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  1. Nice times! Speedy so that’s the stock tune on that car and pulley as well? What tires are you using? I ended up selling my 09 R/T in October and bought a 17 M6 Hellcat. But winters here’s and the cars away until April. Can’t wait to get it to the track. Thanks
  2. Ok thanks I'll check them out.
  3. Hey! So I'm looking into upgrading my transmission because 2nd gear issues while drag racing. I know of RPM that has pretty strong ones but is there other companies that are building them? Thanks
  4. Nice time! What transmission and clutch combo are you using?
  5. Thanks everyone for your opinions. Linda I did have a kenne bell build and the cars working great. Couldn't have done it without the help from BFNY Erik and AJ. The car ran a best with the stock shifter of 10.80@134.33. I guess I'll be ordering up a Barton. Thanks
  6. I'm getting ready to buy one and was wondering which one you guys prefer the Barton or the hurst? Thanks
  7. Nice set up kinda similar to mine. How much boost are you running?
  8. Right on! Congrats. What's your combo again?
  9. He's talking about me you have me on the list. What's up Doug how's thing going? He's talking about me you have me on the list. But hopefully even quicker time in a couple weeks. What's up Doug how's thing going?
  10. http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/c_easton79/library Here's the slip. I hope this works.
  11. Thanks everyone. The car wouldn't be anywhere near where it is if it wasn't for Erik and AJ. Thanks guys.
  12. Ya your right you did say you'd pay for Pistons and the only time I ever heard from you after that was to ask me if I started the rumour about the plugs in my car in that you took the old ones out and used the 6510 then put the old ones back in. That's it. The injectors turned out fine. Everything Erik did to the car turned out find and as for those text msg I think there's more in between the ones you posted. There's more to those logs that other people have seen and diagnosed in them which indicate that the IATS are not the problem. Your tune was the problem. Sure I'm not saying the IATs aren't screaming hot but after checking with kenne bell and sending them your tune to look at they even said the IATs wouldn't have melted the Pistons. Your right it is my word against yours and you have flipped the script to make yourself look better. I paid for all the stuff you broke on my motor when it was clear its your fault. I have nothing to lie about to make you look bad, your doing a fine job at it.
  13. I said to mike you should buy new Pistons if it turns out to be your falt he never offered that idea up. As for the short block and me shipping it to him that option was never on the table from him.
  14. Well I guess everyone knows who it is now. Erik at BFNY and AJ HEMITUNER FTW!!!!!!! And his version of the spark plug situation never happened. His words to me were they lasted on the dyno so there good to go and then he told me that he bought the plugs but there on his bench and he wanted to save me money. He never offered me them or said he will change them for the 2500 mile trip home. Why wouldn't I buy them off of him if they were offered to me there a lot cheaper in the states to buy.
  15. Ya I guess paragraphs would have helped but I got on a roll trying to remember everything and didn't want to go back and fix it. I could have given the clif note version but whatever. It just feels good to finally vent. I told people involved I wouldn't mention names. But the tune was 3000