And this tensioner is one of them. There will be more details later in the magazine article. If you are having problems with belts, you might want to look at this product. If you're not having problems with your belt, then you're good as is. We just test stuff and let you and our readers know the results. More to come...
  14. i2010 DCX for Chrysler/Dodge/Ram/Jeep 2005-2014 Model Years $349.99 NOTE: This is not a regularly stocked inventory item. We get a few new units in stock several times a year due to the special marketing partnership between the Liquid Glow Racing team and Diablosport. These items are new units straight from the factory and carry the full Diablosport warranty. We recommend you don’t postpone buying if you’re interested because they never last long when we put them on sale. We take all major credit cards on our website as well as PayPal. All units are only $4.95 for shipping and we ship within 24 hours by USPS Priority Mail. ORDER FROM: https://liquidglow.net/product/diablosport-intune-i2-for-chrysler-vehicles/
  15. We have a limited number of brand new Diablosport inTune i2 DCX hand held programmers in stock at a great price, $349.99. This is the new, improved inTune and works on 2005-2014 vehicles right out of the box. See Diablosport's website for details, but with a modified PCM these will also work on 2015 and 2016 vehicles. You can order right from our website, all details and pricing are there. You can order using any major credit card. Here's the page: https://liquidglow.net/product/diablosport-intune-i2-for-chrysler-vehicles/ I wouldn't hesitate, we only have a handful available and we won't have more until around March.