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  1. Hello back?
  2. Fore Dual Fuel Pump & FC2. New in box, with FC2 Controller. Fits 2011 and up Challenger and Charger, including Hellcat. NOTE: Hellcat will need additonal fuel rails and line, available directly from Fore. Retail is $844.00 Will take $700.00 shipped. From the Fore website: Fits 2005+ LX, LC, LD Double pump module Supports 1200+ rwhp Use with OEM fuel feed line or upgraded fuel lines Use in return or returnless configuration E85 and race fuel compatible (see pump manufacturer recommendations on fuel compatibility) O-ring feed and return ports (may be plugged for returnless operation) Multiple fuel pump options to accommodate 1200+ rwhp NEW Anodized black for maximum corrosion resistance NEW Polymer pump support minimizes pump noise and eliminates electrolysis NEW Dissimilar pump compatible to minimize fuel heat while retaining maximum performance BEST POSSIBLE VEHICLE INTEGRATION No permanent modifications necessary to vehicle Hermetic wire pass through, absolutely no chance for fuel smells/leaks OEM level sender retains original position and orientation Retains complete capacity of fuel system, even at low fuel levels
  3. Peak Speed Shop Ported 6.4 Manifold. No core charge. $250.00 plus shipping.
  4. nvm, read the second page.
  5. Keep telling yourself that, .
  6. I haven't seen that, although maybe someone can shed some light on why they would. Many of us are swapping the 2.62 for the 3.09's, and that's working pretty well if you can get it to hook. The Scat Pack guys with the A8's are doing the 3.90 swap as it puts them just about right going through the lights, both in the 1/8th and the 1/4. The 3.70 mathematically just doesn't make sense for the Scat Pack A8. I'd like to drive one with a 3.90 before I'd make the swap though.
  7. Wow... If you don't mind me asking who did that?
  8. OBO fellas.
  9. Thump tensioner off my 2012 SRT8. Manufacturer says it will fit 5.7-6.1 and 6.4 Challenger. May fit other models. $300 shipped. http://www.thumpracing.com/chrysler.htm
  10. Depends on what paet of the country. I've seen them up to an inch in diameter, basically the thickness of a straw broom handle. A lot of people often mistake ribbon snakes for garter snakes, the run very thin.
  11. From what little I see that's just a garter snake. He's harmless.